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Arrives by Thu, Apr 28 Buy MAXCases Extreme Shell-S - Notebook shield case - 11" - for Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e (5th Gen) 20LM, 20LN at Best Reviews Guide analyzes and compares all Case For Lenovo Thinkpads of mCover Hard Shell Case for Lenovo ThinkPad E14 inch AMD Gen 2. Compatible Devices Lenovo thinkpad l13 Compatible Phone Models Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga G1 G2 Brand MCover Material Polycarbonate About this item Made of. BAXTER LEATHER It includes a site manager to load the necessary Citrix module and logins as well have covered setting. It runs on Microsoft Latest version reduced to 5 support directory. If set to true, uploads from generated RSA public administration, education and.

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The Windows option is a newer software-based "modern standby" which works on Linux despite the name. One possible benefit to the Windows sleep state is faster wake up time, and one possible drawback is increased power usage. Mark Pearson, a Lenovo employee, recommends using the "Windows" sleep state option as it is better supported on modern Intel processors. Occasionally your Thinkpad will wake up immediately after suspending with certain bluetooth devices added.

To prevent this, remove the devices or disable bluetooth before suspending. Due to a bug in a touchpad firmware, the touchpad might not work with following logs in dmesg :. There are reports of the system freezing after initiating a suspend or hibernate. This temporary fix is somehow disable the microphone, use this at your own risk.

This laptop requires sof-firmware and alsa-ucm-conf in order for the soundcard to work. I have to run it after each restart. On version 5. Some models of this laptop include a second infrared IR webcam originally to be used with Windows Hello which is uncovered by the privacy slider.

The IR emitter can be manipulated using chicony-ir-toggle. An official Lenovo firmware with Linux support is available from fwupd. After installing fwupd, you can update the Synaptics Prometheus driver for the fingerprint sensor:. This isn't really a page on installing any particular flavour of Linux on a Thinkpad X but rather a collection of hacks I've aggregated while making the machine work like I want it to.

I generally run Debian stable on my machines, so some the things may need adaptation for other distributions. In case you came here looking for advice whether to get such a machine: Well, this isn't a review, but I like the fact that the machine runs on something like 4 Watts in indoor lighting and hence it's entirely realistic to do about 20 hours of normal work from a single charge.

I don't like the silly, button-less touch pad, the Win8-style "function key-with-modifier" scheme and the general lack of LEDs. I traditionally compile my own kernels. Call me weird, but I actually like not having to worry about initrds. On the other hand, this requires some research into what drivers are needed for the hardware. To save you time if you're similarly inclined, here's my kernel. Note: Since kernel 5. There's a corresponding but known at Intel, and until they fix it, I'll run the 5.

The way the machine is delivered, when you hit a function key you get some silly special function volume, brightness, toggle camera, etc. I cannot begin to grasp who might come up with crap like this. An annoyance remains, though: Instead of the useful End key you get the useless Insert key with FnLock. You'll have to run udevadm hwdb --update after that. This hack courtesy of Thinkwiki x The single most stupid design flaw of the X is that it doesn't have hardware mouse keys. I have been unable to use the touchpad as a replacement while it was still configured to move the mouse pointer.

In the end, I'm using some configuration that kills all movement from the touchpad use the trackpoint and more or less equally distribute the area between the three mouse buttons. There is additional configuration in case I want to recover pad movement later. Call me conservative, but I like some blinking when the machine is doing something.

There's a beautiful red light below the mute button that'd really like to control, too, and blue operation LED of the camera would be nifty, too though I suspect both might not be available for programmatic control for "security" reasons; sigh. While I was reading docs on the LED subsystem, it occurred to me that something like an "you're about to forget undoing something" indicator would be great for me.

I my case, that's mounting something, in particular some encrypted container, using my little "with" utility , where I should not forget to exit the shells started by it. I figured a blinking power LED might be just the thing I need there without actually keeping the machine from actually suspending when I don't care.

So, I came up with this script that's now called with enter and exit as parameters in with:. Since I happen to adhere to the religion that it's charge-discharge cycles in general and in particular deep charge-discharge cycles that wear out rechargables, I totally ignore the recommendation from Lenovo's docs to completely discharge the battery before recharging it.

Frankly, I think it's utter bullshit. The whole machine can run on something like 3. With my setup, the i driver is loaded as a module and the parameters can be passed in through modprobe. I don't keep this separate but instead in my local modprobe configuration together with several blacklists that may or may not be appropirate for your setup:. First, the machine's ACPI reports it doesn't support it.

But then it started to lock up, too. I'm still experimenting whenever I hit an unstable kernel version. That keeps the box out of PC7 and thus costs about a Watt, but lockups aren't funny. So: To be continued.

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