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Play the fully-remastered Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ & Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ 2 games in one epic collection, rebuilt from the ground up in incredible HD. The game features ten professional skateboarders which includes Tony Hawk, along with two unlockable original characters; Officer Dick and Private. Play Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ & Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ 2 in one epic collection, rebuilt from the ground up in incredible HD. All the pro skaters. COME TO DADDY This is deeply. An issue was Jak 11 4. I would try then forget as or file system.

The game was made available with several special editions, including the "Digital Deluxe Edition", which included additional skins, skateboards, clothing options, as well as an additional secret character, Ripper; whereas the "Collector's Edition" also offered an actual skateboard as well as other physical merchandise. In his review for Destructoid , Chris Carter lauded Vicarious Visions for their attention to detail and named the game the most accomplished HD release of the series yet, calling it "genius" to introduce all the mechanics from later games all at once and incorporate them into the level, thus far surpassing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD , also citing the vastly improved graphics and visual updates to the levels when compared to the latter.

Several reviews were critical of the multiplayer, citing a lack of options and gameplay modes. Awards , the game won Sports Game of the Year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Skate through all the classic levels with some of your favorite pro skaters and a whole lot more" Tweet. Retrieved May 5, — via Twitter. Congratulations to Vicarious Visions for announcing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, happy to be a part of the supporting team on the game. Star-struckSparkles" Tweet.

Retrieved May 12, — via Twitter. Two iconic games. One tiny cart. Retrieved July 5, — via Twitter. CBS Interactive. Retrieved September 3, The Verge. Retrieved June 21, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved June 20, Retrieved June 23, Sports Illustrated. Retrieved January 16, Push Square. Retrieved January 28, Touch Arcade. December 3, Retrieved March 11, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved September 16, Retrieved September 4, Retrieved May 15, Kim, Matt July 30, Retrieved August 2, PlayStation Blog.

Retrieved July 28, Retrieved January 22, Nintendo Life. May 5, Retrieved June 16, Retrieved August 20, PlayStation Universe. Retrieved March 26, Retrieved July 4, Enthusiast Gaming. Game Informer. Future plc. Hardcore Gamer. When this gauge is full and flashing, the player is capable of performing a special trick that is worth many more points than ordinary tricks. In the game's "Career Mode", the player must complete five objectives represented by videotapes in each level within a period of two minutes.

The player is not obligated to complete all the objectives within a single run; any completed objective is committed to the game's memory, which allows other objectives to be completed within multiple playthroughs of a level. Two common objectives in each level are achieved by accumulating two defined scores, while one other common objective is to collect letters of the word "SKATE", and another common objective is to destroy five of a certain object within each level. The fifth objective is more varied, but is often oriented around a specific element found in each level.

Completing objectives unlocks additional levels and equipment for use. Three of the mode's levels take place in a competition in which the player performs for judges and accumulates the highest score within three one-minute rounds.

The player receives a bronze, silver or gold medal depending on the final score they are given. Other single-player modes include the "Single Session", in which the player can freely accumulate a high score within two minutes using any previously-obtained levels and characters, and the "Free Skate", in which there is no time limit imposed. The game features ten professional skateboarders which includes Tony Hawk , along with two unlockable original characters; Officer Dick and Private Carrera.

In "Graffiti", players must accumulate the highest score by changing level elements into their own color via the use of tricks. If a player performs a higher-scoring trick on an element that has already been marked, the element will change to that player's color. The player with the lower score on any given turn receives a letter in the word "HORSE" or whatever word the players had generated prior to the game's start.

The first player to accumulate the entire word loses. The game featured a total of ten real life professional skateboarders, along with two unlockable original characters. Following the releases of arcade game Top Skater by Sega and PlayStation game Street Sk8er by Electronic Arts , [8] Activision identified skateboarding-simulation games as a growing market in the gaming industry and concluded that such a title would resonate with a young audience.

Preceding Neversoft's involvement in the project, the task of developing a skateboarding title for Activision was given to another studio. This studio's attempt did not impress Activision and didn't move past the concept stage. The publisher then decided to entrust the project to Neversoft, which had recently completed the third-person shooter game Apocalypse within nine months. Although Neversoft had never developed a sports video game before, the development team was confident in its ability to accomplish the task before its given deadline of the Christmas season.

During development, the Neversoft team would spend its lunch breaks at a bowling alley near the studio, where they would play and study from Sega's Top Skater directed by Crazy Taxi creator Kenji Kanno in the arcade. The game's design served as a strong basic influence, along with observances of real skaters performing in the X Games. Although the team decided that Top Skater ' s linearity lacked the sense of fun they aimed for, the "racetrack" element was retained in two of the game's levels.

Contrary to subsequent titles in the series, Neversoft did not use existing locations as reference for the game's level design, but simply envisioned potential skating areas such as a school or a city and incorporated elements such as ramps and rails to benefit the gameplay.

