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The IBM Lenovo Thinkpad W packs a punch with a Intel Core i5 and impressive graphics all in a stylish small footprint case that easily fits in the. Lenovo ThinkPad laptop W Core i7 QUAD CORE Ghz 16GB RAM GB SSD NVIDIA. $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left! The ThinkPad W-series laptops from Lenovo are described by the manufacturer as being "mobile The W laptop was summed up by Laptop Review as, "The W provides. TEW ASAK The Process Activities cannot cope with using setting up not need pick. Note: This video alongside other excellent to make sure performance on Apache. How to configure.

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ibm lenovo thinkpad w510

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One of these features is frequently triggered unintentionally. The touchpad surface has also been redesigned. The surface is now slightly knobby and feels a bit grainy. The gliding traits are alright, though. The touchpad can only be distinguished slightly from the surrounding case by a simple component seam. A part of the touchpad buttons are already on the beveled edge. They are smooth, respond well on their entire width and don't make a too loud click noise, either.

Alternately, the red trackpoint can be used as a mouse substitute. It allows a very precise mouse cursor control. The correlating buttons work well and aren't too loud. The W is available with various display alternatives. No matter which alternative you ultimately select, you get a Even though many computer applications have an upright alignment, Lenovo has chosen a format with less height and more width. Not only movie fans will benefit from that, but also those who use programs with many tool boxes as of a certain resolution.

Currently, three display alternatives are available. In any case, a The display supplies good measuring rates across the board. However, the prototype doesn't belong to the brightest displays reviewed. Due to the rather low black value of 0. Now let's take a look at the representability of certain color spaces. The W scores quite well here. The control measurements have been executed with our Spyder 3 Elite colorimeter. A few visualizations of the executed measurements follow. Every correlating transparent comparison color space is marked with t.

There's nothing standing in the way of an outdoor use due to the matt surface and good brightness. The latter could maybe have been a bit higher in use in direct sunlight. The stable viewing field turns out generous on the horizontal plane , as usual.

The vertical plane turns out a bit tighter, but is sufficient anyway. A shift in luminance and slight color differences are noticed in larger deviations from above, and a dimming, especially when looking from below. Lenovo has selected a Core iQM as the processor. It's manufactured in a state-of-the-art 45 nm process under the code name "Clarksfield" and serves with numerous features. Among other things, the so-called " Turbo Boost " technology belongs to it.

With its assistance, the processor overclocks itself from its standard 1. However, an efficient cooling is required. For another, " Hyper Threading " provides for four additional cores by simulation, with which the Core iQM pretends to be an eight core CPU can be seen in the task manager. The TDP of 45 watts is considerable so that the Core i7 isn't suitable for notebooks with a focus on long a battery life.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit is used as the operating system, whereby a total real memory of 3. Two RAM slots are freely accessible for the user, so he can upgrade it himself to 12 gigabytes if necessary. Merely MPEG-1 isn't supported but the decoding effort is marginal.

Lenovo has done a great job on the latencies. Thus, too long latencies, as in case of problems with synchronizing external devices, can at least be excluded. However, it is recommendable to test devices that may come in question, for example external sound cards, directly on the laptop before buying. The Core iQM achieves excellent results in the application benchmarks. The Thinkpad W achieves points in the single-core and points in the multi-core rendering of Cinebench R10 's 64 bit alternative.

It's and respectively, points in the 32 bit alternative. It achieves a total score of PCMarks in the benchmark's 64 bit version. We also executed the 32 bit version for comparison. The Thinkpad W is able to score points here. Careful: The prototype's performance drops in battery mode. Apparently, the CPU is clocked down in order to save energy. This Momentus HDTune didn't record any irregularities in the established performance rates. An optical drive is found in the Ultra-Bay slot when it's delivered.

Nvidia's built-in Quadro FX M has not been optimized for gaming use but rather for professional applications. But we'd like to take a look at its gaming performance because this reflects the graphic performance of a graphic card quite well, whereas the results will be slightly below the potential of the graphic card, due to the not optimized driver. In fact, the latest 3D-biased games are playable up to medium settings, as expected. The Thinkpad doesn't have any difficulties with older tracks, such as "Call of Duty 4" even in high resolutions and detail settings.

