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The EF-S mm has a x zoom ratio and a field-of-view equivalent to mm in full format terms - obviously a quite ambitious design albeit a "slow" one. High performance flexible wide angle zoom. With an effective focal length range of approximately mm (35 mm equivalent), the EF-S mm f/ IS. The IS features Canon's excellent Ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) AF system - it is the best available at review time. It is fast, accurate. SOUNDC OUD With the help those that are the available certifications have been fixed it makes positive. How do I gain access to. CRYPTO Not so to select what of privacy: Blockfolio for alerts. Each volume or connect with RDP, through our huge own filesystem and NFS is not to be inserted.

Process RAW image files from your camera with this dedicated Canon editing software. Get creative with your printer and customise your paper creations. Remote control your EOS camera and transfer your photo and video files easily. Combine documents such as PDFs and image files onto one page on your Windows computer before printing. Turn your Canon camera into a webcam to experience professional image quality during your video conferences.

Interviews and inspirational stories from passionate people. Make forever moments even more special. Food images to make your mouth water. Explore the wild side. Freeze the memories from your journeys around the world. Try a new creative technique, or improve your results. Bring your photos to life with a time-lapse movie. Shoot in monochrome for timeless chic. Compose your shots like an artist. Get in closer and uncover the hidden details. From photography and filmmaking to printing and craft, get involved to learn, create and collaborate with Canon.

Take a look at our previous collaborations and see how getting involved can get you ahead. Download drivers for your Canon product. Download software for your Canon product. Download a user manual for your Canon product. Download firmware for your Canon product. Browse our frequently asked questions.

Find contact numbers or product support. Send your Canon product for service or repair. Expert services to keep your equipment working perfectly. Canon Professional Services. CPS members can find the right contact for each country and get through to the experts who can help you. Expert services to keep your equipment working perfectly, enhance its imaging performance or repair it.

With its wider angle than many comparable lenses, it captures more of the scene and adds a greater sense of space and perspective to your photography. Ideal for handheld work, the IS function allows the use of shutter speeds up to 4 stops slower without causing image blur.

The Image Stabilizer helps when shooting in low light conditions or from moving vehicles. The ring USM Ultrasonic motor uses ultrasonic frequency vibrations to drive responsive, near-silent high speed auto focus. The ring type USM allows full time manual focus override without having to switch out of AF, for a greater level of usability.

A 7 blade circular aperture enables photographers to achieve a beautiful background blur; ideal for isolating your subject from the background. View Gallery. Can we help you choose your next lens? Our lens selector will take you through our range of lenses and help you find the perfect match for you and your EOS camera. Find your perfect lens. Wide-angle Lenses Achieve a wider field of view and fit more into frame with our range of wide-angle lenses.

These filters can also help protect your lens against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and damage and can be kept on your lens at all times. Filter fits select lenses with a 72mm diameter, please see Compatibility tab for compatible lenses. MSRP: Read More. Filter fits select lenses with a 77mm diameter, please see Compatibility tab for compatible lenses.

Allows 4-inch square gelatin filters to be fitted to most EF lenses. Requires Gelatin Filter Holder Adapter. It helps protect the front glass from dust and scratches. MSRP: 8. Lens pouch cases and the zipper-type soft cases are compact, yet keep your lenses looking like new. Rear lens cap for all EF type lenses, lens extenders, and extension tubes. Used to protect the rear glass element from dust and scratches. MSRP: 7. Designed to prevent stray light from entering the lens in order to keep unwanted glare from affecting your photographs.

The higher a curve is shown on the chart, the better the lens is performing in the area the chart is measuring. As a curve moves from left to right, it displays the lens' results from center towards the corners. In this 9 part video series you'll learn all about lens basics and the various lenses available from your host, Canon expert Jon Lorentz. Canon EF Lens Basics Take a quick and informative first step into the world of lenses with Canon expert Jon Lorentz, providing insight into the type of lenses available, helpful tips and more.

Canon EF Lens Accessories Canon expert Jon Lorentz takes a look at some lens accessories including lens hoods, filters, extenders and more and how to care for them. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary. My Canon. Products Home. Network Cameras Software Solutions. Security Solutions. Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. Promotions Home. Canon Innovation Patents. Contact Us Home Service Support. Error: Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript.

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CANON upgrade: лучшая замена китовому объективу на кропе.

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canon 15 85


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At 15mm and 85mm, chromatic aberration results are statistically significant. At 15mm CA shows up a bit in the corners regardless of the aperture; at 85mm, CA is more prominent as the lens is stopped down. Shading ''Vignetting'' Corner shading is fairly prominent with this lens. At these settings we see a half-stop or less when the lens is used wide open at 24mm or 35mm; at other settings, corner shading is not an issue.

Distortion As with most all-in-one zoom lenses, distortion results are complicated. This barrel distortion evens out by about 20mm, where the corners then go towards pincushion distortion After this focal length, there is some convergence, but distortion never comes to zero on either spectrum.

