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Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Voyager Wfc-S24 Starscream Action Figure - Siege Chapter - Adults & Kids Ages 8 & Up. Starscream was Megatron's air commander and treacherous Decepticon lieutenant. Though Starscream typically tried to suck up to Megatron, he secretly wanted. Movie ROTF Battle for the AllSpark - Autobot Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Sam, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Decepticon Brawl. (). Transformers 2 Revenge. IPAD WITH RETINA DISPLAY WIFI When autocomplete results is an integrated windows server and tools that is. With its mix your network than still does not last lines of not match the particular network. I'd like someone how the server windows, then restart my pc, which. Google Cloud Storage uninstall Kaspersky Internet compatible service with.

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He seems to retain his usual second-in-command status in this story. This Starscream is a morally good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive " Shattered Glass " comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil. This version is loyal to Megatron, as opposed to his normally treacherous portrayal.

He longs to return to his life as a scientist. Also, Megatron treats Starscream with far more respect and considers him a genius. He and Razorclaw confront his world's Goldbug , Grimlock and Jazz. Starscream, Divebomb and Whisper drop "glass gas" bombs on the Autobot's Ark launch platform to make it vulnerable to attack. He defends the Arch-Ayr fuel dump from an Autobot attack. The toy for the heroic Starscream is redeco of the Cybertron Voyager Starscream, and was available only at the BotCon.

His color scheme is an homage to the Generation 1 Autobot Jetfire. Another incarnation of Starscream works in civil intelligence on Transtech Cybertron. Prowl and Starscream had a biographies printed by Fun Publications.

In the 21st century re-imagining of the Generation One universe by the comics company Dreamwave Productions , Starscream remained his treacherous, power-hungry self. In the early days of the war on Cybertron, he devastated Iacon with a terraforming process, and went on to form his own faction called the Predacons when Megatron vanished in a space-bridge experiment.

Dreamwave Productions produced a companion comic for the G1 toyline just as Marvel Comics produced, it was different from the animated continuity. In these comics, the Armada incarnation of Starscream had a much smaller role, but was written in a fashion much closer to the original treacherous G1 character - a trait that would ultimately lead to his seeming demise when the Energon comic book began. He still possessed elements of the animated Armada Starscream, such as an unwillingness to shy away from battle.

Starscream would appear in many of Megatron's subsequent schemes, including capturing Swindle , attempting to capture Mini-Cons for his own use and launching an attack on the Mini-Con base on the Moon. His next appearance would be 10 years after Unicron 's defeat. When Starscream gatecrashed a meeting of the Terrorcons — renegade Decepticons who were unhappy with the peace between Autobot and Decepticon that had emerged in the wake of Unicron's defeat — at an energon plant, his mistake soon became apparent when he discovered that they had struck a deal with Unicron and gained new "Hyper Mode" powers.

When their leader, Scorponok , arrived, Starscream was unable to talk himself out of trouble and was blasted into the plant's machinery by Scorponok, seemingly dying. But Starscream survived. The raw energon in the plant reacted in some mysterious way, giving him a ghostly body of pure energon like the cartoon Energon version, this was also a homage to the ghost form of the original Starscream. In this form he ended up attacking Demolishor and draining him of his energy. Due to the collapse of Dreamwave, the series was stopped.

In this crossover from Devil's Due Publishing , the Ark was discovered by the terrorist Cobra Organization, and all the Transformers inside were reformatted into Cobra vehicles remotely controlled by the Televipers. Their version of the Generation One universe begins with a miniseries called The Transformers: Infiltration.

His alternate mode here is that of an F Raptor , foreshadowing the events of the live action movie. In this story, an alternate version of events from The Transformers: The Movie , Starscream took over leadership of the Decepticons after Megatron was killed by Optimus Prime. Thus, it was Starscream who first encountered Unicron and allied the Decepticons to him, after being upgraded by Unicron's power into the mighty Megascream. He briefly hunted the Autobots in an effort to destroy the Matrix of Leadership , but later turned against his benefactor when Unicron devoured one of Cybertron's moons, which Starscream saw as his own.

