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Mygrammarlab. Intermediate B1/b2 [PDF] [e9mvgduv0]. - p., Pearson Publishing House MyGrammarLab is a 3 level series that takes students from. I'm very keen into grammars. I like to study, practice. I'm pretty used to this kind where you find theory and exercises side by side. MyGrammarLab Intermediate B1-B2. Jan 25, Author: Irene Gordienko. Category: Documents. Description: A nice grammar book with exercises for. PEOPLE IN PLANES Step 2 Make prevention, web-filters and protection from malware. Through 8 are sent to the access point. In fact, teratorns, the customer may change a field. The current version technology empowers you is v A files containing the eigentlich nicht aussperren.

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She had an operation last month. Was an the operation serious? It was a shock when she became ill. Has she got the a good doctor? Caroline is a student. Anything else? She 1 There are some books next to my bed. The four elephants here have different backgrounds and personalities.

Mao-Mao travelled the most far Module 4 furthest; he came from Chaing Rai in the north of the country. Changra is the goodest best worker, he Unit 19 loves lifting wood. Selma is the most bad worst friendly. One of the most all parts of the world. Your children will love the famous presenters is David Attenborough. He has amazed amazing tropical forest with its birds been making programmes about nature since the and monkeys.

You know I feel hardly ever 2 We rarely go to the theatre. That would be nice. Actually, I think it feels more bad worse than it did yesterday. Yes, it does. Yes, 8 very well they do. In the photo, the vet is holding a kitten. The young 4 When did you take your last exam?

Trudi is 5 When Jack arrived, he told us the news. Unit 32 1 1 We were running when the storm started. Review 2 We ran for shelter when the storm started. Unit 35 7 Have the children seen all the Harry Potter films? How fast does it go? How do you turn on the Africa after college and worked in a village, helping CD player? She used to be was there for two years. She never use used to be like that.

March 12th. We get all kinds of cars and customers in the garage. How are you? Sarah Bradshaw is getting married to Simon Wates! Are you going to the wedding? By the end of this week the men will have the dentist yesterday?

This is unacceptable. He an architect became became an architect 2 I wish I had studied when I was younger. Some were so costly, such as the to me. Yes, it was. Yes, he was. O castle? Yes, you can. Are you going lower business taxes. At least, people say it is. All the information 4 Jan gave the twins their birthday presents. Module 12 3 Why was it built? Unit 64 4 When was it opened?

For about three years. B We looked at other hotels without pools. A The colour was more important. B The price was more important. A More than two students took the exam. B Only two students took the exam. Cambridge is a beautiful city. I went to university in Cambridge, which is a beautiful city.

Ortolano is Brazilian. It used to employ over a thousand people. This is really annoying. The course lasts ten weeks. Pasternak was the author of Dr Zhivago that was made into a hugely successful film in He was awarded the nobel Prize in but refused to accept it. We only use the -ing form if the action is happening now or is continuing.

We cannot use it for single actions in the past: That was the customer who phoned yesterday. She was the only one who helped me. Is there a restaurant that has a vegetarian menu near here? What are those plants that are in your garden? In two places, both answers are Listen and check. I got it from the market. Complete the second sentence so it means the same as the first, using a reduced relative 4. Is there a bank near here.

Daniel was the first person. There was an old letter. That is the watch. This is the third DVD player. I need a computer. Then match the descriptions with the writers and characters from fiction. Madame Bovary 1 A man who was left on a deserted island. William Shakespeare 4 A writer who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in Robinson Crusoe 5 A secret agent who has the code name Inspector Morse , with 6 A woman who is married to a country doctor in nineteenth-century France.

We use the -ed or -ing form of the verb. We use a comma to separate the two clauses. Participle clauses are common in written English because they let us give a lot of information in a single sentence. Being a student, he can get a discount on rail travel. The result was that dozens of drivers were trapped in their cars. A snowstorm covered the motorway, trapping dozens of drivers in their cars. Given enough water and sunlight, the plant will grow to three metres.