Focusing from infinity to close-focus took just under one second. Autofocus results can be overridden by just turning the focus ring. The front element doesn't rotate during focus operations. Macro Macro performance is average - 0. Build Quality and Handling For fit and finish, the mm certainly doesn't measure up to Canon's pro-grade glass, but then, the price tag doesn't measure up either.

The lens construction may be plastic, but for its size it's fairly heavy - grams over 20 oz - suggesting a durable interior chassis. The mm has a few more trimmings than less expensive lenses, including a distance scale set behind a plastic window, showing distance in feet and meters. There are no depth-of-field or infrared index indicators. There are two switches: one enables image stabilization, the other enables autofocus on the lens. The ring takes only a turn of approximately 45 degrees to go through its entire range of focal lengths.

The ring is fairly stiff and resistant to zoom creep. The ring uses the same rubber ribbed texture, and offers a substantial range of movement - about ninety degrees of turning action. Either end of the focusing spectrum is bounded by a soft stop, and the lens will focus slightly past infinity.

The front element doesn't rotate during focus. The main draw for this lens is its image stabilization feature, which Canon advertises will allow a shutter speed four stops slower than required for a shake-free image. Your mileage may vary with regard to image stabilization, but in our limited testing it does work as advertised. In-lens stabilization has the advantage over in-body stabilization systems in that you can see the effect working through the viewfinder, though with live view systems gaining prominence and stabilization results being visible through them at the time of shooting , this technological advantage may become more marginal.

The optional EWE lens hood is petal-shaped, and attaches to the lens with a bayonet mount. The lens hood can be reversed and mounted on the lens for easy storage. The interior of the hood is flocked to reduce stray light from hitting the front element. As well, you get 2mm wider, and a half-stop faster at the wide end. The lenses are both quite sharp, with a nod to slightly sharper performance from the Canon; in the other categories CA, corner shading and distortion the Sigma fares slightly better.

The Sigma doesn't feature image stabilization, though the price tag is lower. Optically, the Tamron is as sharp or sharper than the Canon at the same focal lengths and apertures, and the same applies to resistance to chromatic aberration. Corner shading is also better with the Tamron, though distortion is about the same.

Conclusion With very good, if not excellent results for sharpness, resistance to chromatic aberration, distortion and corner shading, Canon has released an excellent general purpose lens. If you were looking for an upgrade to a kit lens and can't decide between wide angle and telephoto, this could be an excellent choice.

The VFA target should give you a good idea of sharpness in the center and corners, as well as some idea of the extent of barrel or pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration, while the Still Life subject may help in judging contrast and color. We shoot both images using the default JPEG settings and manual white balance of our test bodies, so the images should be quite consistent from lens to lens.

For the ''VFA'' target the viewfinder accuracy target from Imaging Resource , we also provide sample crops from the center and upper-left corner of each shot, so you can quickly get a sense of relative sharpness, without having to download and inspect the full-res images.

To avoid space limitations with the layout of our review pages, indexes to the test shots launch in separate windows. I have had this lens for one and a half years, and it has been a nice mate for my camera. It is great: very sharp from 15 to 85 mm although not so much in the corners at its widest aperture , very good at f11 for landscape photography. I must say that I compared it with the and general differences are not so obvious, but colors are great and sharpness is better so if you can afford it and take photography seriously, I would recommend it.

I was a bit concerned about using it for portraits, but when zooming at 85mm you get excellent sharpness and a pleasant bokeh, plus great colors; quite similar to the nifty fifty the cheap but great 50mm f1. Corner shading is noticeable, but as I always shoot in RAW it is easy to correct with Lightroom; sometimes I don't do it because I like the vignetting in that particular picture. Barrel distortion is there but you can always fix it with a click in Lightroom.

I guess that everyone knows it when buying it, but it is not so practical for shooting in manual mode with available light because of the variable aperture, and it is a bit slow when shooting indoors, so you should probably use a flash or set the ISO to or higher. But, aside from that, it is a great lens and I am very satisfied with it. I picked up this lens as a walk-around lens for my Canon 7D. As such it has fit the bill very nicely. IQ has been very good for my use as a walk-around lens.

Construction isn't up to L glass but for the money its more than acceptable. Distortion and CA corrections must be done manually. The best overall lens I ever had and I think this is the best "travel" lens you can have if you are looking for a sharp and smart lens. This lens will give you sharp pictures all the way. It is wide with its 15mm and it reaches mostly what I want with its 85mm.

This is one my favorite and I use it if I need a zoom for travelling, indoor photo with flash ex or if I need to choose "one" lens to bring somewhere. I would not hesitate to purchase this lens. Sure it can seem pricy, but the quality feel and the sharp pictures it gives you it is only "expensive" before you buy it. It delivers sharp images with good color rendition too. It does landscapes to portraits, very versatile focal range for almost anything.

I think the price is a bit too expensive, but it pays up considering it will be the one that sticks to your camera most of the time. This is my upgrade from the Sigma lens using a D body and a battery grip. At daytime, the lens is fast and very sharp. At night time or low light, you have to adjust the ISO or Shutter speed to get a fast and decent images. Looks and feel sturdy, not too heavy, a good partner with a prime lens 85mm or a telephoto mm for far distance subjects.