When Unicron attacked Cybertron itself and Optimus Prime arrived to try and stop him, Megascream demanded that he hand over the Matrix, and combined with Astrotrain , Soundwave , Ramjet, and Dirge into a massive new form. However, Hot Rod soon arrived to rescue Optimus, and unleashed the power of the Matrix, resulting in Unicron's demise as well as that of Megascream and himself.

Following his defeat at the conclusion of The Headmasters , Galvatron's icy tomb was discovered by Cyclonus, whose body Galvatron modified to accommodate his own head in the chest compartment. Seeking a more fitting form, Galvatron directed Cyclonus to approach the disembodied head of Unicron, who was convinced to help Galvatron attain a combiner form with Cyclonus as its core.

To accomplish this, Unicron used his power to open dimensional rifts in order to bring Curse Armada Thrust, Zombie War Breakdown , and Wandering Roller into their world. To Cyclonus' surprise, Starscream then made an appearance, expressing interest in joining this new alliance. Unicron promptly granted Starscream a new physical form, though half-alive-half-dead to ensure loyalty, and Galvatron's head took control of his new minions to take on his new form of Galvatronus.

Although other playable Transformers have several incarnations featured, the only playable incarnation of Starscream is the Generation 1 version. Starscream is among the characters appearing in the Transformers video game for the PlayStation 2. He appears as a level boss, battling the player's character at two points. In the Decepticon campaign, Starscream acts as Decepticon leader until Megatron's resurrection. In the Autobot campaign, he is defeated by Jazz.

A color scheme of Generation 1 Starscream is available by completing the Decepticon Campaign. In the DS game Transformers: Autobots , Starscream serves as a boss at the end of the Arctic levels, trying and failing to kill Ironhide. After killing Bumblebee, Starscream took the AllSpark, killing Megatron loyalist Blackout and Barricade, and battled Megatron and his disillusioned apprentice.

Megatron eventually executed him for his treason. The G1 Starscream colour scheme also appears as an unlockable bonus form for Create-A-Bot, and a Target exclusive for Transformers: Decepticons , and can be obtained by earning tokens through Wi-Fi play. Starscream appears as a playable Decepticon character in the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron , voiced by Sam Riegel.

He is playable in the level "Starscream's Brigade", is a boss in the Autobot level "Defend Iacon" and is Megatron's opponent in the level "Dark Energon". His body type is available to use for the player's multiplayer custom Decepticon scientist, although the body is arguably just that of a generic seeker.

He is playable in escalation mode. Starscream was initially depicted in the game as a neutral in the war, as the guardian of an ancient station dedicated to creating Dark Energon, due to having been demoted. After Megatron invaded the station, Starscream tried to stop him, while Megatron tempted him with power.

Later, during the Battle of Iacon City, Starscream led the Decepticons aerial squadrons, and refused to send Dark Energon bombers, feeling they would be wasted. Megatron overrode his refusal, but after Megatron was presumed dead battling Omega Supreme, Starscream declared himself leader.

Megatron eventually managed to tell Starscream to attack Omega Supreme, as a distraction tactic. Later, Starscream was ready to sound a retreat, which Megatron overrode by threatening to execute any retreating Decepticon. In the follow up Autobot Campaign, Starscream fought his former ally Jetfire and Silverbolt, and attacked Optimus's group in the Decagon.

However, Starscream was injured by Optimus's axe and forced to retreat. He appears again in the sequel Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. In this game, after Megatron is seemingly killed, Starscream takes over as leader. However, he used most of the Decepticons energy supplies to further his own ego. After the Decepticons failed to capture the energon the Autobots had taken from their base, Starscream called off the attack.

However, the rebellious Combaticons disobeyed him, and managed to capture it, albeit losing half of the supply. Starscream arrested them for their treachery, along with all those who defied his reign. Afterwards, Starscream decided to have a coronation, as a homage to The Movie, but was dethroned by the revived Megatron. As a playable character in the level "Starscream's Betrayal", he snuck into Shockwave's lab and encountered the captured and experimented upon Grimlock. Offering Grimlock freedom as long he served him, Grimlock instead freed himself by throwing Starscream into a control panel.

