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I love how glamorous it makes me feel. The s fashion is my personal style, so the Juicy girl aesthetic is something that will forever be relevant to me. It is instantly recognisable anytime you see it. I have a cute Juicy collection. Most of my pieces are thrifted, but I have one pink velvet purse that was gifted to me, which is hands down my most-worn and favourite item. It was I was a high school freshman in Los Angeles, and Paris Hilton was the queen of everything.

The Simple Life had just debuted and I was still tirelessly trying to convince people that I was straight. She was also blonde, and the closest thing we probably had to a Paris in high school. One thing I did notice, however, of all the Juicy girls at school, is that they never had backpacks on.

It was so perfect. To me, it embodied what sexy and laid-back should be. I still think about that set. Juicy Couture tracksuits were all the rage in the s. You just want to be seen in it. It is that cool fashion outfit. I feel like seeing Juicy stuff now, or anything designer, gives me a vague queasiness — I love fashion, and clothing, but I also hate that I thought those things had to be connected to money, status, and brand [when I was younger]. That being said, I also have such a kitschy, nostalgic love for these brands.

I bought a hat with the Fiorucci angels this summer. They were both an iconic symbol for the brand when it came to wearing the velour tracksuits. Turns out, almost everyone at the party had the same idea and had on the same outfit as me.

I never bought Juicy for retail price, because I was always able to find pieces at the thrift stores. I think the idea of tracksuits coming back is genius. Due to the current climate, most people are now working from home until further notice, and everyone just wants to be cosy. It feels fresh again because brands are taking the idea of a cosy tracksuit, but making it chic and cute and something that you will feel and look good in.

Juicy Couture was everything to me in high school. Oh, and remember when Britney Spears had her bridesmaids wear matching pink Juicy suits for her wedding to K-Fed? It makes sense to me that they would be making a comeback. They were the symbol of casual luxury, and I think that is where we are headed again. We want to be comfortable, but after all of this time at home, we also want to have fun again with what we are wearing.

Why not have fun? This article was originally published by Vogue. By Liana Satenstein. By Naomi Pike. By Naomi Smart and Alice Cary. By Alice Cary and Humaa Hussain. Allison Bornstein, stylist Juicy Couture was everything to me in high school. News Juicy Couture.

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Postage not specified. Certainly we did here in London. We were snobbish about Juicy. We thought the LA look was a bit, well, naff. Sleek, strict lines and moody colours. We were channelling French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld in spike heels and pencil skirts. The front row might be wearing trainers now, but back then, that was career suicide. Nobody on a fashion magazine would have entertained turning up to the office in head-to-toe velour.

Let alone teaming it with Uggs. The then-ubiquitous furry boots were, in fact, banned by our editor along with cooking smelly ready meals in the office kitchen microwave. But like the best films that are panned by the critics but make millions, Juicy Couture went global and spawned a million rip-offs.

It became the uniform of Wags and reality stars, enjoying incredible success until it reached saturation point and burnt out. By , Juicy Couture stores had closed their doors and the clothes ended up in the discount bin. It had become fashion Kryptonite. The end. Or was it? Now, thanks to the Noughties revival, Juicy Couture is back. The truth is, as soon as I saw the Juicy x Ganni collaboration, I knew it was an itch that needed to be scratched.

And if that means wearing purple velour and shocking the elderly ladies of Henley, then so be it. Because believe me, that velour is unforgiving. So then I need to dig out another earlys fashion item I thought I had put to rest for eternity — the thong. The second thing I realise is that a Juicy Couture x Ganni tracksuit is a hard look to pull off for a real person that is, anyone without Hadid as their surname.

You know, someone with hips and a BMI above That fabric adds pounds, as does the lurid colour. When I finally make it downstairs, I oscillate between feeling like Katie Price the Jordan years and a super-cool style disrupter. I tell her that every time we move on sartorially, it is a challenge and it can be unsettling. When I first wore skinny jeans, I remember my friends recoiling in horror.

Ditto mohair jumpers. She rolls her eyes. But I reason I will wear them separately. The bottoms with a vest in high summer. The hoodie with jeans. Which we all know means she will have primary custody of them — and look next-level fabulous. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. It was the look that put the va-va-voom into velour. After years in the fashion wilderness Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Is the return of Juicy Couture's tracksuit a triumph Comments 17 Share what you think.

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Summer Hairstyles. Aesthetic Hair. Aesthetic Makeup. Hair Looks. Natural Hair Styles. Hair Clip Styles. Coral Hair. Festival Hairstyles. Grunge Haircut. I was going to wear that velour tracksuit one day, goddammit—and I was gonna look hot as hell in it, too. Maybe not hot —you know, the super-bedazzled, low-rise pants; oversized sunglasses with the gradient tinted lenses; and orange spray tan kind of hot? No, when Juicy Couture tracksuits appeared again on my radar in , I knew the hotness that holy velour matching set would bestow upon me would have to be of this time.

I had to look hot. I had to not let Juicy Couture down. Call it a challenge, or just call it reviving an iconic and nostalgic trend—making the Juicy Couture tracksuit happen again in the year sounded like a herculean feat that only a true fashion demigod could accomplish. And while I definitely could never consider myself a fashion demigod I step out in a pair of tube socks and Birkenstock sandals quite frequently , I took on the challenge of making this early s trend work for present day anyway.

Scroll through to see how I styled Juicy Couture tracksuits—and please, please, please feel free to Paris Hilton with this. My fifth grade self would just melt. Sorry, friend. I did it anyway. Pulled that over a red satin bra that matched my Juicy sweatpants ever so perfectly. And then to add just a touch of something, I wore a pair of dainty pearl earrings.

This look screams HOT! All at the same time! Again, I separated the Juicy tracksuit oh, I have sinned!

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Thinking back on the Juicy Couture tracksuit craze is both nostalgic and comical: We really were splurging on bona fide pyjamas with crystals glued to the rear.

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Cartilage gauge earrings Hiking 7. By Alice Cary and Humaa Hussain. By Naomi Pike. They were the symbol of casual luxury, and I think that is where we are headed again. Vest 1.
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Apple restocking fee macbook pro Cuffed 2. Green 1. Summer Yellow 1. I, unfortunately, have never owned a Juicy tracksuit—but they are tattooed in my brain forever. Returns Accepted. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and I always think we clutch onto it even tighter during turbulent times.
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Vintage juicy couture tracksuit Unisex Adults 2. It was so perfect. They were both an iconic symbol for the brand when it came to wearing the velour tracksuits. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. The Simple Life had just debuted and I was still tirelessly trying to convince people that I was straight. Juniors 1. Juicy Couture.
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