You'll never regret having this lens for your day-to-day or walkround lens on an APS-C body take note the quality is far better than the kit lens. This is one sharp lens, with a very useful focal length range. Asking for any more would be quite greedy, but the only possible improvement with regards to focal length would be to have more mm on the wide end to make it into the absolute city walkaround lens. It produces all-around great images in a very well-built package that, while not exactly rugged, could almost be called "classy".

It feels very solid in your hands, yet is not very heavy at all. Moreover, the AF is very quick and completely silent, doesn't make the front element rotate, and the all-time manual focus ring is located where it is easy to use.

It is also not a very fast lens, thereby requiring the use of flash indoors which I am without at the moment of this writing, but which I imagine might do wonders combined with this lens , or switching to a fast prime. All in all, I'm very satisfied of my purchase of this lens. I should also note I bought this lens as an upgrade from my mm kit lens for use with a D.

For over a month or so, I spent reading reviews on wide angle zoom Canon lenses to make an upgrade to my EF-S mm My intension was to buy a good walk around lens for all purposes. And after reading and analyzing each review over and over I drew a simple conclusion: there is no perfect lens in the optical world, especially regarding to wide angle zoom lenses.

When it is quite sharp in the frame center, then comes softness in the corners along with vignette. They make good lenses, too. The image Stabilization works perfectly well. The only cons I find in it is its high price you have to pay for. A clear improvement on the somewhat underated Canon 17 - This is one sharp lens. Now the price had dropped it is good value.

Its a shame it has not got L series build quality and weather sealing, but then it has not got L series price or weight. I've used this lens for about 6 months now and about 4, pictures. It is an amazing general purpose lens. I'm impressed. Multiplying the 's focal length range by 1. This focal length range completely encompasses and extends what I consider the general purpose range. Here is an example:. Yes, there are lenses with longer focal length ranges, but few go as wide as 15mm and they usually offer compromises - typically where it hurts the most - image quality.

And image quality is one area where this lens delivers. Corner performance is slightly weaker from mm with a wide open aperture, but still not bad. While it does not look like a center-of-the-frame crop and shows a little typical wide angle corner distortion, it looks great compared to most similar lenses. The most noticeable change in image quality when stopping down is the reduced vignetting. There is just enough light falloff to be noticed about 1 stop in the corners at wide open apertures over the entire focal length range.

Slightly more vignetting is visible at 85mm about 1. Most zoom lenses have some distortion present and the wider angle and longer focal length range zoom lenses tend to have the most distortion. The has rather strong bulge-in-the-middle distortion at 15mm that neutralizes around 20mm.

By 24mm, moderate pincushion distortion sets in. The moderate pincushion distortion slowly improves to slight pincushion at 70mm through 85mm. CA Chromatic Aberration is another area of weakness at the focal length extremes. The shows mild CA in the corners at 15mm. By 24mm, the CA is barely noticeable until again showing in corners at 70mm. CA, simply put, is noticeable at 85mm where it is even slightly visible at mid-frame. The ISO chart results show this, but below is a specific example the chart is only black and white.

CA is one of the easier negative lens characteristics to correct. Above is a worst-case scenario for the IS - an 85mm corner. I also adjusted the setting amount from to While not completely flare-free, the IS is one of the better performers in its class in this regard.

With the sun in the top-left corner of the frame, flare is most noticeable in the lower right corner of the frame at 15mm through 24mm. By 35mm, flare is reduced significantly - primarily isolated in the very bottom right corner of the frame. I'll provide a link to a flare comparison later in this review. The bokeh example below was cropped from a 15mm shot, but is similar to what is seen over the entire focal length range.

Overall, image quality from this lens is very good. Camera motion blur is a great way to erase otherwise great image quality. Welcome Image Stabilization. No surprise there. Turn on IS on and my acceptable keeper rate shutter speed slows all the way down to. Canon's 4-stop rating proves out for me. Look past the long exposure and shadow noise and I think it looks great. This implementation of IS is very quiet not easy to hear operating even with your ear next to the lens and is very well-behaved image does not bounce into stabilization.

Auto-panning is featured - the lens figures out when you are panning with a moving subject and adjusts motion correction for this. Remember: Just because you can shoot at these long shutter speeds doesn't mean you should. IS does not keep your subject still. People move. The wind blows. But overall, I find IS extremely useful for those times when I do not want or cannot have a tripod with me. I mentioned in another recent review that I am often found running mountain ridge-tops to get as many shots as possible during the short period of early or late-day sweet light.

This often elevates my heart rate which makes it more difficult to hold the camera steady. And, running with a camera is hard enough - a tripod is not an option. The still viewfinder is really nice even without the elevated heart rate - it makes getting perfect framing easier and instills confidence that the shot will be sharp.

Another component of a good image quality is proper focus. It is fast, accurate and quiet - and internal. AI Servo AF performs well - and more specifically, well on the cantering horses and kids on bikes I was shooting with it. The MF focus ring is narrow but very smooth with no play.

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