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The Plextor M6e is the first ultra-fast PCI Express SSD optimized for professional gamers. Next-generation high-speed components managed by custom-developed. TRNSATG. PLEXTOR. PXM5SG. PXM5PRO. PXM6S. PXM6PRO. Panasonic PX-AGM6eGB. ASUS. RAIDR EXPRESS. Supplies. No information is available for this page. MASPS Love it once you customize it to all plans App Store regulations. Create a free with your username up and manage. This area may designed to continually lot of benefits.

Removing the heatsink, the biggest thing we notice is that the massive metal heatsink is added mostly for aesthetics. The firmware is custom designed by Plextor. Plextor is one of the very few SSD vendors on the market who has the capability of building firmware in house. This is the same stuff Plextor used on the original M6e.

Most SSD manufacturers prefer using this benchmark when advertising SSDs as it tests using compressible data, which tends to yield best performance. Tests are run using incompressible data at QD1, which is most representative of light client workloads. AS SSD also outputs a final score at the conclusion of the test based off the overall performance of the drive. With this benchmark, tests can be run using both random fill incompressible data and 0 fill compressible data.

Realistically in typical computer usage scenarios, data being transferred will consist of a mixture of both incompressible and compressible data. The PC Mark 7 storage benchmark is a trace based benchmark that evaluates the SSD under many different real world environments such as gaming, multimedia editing, etc. PC Mark 7 uses a relatively light workload, which represents a typical mainstream client storage sub-system workload.

With the introduction of PC Mark 8 2. However, once the drive is given some time to recover and perform its garbage collection routines, performance shoots up significantly. This type of bursty performance profile is very similar to most modern mainstream drives on the market and is most representative of client workloads.

This will provide us with the highest level of performance the SSD is capable of and is likely never to be seen ever again once the SSD goes into a used state. For general client usage, performance will fall somewhere between queue depths of whereas servers and other enterprise applications will easily see queue depths of 32 or greater. Another one of the benefits of testing with FIO is the flexibility of running consistency tests, which is one of the most important metrics when considering SSDs going forward.

However, what really differentiates these SSDs is their ability to hold a certain level of performance even after extended periods of use. Although the Plextor M6e and the M6e Black Edition share the same internal components, their performance profiles are significantly different. Even if a SSD were capable of ultra high and ultra consistent IOPS performance, if latency were high, users would still feel that the drive is slow.

With the M6e Black Edition, Plextor has done a fantastic job at keeping latencies consistently low. Testing methodology is very similar to our testing for 4K random write consistency. By doing so, Plextor is able to improve both the performance of the storage subsystem and help extend the life of the SSD. The first version of PlexTurbo was actually introduced with the M6 Pro which we covered back at Computex of last year. PlexTurbo 2. PlexTurbo on the other hand, attempts to combine the data security of the write-through cache with the performance of a write-back cache.

Now the way PlexTurbo works is data written for the first time will go through the entire write-through cache process thereby ensuring cached data is secure; however, PlexTurbo also reserves a portion of memory for the WTP cache which according to Plextor is MB or less. When data hits the WTP cache, WTP will simultaneously confirm the write back to the host while sending the data to primary storage to be written.

This way, data is secure and performance is retained. Turning on PlexTurbo 2. Simply enable it in the Plextool menu and restart your system. After enabling PlexTurbo, we can see that performance is just shy of 9. It is quite violent indeed. However, once we move into the recovery phases where the same test is run over and over again, PlexTurbo is able to significantly boost performance.

As a feature of PlexTurbo 2. PlexTurbo Viewer will allow users to see how many writes PlexTurbo helped reduce. As we expected from the advertised specifications, performance is pretty similar to the original Plextor M6e. The packaging for the M6e Black Edition covers all the areas one could hope for. The front of the box lets us know for sure we have a Plextor M6e Black Edition SSD in GB and it also lets us know a couple of more important features it has to offer.

Moving around to the back of the box and here we can see all the specifications for the various models. Users should be able to look at this information and get a firm idea of whether or not this SSD will be compatible with their SSD and also if it will live up to their needs. Opening the box and the M6e BK is safely packaged inside an anti-static bag which is also surrounded by nice foam padding to make sure the drive stays safe until it reaches your PC.

Aside from the SSD itself, there is also a screw so you can secure it to your case and the installation guide so in case you have any questions, you can get them answered quickly and get to utilize the amazing speeds of a PCIe SSD. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Forgot your password?

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