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Instead, bring your attention to the present moment and realize that today is a brand new day and it is filled with amazing opportunities. These opportunities will reveal them to you only when you live in the present. There is immense power and opportunities hidden in the now; all you need to do is become conscious of these opportunities by becoming present. When you stop ruminating and become present, the grace hidden in the present moment reveals itself to you. You open yourself up to attracting new ideas and energy from the universe that will encourage you to take positive action.

It does not matter how small your action is as long as you take action. Remember that every drop makes the ocean. So there is no action that is too small. Every conscious action you take helps shape your future. Even an action as small as thinking about your future goals, reflecting on your life and figuring out what you really want can make a massive difference to your future. Action does not always mean physical action, even thinking a positive thought is an action in the right direction.

Every thought you think shapes your life. So think of how you can make use of this precious day. Make an effort to let go of thoughts about the past and worries about the future and to bring all your focus to the present even if it only for a few minutes. Even a few minutes of positive action is worth it.

Skip to content. Go ahead and seize the day! Today is yours for the taking, go ahead and seize the day. Make this day matter! Everything in life is in perfect balance and harmony. The night balances the day, Mukesh Mani.

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