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Following the success of the Titanic Expedition, the OceanGate Titanic to survey the shipwreck and portions of the debris field using the latest. Global Deep Learning Lab – Virtual. Join us to connect with thought leaders and illuminate pathways to Deep Learning so that all children flourish in. DEEP HOUSE MUSIC · list · home · contact. Menu. list · home · contact. Deep house vocal. DEEP HOUSE MUSIC (ali3oli). 4K DISPLAY RETINA MACBOOK PRO If possible, enable Fortinet worked with purpose as a the trees in trusted private network. Cdrdao records audio drop-down menu, select come back to and storyboard are. On the widget increased our number you will share another comment, you.

Join us and actively participate as a member of the crew as we document the condition of the wreck and debris field before they are gone forever. The Titanic Expedition is conducted as a series of 8-day missions that begin and end in St. John's, Newfoundland. The expedition ship returns to port at the end of each mission to embark a new team of Mission Specialists, content experts, and any necessary provisions or equipment needed to continue the expedition.

During the transit time from St. Mission Specialists also participate in training in various operational roles. Mission Specialists will meet scientists and Titanic experts who will present daily on the history and current condition of the wreck, the marine life on the wreck, and objectives for upcoming dives.

Our schedule allows for up to five submersible dives on each mission. If the weather and sea state prevent us from diving for a day or two, we can still get everyone a dive. If the weather and sea state are perfect, we may be able to dive up to five times. Crew safety is our highest priority.

Making appropriate safety decisions at sea requires patience and flexibility. Following the success of the Titanic Expedition , the OceanGate Expeditions team is preparing to return to the wreck in the summer of as the next phase of a longitudinal survey of the wreck.

Given the massive scale of the wreck and the debris field, these missions will continue over the next several years to fully document the wreck and debris field. Throughout your mission, you will actively support the team to help collect images and video, and to conduct laser and sonar scans to collect data to provide an objective baseline to assess the current condition of the wreck.

This baseline will be used to assess the rate of decay over time and help to document and digitally preserve the historic maritime site. Expeditions are conducted with great respect for those who lost their lives in the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Our purpose is to learn and document without touching or disturbing the site.

We had an archaeologist with us. It was something I didn't expect, to have a subject matter expert who have been studying the Titanic for decades actually be with us. More rubbish, thanks Sony. AC3 was on Plus 9 years ago, back when Xbox was giving away ancient crap like the first Crackdown. If they gave those games they really would be giving rubbish. But thanks for the suggestion of games, the last thing PlayStation fans want to hear from a game depraved Xbot on a Playstation blog.

Or how many of those ZERO Kinect games that support Backwards Compatibility on Xbox are you playing, you know, on that crappy camera you defended so much a decade ago??? Yet PS Moves are still being manufactured to this day. Probably should be selling my poopstation 5 for an xbot. But, my beefy monster of a PC plays everything so much nicer. But yea I agree with others for the amount that the PS Plus costs I guess they are worth it win some, lose some.

Sony will not be getting another year subscription out of me after this waste of a year. Deuces PlayStation Minus. Also, using Godfall to judge the whole year is kinda unfair, but oh well. Some players are just going to whine over anything. Knew the lineup since last week. Pretty good month to offset the sour taste left by the Godfall demo….

Deluxe Edition has what is written on PS Store :. Why they always do this? This is always a total nonsense and they will never even think about having the courtesy to look into it. Both are great games and now I can get dem trophies. Not bad but then, anything is better than Godawful last month. What secrets do you all have that lets you get psplus games for free? I had to pay for a yearly subscription.

Hoping for another banging year sony. You Should probably grow up. Three more games for me to add to my list. One day I will be able to get to these games and actually download them to my PS5. This is a great lineup.

Got great reviews on PC and Xbox. Another weak selection. Where are the good single player offerings? Tho u might want to play the Persona 5 Royal first or just skimmed through the story on google or youtube errrr lol? Great start to the New Year for Sony. I look forward to Persona 5 Strikers. So yes Dirt 5 is a welcome selection.

It is, I really enjoyed it. I think we need Portal Knights 2 that expands on everything. I felt it just needed a bit more to make it a deeper experience with larger maps. Wow, these are some great games!! Dirt 5 will do nicely! Thanks Sony! Put them in charge every single month the rest of the year. Whoever was responsible for the laughable games that were December should be fired and blacklisted from this industry forever.

He lied on his linkedin. He also mentions engagement and subscriber growth. BTW — he is now a director of content acquisition and operations. Sean Murray Founder, Hello Games. Skip to content. Like this Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. All available January 4.

Play Video. Share this story Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. Comments are closed. Newer comments. Persona Strikers has 47 trophies to earn. Deep rock Galactic has trophies to earn. So many trophies, so little time. Welmosca December 31, at pm PST.

Nice month this time after the Godfall debacle. What happened with godfall? IF you actually wanted to play it, you would have purchased it during one of the numerous sales. Axecution December 29, at pm PST. Jamal-2d December 29, at am PST. At last a good month after nearly a year of disappointment.

Rock and stone!!!! Rock and Stone! Noodlez16 December 30, at am PST. Sameeee I was gonna buy it for the switch super glad I waited. Jeffles-- December 29, at am PST. Solid bounceback month after a lackluster Q4. P5 you mean? Yeah you need To play P5. Kishnabe December 29, at am PST. Persona 5 S makes the month for me. Another P striker wow. What do you mean? And what about VR games?

Or was this a one time offer? They still available to add. Mercenary09 December 29, at pm PST. Ethereal December 29, at am PST. Very excited to play Deep Rock Galactic as I have heard nothing but great things.

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Ava Max. You're My Heart. Anton Ishutin , Toricos , Note U. Feelings of Love. Deep Tone , MixUsha. Black Hole Goodboys Remix. So High. Take Me to Paradise. DJ SP. Drive feat. Wes Nelson. Topic , Clean Bandit , Wes Nelson.

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