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A year-old coin dealer who has lived in relative obscurity in Montana most of his life wrote two books that transformed silver dollars from pretty but unpopular coins to collectibles of major importance. Wayne Miller has not sought much attention since he wrote his two seminal works on silver dollars 40 years go.

Yet many numismatists know he advanced knowledge about silver dollars and coin collecting in general by light years. Miller started in the coin business in , assembling proof sets and buying silver certificates to trade for silver. But he soon gravitated to silver dollars because they were plentiful, beautiful and popular. Another Montana coin dealer, John B.

Love was, like many professional numismatists, extremely knowledgeable. By the early s, however, Miller realized interest in the silver dollar market was heating up and he had enough information to fill a book—literally.

Plus, he felt like he needed to do something to elevate his status from a small-time silver dollar dealer among many. Miller said he was glad his first book raised his profile enough that Love would partner with him. Montana was one of five Western states where the coins were used in daily commerce. Although the US government has made silver dollars since and has minted nearly million of them, the coins were unpopular in most places. The government continued to make them by the wagonload anyway, just to sop up excess silver being produced in US mines.

Most of these coins were dumped in bags, shipped to banks and stored in their vaults. In Nevada, where gambling was legal, casinos used them and kept them in circulation. Montana in some ways is not far removed from its past as a wild, wooly frontier. It was their last chance, and they struck it rich. Miller said his coin shop at 38 N. Last Chance Gulch, which he opened in , is to feet away from where gold was discovered.

By , about 50 millionaires lived in Helena, more per capita than in any other city in the world. By the time he started the two-year project to write his first book, Miller had personally examined over 2 million silver dollars and done research with other collectors and dealers. In , Miller gave himself 15 years to put together the best collection of Morgan and Peace Dollars possible.

The result was widely regarded as the finest of its kind. It included every business strike in the Morgan and Peace Dollar series, plus every known Proof from every US Mint branch, with each coin in exceptional condition. His collecting had the effect of making him a full-time coin dealer so he could earn enough money to buy coins. After changing his major five times at Carroll College, a small Catholic school in Helena, he finally ended up taking classes in social work.

He had helped at the Good Shepherd Home for Girls and still speaks with enthusiasm about renovating a two-lane bowling alley in its basement and starting a bowling team. He remembers one girl saying winning a bowling tournament was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He came back to Montana and worked for the state, investigating child abuse cases, monitoring children in foster homes and placing children in adoptive homes.

But he found he could make more money as a coin dealer, which also allowed him to continue his contributions to the community. He used half the proceeds from selling his collection to found a shelter for the homeless in Helena that Ann Miller still runs and where a son David Miller works. He and Ann adopted four children and raised a total of nine. He has 23 grandchildren, and more than 20 great-grandchildren. Silver dollar hoards provided many of the 4 million-plus silver dollars Miller has examined over his decades in the hobby.

It was John Love who gave Miller access to some of the Redfield Hoard, some , Morgan and Peace Dollars that the eccentric businessman and investor had accumulated in the basement of his Reno, Nevada, mansion before he died in Love initially obtained 22 bags, each with about 1, silver dollars, of the hoard, from which Miller said he picked the best 1, coins over two hour days. Miller hates computers and has never sent or received a text or email.

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Change Country. Work from Home. Desks and Workspaces. Future of Work. Archived from the original on November 3, Retrieved October 9, The Denver Post. Retrieved Toronto Star. Retrieved January 29, Chicago Tribune. Milwaukee Business Journal. Retrieved February 2, Molson Coors Blog.

October 30, Retrieved October 12, New York Times. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Archived from the original on Winston-Salem Journal. Molson Coors. October 11, Archived from the original on February 2, Chicago Business. Crain Communication, Inc. We're now the third-largest brewery in the world, and we're now the biggest American-owned brewer.

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