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Fright Night Part 2 is a American horror film directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Traci Lind, and Julie Carmen. Fright Night Part II is the sequel to Fright Night. Regine (Julie Carmen), sister to the first film's vampire Jerry Dandridge, seeks revenge on Charley. Three years after the vampire was destroyed in `Fright Night', his sister - in the guise of a mysterious performer - seeks revenge on the heroic duo who carried out the staking. FANSEAT All passwords are stored in the changes on ACS2 then choose the your team. For instance, in to the New glorious 60 FPS configure the email. By using this 1 choice best.

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Welcome back Did you know Edit. Trivia Soon after the filming was wrapped up, Roddy McDowall and Fright Night creator Tom Holland were scheduled to meet with Live Entertainment chairman Jose Menendez to discuss making a third film, but plans died with Menendez, who was infamously murdered by his sons.

As a direct consequence of this horrific tragedy, Part 2 ended up losing its planned countrywide distribution and playing only in one LA and another NY theater, which directly resulted in its poor box office results even though its per-theater results were pretty good and being released almost straight to video.

Since all of the movie's planned promos and ads were canceled as well, most people never even learned of the movie's existence until eventually noticing it at their local video store. Goofs Vampires cast no reflection and therefore are invisible in mirrors. TV video cameras use mirrors.

Regine's vampire performance on Fright Night should not have been viewable on TV. Quotes Peter Vincent : First we need some holy water, and some communion wafers. Alternate versions The Swedish version is cut by about four minutes.

Scenes excluded are the maggots coming out of the ghoul's stomach, the death of the black vampire is shortened, and Regine's death is also cut in some places. Furthermore, Richie's death is also shortened to exclude a sequence of him being burned by holy water.

Connections Edited from Fright Night User reviews Review. Top review. A Sequel That Works. There are so few sequels that do work, and have something a bit more to say from the original. Fright Night 2 is one of those.

It has more to say on the idea of the supernatural in real-life Charlie's inability to deal with the events of the original movie, Vincent's trying to avoid the whole thing , and gives us a decent follow-up to the original with Dandridge's sister on a revenge kick. There are more nods to Stoker and the original vampire mythology the reference to wild roses, for instance , and the new vampire's sidekickers are equally as weird as Jonathan Stark's Billy Cole in the original.

See it if you can: it doesn't seem to be a movie that shows up very often. Gislef Dec 22, FAQ 1. Why is Amy Peterson not in the sequel? Details Edit. Release date May 19, United States. United States. Fright Night Part II. Vista Organization.

Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 44 minutes. Ultra Stereo. Related news. Nov 17 We Got This Covered. May 4 MovieWeb. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page. A third film was planned with a target release year of , but studio discussions over the popularity of the franchise led to the film being cancelled.

In October , Tom Holland , director of the original Fright Night , confirmed that he was writing a film called Fright Night: Resurrection that would ignore the sequel and be a direct sequel to his original film. Three years after the first film , year-old Charley Brewster, as a result of psychiatric therapy, now believes that Jerry Dandrige was nothing but a serial killer posing as a vampire. As a result, he comes to believe that vampires never existed. College student Charley, along with his new girlfriend, Alex Young, go to visit Peter Vincent, who is again a burnt-out vampire killer on Fright Night , much to the chagrin of Charley.

While visiting Peter's apartment Charley sees three large crates being offloaded from a truck. On the way out from Peter's apartment, Charley sees four strange people walk past him, into an elevator. Charley instantly becomes drawn to one of the four, the alluring Regine. Charley drives Alex back to her dorm and begins to make out with her, only to see himself kissing Regine and pull away. An upset Alex storms off, not realizing that something is following her. Another girl leaves the dorm as Alex enters, and she is followed and killed by one of Regine's vampires, Belle.

Alex, meanwhile, is unaware that Louie, another of Regine's group, is scaling up the wall outside her window, but he is startled and falls when Alex inadvertently slams her window shut on his hands. Bozworth, a bug-eating servant of Regine, makes fun of Louie before consuming some bugs.

Later that night, Charley dreams that Regine comes to visit him, only to turn into a vampire and bite him. The next day, Charley talks to his psychiatrist, Dr. Harrison, who assures him that what he dreamed was only natural. Alex finds Charley bowling, per doctor's orders, and Charley agrees to go to the symphony with her.

On his way there, however, he sees his friend Richie with Regine and opts to follow him. Charley climbs up to a fire escape outside of Regine's apartment, only to be horrified when he sees Regine and Belle attack and drain Richie's blood.

Charley runs off to find Peter, and the two of them arm themselves with crosses and crash Regine's party. There, Charley finds Richie, but is shocked to find him alive and well, with no bite marks on his neck. Regine makes her entrance, doing an erotic dance with a mesmerized Charley. She introduces herself to Peter and Charley, and claims to be a performance artist in town for some shows. Satisfied that what he thought was Regine attacking Richie was nothing but an act, Charley leaves when he remembers his date with Alex.

Peter elects to stay behind and while looking around, he notes that there are people in the corners of the room biting others on the neck. Noting the odd behavior, he draws his pocket mirror and finds that Regine and Belle, who are dancing in the middle of the dance floor, cast no reflections.

Storming out of the party, Peter runs into Regine waiting for him outside. As he runs down the stairwell Peter again comes face-to-face with Regine, who reveals herself as a vampire, the sister of Jerry Dandrige, and has come to take her revenge on both Charley and Peter.

Peter runs back home and hides, resolving to tell Charley in the morning what has just transpired. Charley, meanwhile, after being turned away from the symphony, returns home and falls asleep, only to be visited by Regine, who bites him on the neck while he sleeps. Charley, content with the explanation that Regine is a performance artist, is once again in denial.

He begins to discuss the situation with Alex when Peter arrives to try to warn the couple about Regine but neither believe him. Peter states that he has warned them and runs back to his home, packs his belongings and departs. Meanwhile, Charley has started to show signs of being a vampire as he is becoming sensitive to garlic and sunlight.

After failing to talk to his psychiatrist, he overhears a news report about Richie's body being discovered the previous night. Now believing that everything is real, Charley goes to see Peter, only to find that Peter has gone. Louie is once again stalking Alex. Louie reveals his true nature to Alex and Charley and stalks them in the school library, only to flee after Alex injures him by cramming wild roses, which are harmful to vampires, into his mouth.

Alex and Charley are then arrested by campus officers. Peter, meanwhile, is also arrested by the cops after he shows up on the set of Fright Night and attempting to kill its new host, Regine, on live TV. Everyone thinks he's lost his sanity as he says, "I have to kill the vampire"; and ends up in a state hospital. Alex is bailed out by Dr. Harrison and goes to post bail for Charley, only to find that he has already been bailed out by Regine.

Alex and Dr. Harrison head to the state hospital when the doctor reveals that he is in fact a vampire. He tries to bite Alex only for her to turn the tables on him and run him through with a piece of wood. She then assumes his identity as a doctor and tries to have Peter released from the hospital. A distraction intentionally caused by one of the hospital's patients, Fritzy who actually believes Peter's story about him being a vampire hunter allows them to escape the place. Alex and Peter head to Regine's lair in order to save Charley.

They find a disoriented Charley, who is slowly turning into a vampire. They rescue him and manage to kill a now undead Richie, Belle, Bozworth and Louie before confronting Regine. She attempts to escape into her coffin, but finds that Charley and Alex have lined it with Communion wafers.

Regine knocks Alex unconscious and attempts to turn Charley into a vampire, but Peter destroys her with sunlight. Some time later, Charley and Alex discuss the previous day's events, with Alex joking that no one would ever believe them.

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