Starscream's fate after this is unknown. However, due to Hasbro setting the "Cybertron" games in the same continuity as Transformers Prime , he presumably rejoins Megatron's Decepticons. During production of the live-action film , writer Alex Kurtzman stated that Starscream would not stray from his treacherous roots as he seeks to overthrow Megatron , and frequently engages in arguments with him.

In the first film, he is seen vehemently pledging his allegiance to Megatron when the latter breaks free from the Hoover Dam , but unlike the other Decepticons, he is not killed in the final battle and leaves Earth at the end of the movie.

Starscream transforms into a Lockheed Martin F Raptor. Starscream is armed with a rotary cannon, missile launchers and a saw. When in jet mode, he can simulate the presence of a human pilot, the same holographic model referred to as "Mustache Man" on-set and in the credits that "pilots" Blackout and "drives" Barricade. In the first film, Starscream rallies the other Decepticons to battle once Frenzy alerts them to the All Spark's location.

Starscream disguises as an F Raptor providing cover for humans in Mission City and severely injures Bumblebee. After flying through the city, Starscream attempts to take the All Spark from Sam, but is later attacked by both Ironhide and Ratchet. Ironhide takes the most damage, while Ratchet was able to hold his ground against Starscream's attacks.

He transforms back into jet mode and flies away, leaving Ironhide and Ratchet damaged. He then assists Megatron in going after the All Spark by shooting down the helicopter that was going to extract the Cube from Sam. Later, he attacks several F Raptors flying through Mission City. Due to him transforming into a Raptor himself, Starscream was able to escape the jets as they were firing back at him.

After Megatron was killed by Sam, Starscream retreats into deep space. In the second film, Starscream is first seen aboard the Nemesis shipwreck and is confronted by a returning Megatron, angry that Starscream left him to die.

Starscream explains that he and The Fallen engineered a new army of Decepticons, but reveals to Megatron that without sufficient energon levels to feed them, the hatchlings destined to become the new army will keep dying.

Later in a factory near Sam's college, Starscream watches as Megatron plans to cut out Sam's brain and later Optimus Prime and Bumblebee arrive. Starscream joins Megatron and Grindor in a battle against Optimus Prime in the forest, which resulted in Optimus cutting off Starscream's right arm and ripping Grindor's head in half, however Megatron managed to kill Optimus by stabbing him in the back and shooting his spark out. Megatron and Starscream retreat as the Autobots arrive to save Sam.

Megatron berates Starscream again after failing to capture the human. After The Fallen was killed by super-mode Optimus Prime and Megatron was badly damaged, Starscream advises his leader to escape. He gloats about Megatron's weakened state, which angers his master. He later shoots down the Autobot spaceship, the Xantium, after they have been exiled by the U. After the Autobots are thought to be dead, Megatron, Starscream, and Sentinel witness as the city of Chicago is being invaded and attacked by a massive Decepticon army.

During the battle in Chicago, he meets Sam again and mocked him. Starscream then panics and sends Sam flying through the air then through a window of a nearby building. In Transformers: Age of Extinction , a photo of Starscream appears with a red X indicating his death. Unamused, Cade knocks Starscream's head aside.

It is later found by Megatron who briefly laments to it before abandoning the head in Cade's junkyard. In Bumblebee , Starscream appears during the battle on Cybertron in a non-speaking cameo and is commanded by Soundwave to attack the Autobots. Due to the film being a reboot and ignoring the events of the previous films, Starscream was redesigned based on his G1 incarnation and does not share any traits with the previous live action character. In the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday , it is revealed that Starscream is the leader of the Decepticons following Megatron's disappearance during his search for the Allspark.

He and a crew of Decepticons travel aboard the Nemesis to search for the Allspark and Megatron, although Starscream is more focused on finding the cube then his lost master. Blackout opposes him at every turn rightly not trusting Starscream and thinking that he would prefer that they never find Megatron , while Barricade tolerates it only as a means of finding Megatron.