The team consciously prioritized fun over realism in the approach to the game's level design and physics. The game's engine is a modified version of that of Neversoft's previous title Apocalypse , and the game's prototype used Bruce Willis 's character from that game as the player character. At the time, Tony Hawk had been a popular figure within skateboarding. Hawk was impressed by the design team members' devotion to skateboarding, the controls and engine of their game's early build and thus agreed to lend his name and involvement to the production.

Subsequently, Hawk would turn down Activision's offer of a one-time buyout for the permanent use of his name and likeness on the game in favor of a royalty deal in which Hawk would earn a percentage for every copy sold. As a result of the series' eventual success, Hawk would earn ten times Activision's initial offer within two years. Activision senior vice president Mitch Lasky, in an interview with GameSpot , stated that the character was meant "to reflect Tony's signature style — an intense mix of acrobatics and hard-core technical skating".

Hawk remarked that "[he had] always wanted to help create a video game that represented the reality and excitement of professional skateboarding". Hawk would spend the development time periodically playing through the game's builds and providing feedback. He would also select a group of other professional skaters to include as playable characters based on their skills, personalities and diversity; each skater received a cut of the royalties and got to select their own attire and special trick for the game.

The incorporation of motion capture was attempted to aid in the realism of the animation, but due to the technology's infancy, the result was ultimately determined to have not translated as well as what had already been animated. The collection of videotapes was directly inspired by the collection of stars in Super Mario In designing the objectives, the team would gather at a table, draw a level and then ask what could be done within said level, upon which the team members would provide ideas.

Rejected concepts arising from these sessions include levels taking place on a highway and a jetty , and a scenario in which the player would lose a wheel and have to skate on three wheels. Elissa Steamer 's inclusion in the game, along with the game's final release date of September 29, was presented in August 26, Because Neversoft would begin development of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 shortly before the release of the first game, [24] Activision would entrust the game's Nintendo 64 port to Edge of Reality , which had recently ported Monster Truck Madness 2 to the same system.

As a result of the disappointing sales of Blue Stinger , Activision was discouraged from publishing further titles for the Dreamcast and relinquished the distribution of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the console to Crave Entertainment. The blood effects had also been removed. The graphics and animations in the Dreamcast version are improved from those in the PlayStation version.

The Game Boy Color version is an adaptation rather than a true port of the PlayStation version due to the limited capacity of the platform. The game offers two different gameplay styles: an overhead view with vertical scrolling, and a side-scrolling view in which there is a ramp on each side. There are four gameplay modes in which the player can only perform a few tricks. In "Half Pipe Mode", the player must attempt to achieve the highest score possible.

Jumps are made automatically when the player maneuvers onto ramps, and tricks are displayed as a brief static image. The remaster includes all of the original levels and skaters from the original games, but also includes improved skater creation and park creation modes, online multiplayer, and other new features, and featuring most of the original soundtracks, with a few exceptions due to licensing issues.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was met with critical acclaim. Doug Perry of IGN praised the game's "imaginative, deep, and amazingly addictive" gameplay, "steady and consistent" learning curve, "intuitive and natural" controls, large and complex levels, "jaw-dropping" physics and "perfect" soundtrack. Perry concluded that the game had "captured the pure grit and radical feel of skateboarding, delivering it in near perfect form onto the PlayStation with a mastery and sense of programming finesse beyond anyone's imagination", and described the game as "that rare gem of a game that defies what other developers say can't be done".

Matt Casamassina of IGN praised the Nintendo 64 version's visuals as "very impressive" in spite of the reduced quality of the textures and the omitted full-motion video effects, and the audio as "surprisingly clear", albeit compressed and "dumbed down" to accommodate the cartridge format. Moo of Game Revolution. In reviewing the Game Boy Color version, Craig Harris of IGN decided that while the half-pipe portion of the game "isn't half-bad", the overhead portion is "absolutely stupid"; he criticized the representation of tricks as static images as "completely destroy[ing] the flow of the game", and noted that the issue is exacerbated in the "Versus" mode by having both parties' game pause when either one performs a trick.

Blake Fischer reviewed the PlayStation version of the game for Next Generation , rating it five stars out of five, and stated that "whether you're a hardcore skater or just a wannabe, this will satisfy. A must-have for anyone with a PlayStation".

Eric Bratcher reviewed the Nintendo 64 version of the game for Next Generation , rating it five stars out of five, and stated that "a great translation that takes a mild performance hit from the N64 controller. Still, every N64 owner should consider buying this one-of-a-kind title". Greg Orlando reviewed the Dreamcast version of the game for Next Generation , rating it five stars out of five, and said that "Hawk soars.

End of story". Awards , but lost to Soulcalibur and Knockout Kings respectively. From its release date to late-December , the game shipped in excess of , units and was available in over 10, retailers nationwide. The game resulted in a successful franchise, receiving eight annualized sequels developed by Neversoft from 's Pro Skater 2 to 's Proving Ground. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the original game. For the series, see Tony Hawk's series.

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