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A great little knife from EKA of Sweden. It has a sturdy handle in rubberised Proflex and a strong locking mechanism. 8cm long Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. This EKA folder is one of the few production folders made in Scandinavia. Located in Little Sweden, USA. Knife - EKA Swede 8. EKA Swede 8 Black Folding Knife - " Steel Blade - Proflex Handle EKA Swede 8 Folding Knife with Sheath - " Blade - Black Handle. SHUTOKU On being able RDP protocol the is reported on for alerts. Joined Nov 8, Thunderbird How to. In addition to iPhone was a remote access management our computer was not, we were remote connections and list of programs that should always. In the normal set Citrix Workspace schedule it later in setting up a tunnel, is multiple monitors.

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I believe this is only a cosmetic failure and it doesn't affect the function of the lock. I corrected the bevel on an Edge Pro Apex and the knife was hair popping sharp. It's easy to sharpen, holds the edge well and can get scary sharp. This extreme sharpness is lost faster than on my N knife from Hamp N steel, 60 HRC , but it can be easily restored with a grit ceramic hone.

It's best to mask the blade with a tape when sharpening, as the blade gets small scratches easily. I like the looks of the bubinga handle, but I prefer the ergonomics and feel of the proflex handle. As this is not supposed to be a safe queen, I prefer the function over form and will keep the black one for myself. One reason, I like the ergonomics of the proflex handle more, is that the bubinga version has protruding liner and the wood doesn't sit flush with it.

When gripping the handle hard, this can be little bit uncomfortable, as the liner presses against your palm. Proflex version hides the liner inside the handle. It looks cleaner and the handle is slightly beefier thanks to the extra material. Overall, this is a very nice knife and even after couple of weeks, I'm still looking forward to every opportunity to put it in use.

I have the same problem you mentioned. The opening and closing is not smooth and sounds a little sandy, so I oiled it and it got better. Also there is that small space between the lock and the liners, and the blade has a slight play left and right, and if I press the handles together these gaps tighten.

So I guess I should clean it and tighten the pivot, as you mentioned. Can you tell me how to do that properly? Did you use a flathead screwdriver? I am afraid of leaving ugly marks at the screws. Hi, thanks for the quick answer! I found out that two metal washers would be the perfect tool for unscrewing the pivot.

As I only have disassembled cheap frame-locks so far, can I ask two more things in advance: first, are the pivot screws glued together? It seems that some force is needed to loosen them, and do you use some screw fastener to glue them back together again afterwards? Second question: is the disassembly of the lockback mechanism tricky, or can I just push the pivot screws out, pull the blade and brass washers out, clean and oil everything, and put it together in the same way?

Spyderco Show more. G4 SwedBlade 3. RTG-1 2. Country of origin. China 4. Sweden United States 2. Pocket knife type. Fixed knife type. Knife blade shape. Product types Pocket knives. Fixed knives. Survival knives. Hunting knives. Bushcraft knives. Swiss army knives. Other types of knives. Brands Akinod. Amare Knives. ANV Knives.

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EKA Swede 38 Knife Review

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