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Error lojaModelo/ Fatal error: Failed to decode from bundle. List Decoding of Error-Correcting Codes. Winning Thesis of the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Competition. Authors; (view affiliations). Two techniques for upper bounding the average probability of decoding error in coded modulation structures are presented. The first bound, which is. HSMP 3822 Power Seen as a major pillar is reported on for alerts. To operate, the core features such support sessions open single-site server configuration, is a huge your computer to uncertainty and strategy. Connect and share sandbox will clear provide required network email alerts for easy to. -list command to Configure the rules.

The first bound, which is applicable to the additive white Gaussian noise AWGN channel, is tighter than the well-known union bound and the minimum distance bound, especially for low signal to noise ratio. It is shown that for the Leech lattice this upper bound is very close to a sphere lower bound. For the second upper bound, which is applicable to any memoryless channel not necessarily AWGN , a method of random coset coding is presented.

For the AWGN channel, a tighter upper bound is obtained by employing the method of random coset coding for calculating the average spectrum of distances of the code, which is required for the computation of the first upper bound. Article :. Date of Publication: May Troubleshooting information:!!!!!

Sorry, something went wrong. Should we request the client try other sims with sound? We aren't sure if some sims have synthesized sound vs sound clips, so we aren't sure where to go. This problem is definitely related to audio. The failure is occurring when the sim tries to decode the baseencoded data that represents a pre-recorded sound clip, but unfortunately the information above gives us little insight into why this is happening.

There isn't anything particularly significant about it being this file other than that it's a common-code sound. By design, the sound files try to create a stubbed, blank audio buffer if the decode fails, but it appears that this error-handling path is not working, which is the source of the error message in the trace that says, NotSupportedError: Length must be at least 1. Web Audio is essentially saying that the audio buffer can't be of zero length.

I replicated this error on Chrome on my Windows machine by removing the first character in the base64 encoding of the audio i. In this situation, I got the following DOM exception:. So, we basically have a double failure on our hands: The audio fails to decode on the user's system, and the error recovery path causes an exception. I'm not sure whether this error recovery path was always broken which would be rather lame on my part or if something has changed in the Web Audio spec.

I tried changing the code in the error path to create a 1-frame sound instead of a 0-frame sound, and the DOM exception stopped happening, so this is a promising improvement. Also, there is a message at the end of the user's trace that says Unhandled Promise Rejection: Decoding failed. I looked into this one too, and it looks like the call to auidoContext. It strikes me as odd to support an error-handler callback and to also reject the promise and require that it be caught, but I guess that's just the way it is.

I added a catch handler in the audio decode code, and it prevented this error message from happening. We may be able to fix the problem and make sims run successfully when audio decoding fails by implementing one or both of the items described above, but it would help to have a bit more information before putting any more time into this. Here are some requests:.

Below is a patch of the changes that might resolve this issue. Is there is anything unusual about the audio setup for the computer where this problem occurs? Have checked my Macbook air sound settings and all seems normal. If it loads, does sound work? Would they be willing to try a modified version of the sim if we sent them a link so that we can test out a potential fix?

ON: The user also found an older version 1. Would it be helpful for you to have the user identify the exact version this problem was introduced? CM: Will this affect RC's from, say, yesterday? JB: Yes, but we would catch that in the maintenance release? It seems a rare problem, but I can hack it to make the problem occur. But I don't know exactly what it is on the client's machine that may be triggering it. One proposed fix would allow the sim to run, but without sound.

I reproduced this on our test device in Safari, but not in Chrome. I tested it on MacOS 11 running Safari 14 and didn't see it. I'm updating it now to Safari 15 the If it is introduced then, that may help us further. The user also found an older version 1.

Sound was introduced in the 1. Settling for the 1. Raising priority to high.

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