Those interested in gaming can take a look at further details in our game list and on our benchmark list of mobile graphic cards. We notice a perpetually running fan that seems to stridently blow warm air out of the case under load. And in fact, a maximum of up to Averagely it's still Fortunately, the fan runs without noticeable fluctuations and emits a fairly low frequency noise.

Even idle mode is accompanied by a permanent, but quieter fan hum. An average and maximum noise level of an acceptable The hard disk emits about The DVD drive noise also still stays within a limit with The Thinkpad W only belongs to the cool devices in use under low load.

The surfaces heat up quickly during our stress test, in which we execute the Furmark Stability test and Prime95 simultaneously. The wrist-rest and touchpad remain pleasantly cool during this, but we notice an evident temperature increase of up to The bottom 's left area also heats up considerably in the left area.

Peak values of up to A use on the lap isn't to be recommended during graphic or computing intensive applications. Fortunately, the cooling performance is sufficient enough to prevent a CPU and graphic card throttling after a 12 hour stress test.

The graphic card gets quite warm with up to 90 degrees, but it doesn't show any significant deviations in the 3DMark06 test executed immediately afterwards. The CPU's measured core temperature increase to 90 degrees Celcius under load, as well.

It is about 41 degrees Celsius in idle mode. The rates are established with the Everest Stability test tool, because the Coretemp tool recorded absolutely incredible values. The loudspeakers are found on the keyboard's left and right as already in the Thinkpad T and T The sound is impressive for a business notebook, but in no way comparable to external sound systems.

The maximum volume is sufficient for medium-sized rooms; the sound lacks bass, as is expected from devices without a subwoofer. Fortunately, the sound stays clean and undistorted at maximum volume. The test of the 3. You get a clear sound when high quality headphones are connected. Our expectations on battery life isn't very high in high-performance workstations , such as the Thinkpad W A lithium ion battery with 57 Wh Thus, the battery life is between a minimum of almost one hour and a maximum of about three and a quarter hours.

Both tests have been executed with the BatteryEater tool. The minimum runtime has been established with maximum brightness and enabled wireless modules. In return, the maximum runtime is established with the Reader's test with minimum brightness and disabled WiFi devices. Because the minimum brightness isn't by far enough to work comfortably, the minimum rate is much more legitimate in practical tests. You can enjoy DVD movies for about one and three quarters of an hour with maximum display brightness in the "video rendering" profile.

This is even too short for an average Hollywood movie of about 90 minutes. The battery only lasts insignificantly longer in the profile "maximum batter life" and brightness level of 14 of The Thinkpad W scores less than its W colleague, with a tried and tested Core 2 Duo hardware, in the achieved battery runtimes. Lenovo charges You can be satisfied with the low rates of 0. If you actually want a zero consumption of the deactivated notebook, you can unplug it from the mains, as long as the battery isn't to be recharged.

The graphic chip, Optimus, would support the automatic switching to the processor's integrated graphics. This hasn't been built into the W Lenovo had probably originally planned such a manual switch function , as already in the T and T, because the energy manager would have been an opportunity for such a function, but it hasn't been implemented into the W, either. You'll come to like the Thinkpad W quickly, not least because of its classic Thinkpad design.

However, the laptop doesn't only score with its look but also with its modern and efficient interior. Additionally, a four gigabyte RAM and a fast rpm hard disk join in. The display also presents itself with a matt surface and very good coverage of common color spaces, a good brightness and fairly even illumination suitable for professional use.

A docking port simplifies connecting the device into an existing work environment and extends the connectivity. It quickly turns into a must have for lefties because most interfaces are on the left side. Even all important ports relevant for graphic use at work are supplied directly on the device, whereas you might have also liked to have HDMI onboard. The generous communication configuration is also appealing. The fairly loud, but constant and low frequency soundscape under load and the temperature development on the case don't belong to the W's strengths.

At least the CPU and graphic card stay within a limit in terms of temperature insofar that a performance throttling isn't required. As expected, the battery life isn't overwhelming. Lenovo could have included recovery DVDs and drivers in view of the total price and the specifications on the homepage leave a lot to be desired, at least in the German-speaking countries of Europe. Overall, Lenovo has made a good package, tied for professional use, with the Thinkpad W But this naturally has its price.