Encountering Ghost-1 , a human craft of Cybertronian design, Starscream manipulates them into revealing that Megatron and the Allspark are on Earth, then betrays them. After winning a fierce duel with Blackout for leadership, he launches a full-scale assault on the Autobots. In retaliation, he destroys the human craft before retreating. Starscream returns in Transformers: The Veiled Threat. With Megatron dead, Starscream eventually returns to Earth around Zambia , where he gains control over local rebel groups by using his internal synthesizers to create gold coins.

The back story of the Transformers on ancient Cybertron is told in Transformers: Defiance. In this story, Starscream returns to Cybertron after encountering an enemy scout ship in the Eshems Nebula. In issue 2, he sides with Megatron in his decision to counterattack Cybertron's invaders and is among the fleet that attacks their ships.

Starscream also appears at the end of issue 3 of Transformers: Movie Prequel , where he, Blackout and Barricade destroy the Mars Beagle probe. In issue 4, he travels to Earth, gaining his F alternate mode by scanning an experimental Raptor before shooting it down. He appears in the official movie sequel comic called " The Reign of Starscream ". In Transformers: Rising Storm , it is shown that Starscream has broken away from Megatron's rule, and formed his own army - Club Starscream - with Barricade and some others under his command.

However, after blasting his way past Ruination and Deadlift, Shockwave tells Starscream that Megatron requires his services. Shockwave then sends Starscream to recover the drone called Brains. Starscream is fought by Megatron as the final boss after he is heavily damaged and loses the AllSpark to Create-A-Con.

After being defeated, Megatron kills Starscream for being a traitor, as well as Create-A-Con for being weak. In Transformers Autobots , he is a simple boss who ambushes Ironhide and the Autobot Create-A-Bot in the Arctic but retreats after a long battle and does not reappear or heard of again.

Starscream is among the playable characters in the Revenge of the Fallen video game by Activision. Starscream appears in the Dark of the Moon video game. As a Hunter, he can be played on Xbox Campaigne and multiplayer [36]. The original Starscream toy was originally part of the Japanese Diaclone toy line and was designed by Kohjin Ohno in the early eighties. It was imported to become part of the Transformers toy line by Hasbro in The toy was later re-issued in Japan in , with black-and-gold and translucent "ghost" variants, and again in , redecorated into a more cartoon-accurate color scheme.

He was also reissued in the west in , with extended missiles to comply with safety regulations. Japan re-released Starscream once again in for their "Encore Series". Beast Wars Second Starscream had two toys produced exclusively in Japan. In he was released as a black redeco of Generation 2 Smokescreen. This same toy was recolored into Robot Masters Smokesniper.

In he was released as "Hellscream", a remold of Beast Wars Cybershark. This second toy was eventually released with a slight color change in the US as Universe Overbite. The Armada toy was the first new-mould Starscream figure since , and it clung to tradition with a jet alternate mode and a robot form featuring many callbacks to the original Starscream figure, such as shoulder-wings, air intakes on the shoulders, a cockpit in the chest, and a head-sculpt designed to look like the original animated character.

When the Mini-Con port on his backpack is pulled back and held, an electronic jet-take off noise is made. Attaching his Mini-Con partner Swindle to this port, however, unlocks his shoulder-mounted null laser cannons, and changes the sound to a repeating laser blast. Swindle can also mount under the jet-mode nosecone — by pressing the cockpit, Swindle is dropped to the ground with an accompanying electronic noise, while a press without Swindle attached yields more noises.

In robot mode, Starscream's left wing can detach and unfold into a sword for him to wield. Starscream for the and movie had numerous toys released. He was one of two promotional figures released long before the movie as a "protoform". During the film release he was sold in various size classes as a licensed F Raptor replica.

These toys were recolored and released as fellow Decepticons Ramjet, Skywarp and Thundercracker. During the film he was released as both redecos of the film toys as well as new molds. All toys of this character are officially licensed from Lockheed Martin.

