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OpenCV Testing Windows GUI Language Interoperability BDD AI Roslyn Analyzers 9. Web Framework 9. Distributed computation 8. Blockchain 7. PDF 7. Hashing Algorithms 6. Code Coverage 6. SVG 6. Decompilers 5. Package Management 4.

Genetic Algorithms 4. Pathfinding 4. Push Notifications 4. JSON 4. Scripting 4. TDD 4. Game Development 4. WPF DataGrid 4. Hello My motherboard shows error code 73 while booting, after restarting the computer everything returns to normal and the code AA is displayed. I tested various bios, including factory ones from the huananzhi website, and still the same problem.

Any idea how to solve this problem? First off thanks for your hard work in creating the fixes and constant support for these chinese motherboards. I have recently purchased a Machinist - X99 - RS9, now I have watched your video where you reviewed and mentioned you flashed the bios to fix USB 3 Issues, The cpu I have is the Xeon E v3 and I have downloaded your software to flash the motherboard, upon discovering there is about 11 Bios's to choose. What one would you recommend personally? I'm just looking for a stable build.

Sorry I didnt know where else to contact you. A few days ago I flashed the BIOS "Stock Huananzhi XF8, Myconst optimized" on my motherboard and for a couple of days it worked fine, yesterday it started to green screen me for milliseconds and it kept working. Now while I was using it it froze, and when restarting it it no longer worked, the error code it shows is 67 or b7, I already tried to clean the CMOS, disconnect all the peripherals, remove all the RAM and try only one, I tried different RAM, and nothing.

Any suggestions on the problem or on how I could solve it? Thank you in advance for your contributions. I have an x99 with a v3 and it does not restart, the screen remains black after hitting restart on w I'm surprised that this is the first issue posted.

Thanks for all your great work. It seems like this must be more of a passion for you than business. I wonder if it is a new board revision Just wanted to share my results. Maybe this will be helpful for other Machinist XG7 owners. This is not an issue related to your BIOS mod but maybe you can help me. After that i bought 4 more DIMMs same shop and I replaced the old ones in order to test its funcionality and everything ok.

I flashed the BIOS with your optimized one but same issue. Can you help me with it? I think maybe any slot is broken or something but i hope it's a jumper config related or any param in the BIOS I just got the Machinist xrs9 motherboard with the chipset c Has anyone been able to unlock turbo boost? Which bios have you used? I read that it is compatible with b85 bios but I don't want to take the risk if nobody with this chipset has tried before.

Thanks for your help. I dont need really the turbo boost. I can enable it on the bios but it has problems to awake up again. Just updated my RS9's bios using mi and when I rebooted I am constantly being greeted by bsod. How can i revert to default bios.

Please help. This is newest revision of this mobo with LED screen debuger. I just got my machinist k9 v2 board and xeon e v3, I'm super excited, have you done any version of turboboost unlocking and memory timings for this version? According to post code table, if this is "bf" it might be "RAM too fast". Is this right? Hello, and first of all thank you for the great tool and great selection of BIOS images.

I tried flashing huananzhi-xf8. Both BIOS images have a common problem: on every start-up after a shutdown or a restart , the motherboard beeps 4x all short beeps , and goes into the BIOS settings instead of booting into the OS. I can boot into the OS from the Boot Override menu option. It states that a boot-to-recovery problem is detected and fixed. Sure enough, after flashing, I can boot directly into the OS, and the motherboard does not beep 4x anymore.

Is the BIOS error an expected behaviour, especially with the new revision boards? I can help do this, but this is actually very trivial to do just use UPT to patch each BIOS image once we have figured out what the problem is Hey miyconst!

However, although I'm really advanced with computers, hadware, coding, systems administration, I never have modded a BIOS before. If you could point out a guide and provide a list of your optimal settings, I can maybe make the modifications and test them on my board, and then make a Pull request here. All right, my friend. I would like to know which bios is compatible with the motherboard kllisre x99 v Because in the MI program there are no bios when I click on her image.

Thank you for the excellent work. Hello, miyconst , are you planning to add Jingsha x99 Dual to you awesome tool? I tried to use your instructions from YouTube and the text version from you web site, but I didn't reach the positive result. I did everything step by step and each step of instruction was successful, but after restart I have no Turbo Boost. Could you help me with this? A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

JavaScript JS is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions. A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients. Machine learning is a way of modeling and interpreting data that allows a piece of software to respond intelligently. We are working to build community through open source technology.

NB: members must have two-factor auth. GithubHelp home page GithubHelp Search. Requirements Windows x64 is required to run the application. NET Core 3. English by miyconst. Italian Italiano by Emanuele Galdieri. Polish Polski by Finchsize.

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