The courage to stick to the tried and tested, and stay up-to-date in terms of technology, anyway. Workstation in 15 inches When searching for an efficient laptop for the business field, you'll sooner or later likely end up by Lenovo's Thinkpad W models. Lenovo Thinkpad W G Notebook. Front: Slide lock.

Rear: USB 2. Communication Configuration The W's communication configuration has been well-considered and is multifarious. Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64 bit has been pre-installed as the operating system, whereby 4 gigabyte and more RAM can be efficiently managed. Supplies Apart from a few information sheets, you won't find any supplies in the package. Security Features The prototype accommodates the Kensington security slot mentioned above, a Trusted Platform module 1.

Input Devices. Touchpad The touchpad and trackpoint can be enabled or disabled independently with FN-F8. Trackpoint Alternately, the red trackpoint can be used as a mouse substitute. Color triangle W W t vs sRGB. W t vs AdobeRGB. NTSC t vs W XPS 16 t vs W W t vs W W t vs r50p. Lenovo Thinkpad W G's viewing angles. DPC Latency Checker. Notable exceptions are the W, which has ATI FireGL integrated workstation-class graphics, and the Ws, which is an Ultrabook -specification laptop with only a dual-core processor.

The W-series laptops were introduced by Lenovo as workstation-class laptops with their own letter designation, a descendant of prior ThinkPad T series models suffixed with 'p'. Released in , W laptop was similar in design to the Txxp models it replaced. The all-black appearance was retained, as well as the TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard. Released in October , the W laptop was lauded for its performance and for a host of features that were industry-first at the time.

In addition, a biometric fingerprint scanner was available on the palmrest. One point not in the laptop's favor was the low battery life—approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. The laptop featured up to a 2. The ThinkPad Wds was nearly identical to the W, with the addition of a The W, the logical successor of the ThinkPad W in a nearly identical 15" laptop frame, was released in January The laptop's specifications are as follows: [5]. The W laptop was summed up by Laptop Review as, "The W provides performance, reliability and mobility.

It is Ultra responsive for graphics-intensive tasks so you can accomplish more on the go. The W, the logical successor of the W 17" laptop, was released with the Wds and received positive reviews. Released in April , the W and Wds, offered the following specifications: [9]. The Lenovo ThinkPad Wds is the logical successor to the Wds, and shares the same exterior physical design.

Gizmodo said, about the Wds laptop, "Lenovo ThinkPad Wds pairs beastly specs with an integrated secondary screen. The W, the logical successor to the W, was released in March [13] and offered the following specifications in the best configuration: [14].

It also scored higher than the Dell Latitude E, which received a score of Released in June, , the W has a very similar exterior appearance to the prior W models. Being the last W model prior to the W redesign, it is the last W to feature the lid lock, keyboard light and wireless and HDD LED indicators, and the first W model to feature the controversial chiclet keyboard, [19] which features 6 rows rather than 7 rows of keys and a more modern key shape.

The W comes equipped with Ivy Bridge processors. Announced in and released in the US and Europe early , the W featured a brand-new, slimmer design based on the new generations of T4xx series released the year before. Slimmer than the prior W, the new design received mixed reactions from traditional ThinkPad users.

Critique was mainly aimed towards lower build quality and missing user interface indicators, together with a new style of touchpad where the traditional ThinkPad trackpoint functionality had been radically changed, and the controversial Chiclet style keyboard introduced in on other products, which many enthusiasts claimed abandoned the core tactile principles established by IBM over previous decades.

Other new features included:. The Lenovo W is a ThinkPad W featuring the new-style keyboard but with a re-introduction of the classic ThinkPad touchpad design. Rather than being a successor of any previous W-series model, the Lenovo Ws is a thinner Ultrabook variant of the W series; Likewise a latest P5xs series ThinkPads, the Ws was based in a T-series chassis.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Series of laptops by Lenovo. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. August Laptop color codes. Processor Socketed desktop processor. Socketed mobile processor. Soldered high power processor.

Soldered standard power processor. Soldered low power processor. Soldered ultra low power processor. Up to p VGA.

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