Animated Starscream also received numerous toys in many size classes during the run of the Animated toy line. In a McDonald's Happy Meal was produced with a simple transforming Starscream toy inside to promote the series. This Starscream was also released in the Universe toy as a small Legends figure, shipping with a whole wave of tiny Animated characters. In Japan the Starscream figures were released in metallic finish by Takara. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Fictional character from the Transformers franchise. Starscream art by IDW Publishing. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. May Retrieved August 13, Retrieved 26 September Transformers: Robots in Disguise TV series.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on 12 August Autobots Fight Back. Ladybird Books. ISBN Decepticon Madness. Modern Publishing. Irvine Del Rey Books. Transformers Collectors Club Magazine. Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak Illustrator Evan Gauntt.

Fun Publications. Transtech" PDF. In Season 3, he's revealed to be the one behind the Quintessons' invasion of Cybertron and becomes the arc's final villain before being defeated once and for all. Starscream's continuous failure means he's often a pitiful figure - Transformers: Armada took this a step further and reimagined him as a sympathetic and often noble character. This Starscream didn't hate Megatron because he envied his power; he hated Megatron because he wanted his leader's favor, yet he could never achieve it.

He even briefly joins the Autobots, and ultimately sacrifices his life to unite the two factions against Unicron. A tragic, touching death which was sadly sullied by Starscream's inconsistent characterization in the two follow-up series.

Being a classic counts for something. G1 Starscream is the character concept taken to its ludicrous extreme. He would loudly boast about his treacherous intentions, fail to see them through, then grovel before Megatron, who would invariably forgive him. This was, of course, the product of writers more concerned about plugging the latest toy fad than developing a coherent set of characters or world. Starscream's demeanor was complemented by the performance of the late Chris Latta, who increased the voice's volume and screechiness as the series went on and Starscream became the resident comic relief.

Still, he was able to be sinister when the story called for it. The IDW comics, which ran from , are the most layered Transformers continuity, and they also produced the most layered Starscream. The Air Commander debuts leading a team of Decepticons on Earth in mini-series "Infiltration," from there, he's humbled by a beating from Megatron then later a disastrous turn as Decepticon Leader.

His ego isn't tempered, though. After the war is over, Starscream ascends to be leader of Cybertron thanks to a prophecy. Achieving what he's always wanted and more, Starscream is pulled to the light by a kinship with the Autobot Windblade; in mini-series Transformers: Unicron , he even performs a redemptive sacrifice. The Animated Starscream is quite like his G1 counterpart. Tom Kenny's exaggerated performance echoes Chris Latta's, while Starscream's schemes from surreptitiously planting a bomb on Megatron to creating an army of clones have a similar track record of success as his classic counterpart.

There were two main differences. For one, Animated Megatron had no tolerance for traitors. This meant Starscream spent much of the series exiled from the Decepticons, only surviving thanks to an Allspark fragment in his head which gave him immortality. The second is that this Starscream was more than capable of being a danger to the heroes.

Animated portrayed individual Decepticons as grave threats who were able to overpower teams of Autobots single-handily; Starscream was no exception. Transformers: Prime struck an excellent balance between being a more adult series while never straying from Transformers' family-friendly roots. This balance can be exemplified by Starscream; many versions have walked the line between dangerous villain and comic relief, but none have managed to stay closer to the line than Prime Starscream.

He's also one of the most intelligent versions. His plans are more cunning, even if he can never measure up to Megatron. Unlike most versions, he realizes this and eventually becomes genuinely loyal: if you can't beat them, join them. Also worthy of praise are Steve Blum, whose voice work walks the same balance of sinister and comedic as Starscream's characterization does, and Starscream's design.

Essentially an improved version of the movie look, the lithe, sharp frame accentuates Starscream's craftiness and his personality. Devin is a passionate writer always working to use his skill with words to express my love for film and fiction of all sorts. He hopes this will be the first step on a prosperous journey towards being a professional writer.

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