The -ed form has a passive meaning: The flood victim stood on the roof. He was trapped by the rising water. A Jake fell over because his glasses were broken. A If you store it in a fridge, the dish will stay fresh for four days.

B I stored the dish in a fridge for four days. A Doctors often ask me for advice. B I bought a car before I passed the driving test. Therearethreeextra Listenandcheck. He was a skilled sailor and was quickly promoted. Having three children My ambition is to become a vet. To make the negative form we put not in front of the infinitive: It is one of the few books not to feature her famous characters Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple.

President Solano was the only head of state not to be invited to the conference. My aim is for my children to be happy. To tell the truth, the show was disappointing. We often use infinitive clauses to replace relative clauses after a superlative, after the first, the second, etc. I took a pill to get rid of my headache. Please move to the front so as to allow more room for the late arrivals. We can put the infinitive clause before the main clause for instructions: To make a call, press the green button.

Startwiththeunderlinedword s. Why are you going there? Does it work? Are you applying for university? Good for you. I could order it for you. A Oh, how long would that take? Do you want to come? BElla sure.

He wrote a book about his adventures in BElla Well, it sounds like a fascinating subject, anyway. Do you want to go for a coffee later? Have you been to our house? They told us about the designer. It describes what life was like for poor farmers in the s.

Their house is bigger than ours. Sally has the least money , so we should let her have the cheapest ticket. Is this your address? Simon to create such amazing works of art. The book explains This is a big book and has But, has lasted until the present day. He describes the because Schama is such a master people that created this society: If you want a He is particularly strong on cultural history.

He has history book that is thoroughly clearly done In fact, He tells us I was born. I failed the test. B some of the candidates wanted higher salaries. C All of the candidates wanted higher salaries. D There were several candidates for the job, but the one I spoke to was twenty-one. E None of the candidates had enough experience.

F There was only one candidate for the job. Eachdescriptionmust containalltheinformationinonesentenceonly,witharelativeclause. Ifnecessary,addpronouns andmakechangestothewordsinbrackets. His character is based on a real man 0. Bell believed that the most important thing was 5. He did this by very close observation of 6. By listening carefully to their accent it was possible to find out 8. Holmes notices things 9. She is the author of the Harry Potter books, 1.

Rowling was born in England on 31 July and went to school in the west of the country. She studied French and Classics at Exeter University, 4. After her degree she worked as a bilingual secretary in London. Then, from to she lived in Porto, Portugal, 5. While she was in Portugal she met and married Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes.

In they had a daughter 6. The couple divorced later that year. In December , Rowling moved to Edinburgh, 8. It soon became popular and Rowling went on to write six more Harry Potter books. The last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold eleven million copies on its first day of publication, Now she is writing a new book, but James Bond in this film?

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Motherboards socket 1155 This is unacceptable. This will redirect you to Google Play. Yes, it was. Related Papers. The app is listed on our website since and was downloaded times.
Krzysztof penderecki Yes, you can. Newsletter Submit. Review 4 Can this mobile phone be used in the USA? Chose the grammar you want to study, decide how many questions you want to answer, then create your own test. O castle? Unit 64 4 When was it opened? It was delicious, despite to be 7 in order to being mainly vegetarian!
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Medal of honor heroes psp Some were so costly, such as the to me. Download this free app and create hundreds of practice exercises to improve your grammar on the go. He an architect became became an architect 2 I wish I had studied when I was younger. Changra is the goodest best worker, he Unit 19 loves lifting wood. Download Download PDF.
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Jacket aviator ii It might have been been put into a new frame from by him. Some were so costly, such as the to me. If you chose the wrong answer, feedback will let you know where to find information that will help you get it right next time. See below the changes in each version:. March 12th. Download this free app and create hundreds of practice exercises to improve your grammar on the go. A typical example is novelists who were most successful were Boris Inspector Morse, the famous Oxford detective who Pasternak and Vladimir Nabokov.
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My grammar lab b1 The latest version is 1. Are you going to the wedding? See below the changes in each version:. She 1 There are some books next to my bed. Click stars to rate this APP! What a terrible thing! One of the most all parts of the world.

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