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Veneto due to its proximity to the quarries finds the footprint of artisanal productions. The beautiful Italian island of Sicily has a deep culture in natural stone. Sicilian city centers and churches are all adorned with locally quarried marble as well as lava stone and limestone. The use of these precious locally sourced stones has enabled Sicilians to achieve the stunning Baroque architecture that characterizes many prominent structures.

The island counts diverse stone production plants each with its own tradition. The main Sicilian centers for natural stone production are Trapani, Ragusa, Catania, and Palermo; each is known for a particular type of stone: Trapani for its beige Perlato di Sicilia marble; Catania its Lava Stone since Mount Etna eruption in the early s; Ragusa for the Limestone and Palermo for its gray Billiemi Marble. There are different kinds of marble that can be classified by its wonderful color options. The countless colors, veining and intricacies offer possibilities to create and reinvent classic or contemporary spaces.

Artemest takes you through a journey to the discovery of precious marbles, granites and natural stones that will enchant you with their spectacular color shades. White Marble. The classic white marble is a fine example of Italian perfection and grandeur. Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario marbles from Tuscany are the popular types of white marble that serve various purposes both for interior and exterior projects. Due to its high Calcium composition, it continues to mature over time, adding more character to the pieces, hence, a perfect choice for sculptures.

Pink Marble. The most widely used pink marble varieties are the Rosa Portogallo and the Rosa Levante. The tones range from very subtle orangish tinge to deep pink, with rare white and grey intrusions. Rosso Alicante is the best variety of red marble f or a strong avant-garde feel, while Rosso Coralito features a softer tone and lighter presence of veins. The Rosso Levante, originally from Murcia is characterized by its three different tones of red and white streaks.

Impeccable use of Rosso Levante marble by Editions Milano is reflected through the one of a kind champagne bottle. A relatively new form of graphite, the lively green appearance creates an atmosphere of rich elegance blended with a sense of serenity and harmony. Verde Guatemala or the Oasis green marble is the commonly used kind of green marble often found in some of the most luxurious bathhouses and luxurious homes.

From furniture to kitchenware, green marble makes decor items look even more pristine. Black Marble. The enchanting black marble makes one stop to observe its magic. With its overwhelming personality, Portoro marble augments the beauty of absolutely any object. Nero Marquina, another kind of black marble makes homes look sleek and chic.

It is deep in its color with white veins acting as delightful accents. Seen in modern interior designs, this material is vastly used in furniture, contemporary chandeliers, niches in the kitchen, and tabletops. Our artisans and designers leverage their expertise to bring out the natural characteristics of this material and produce unique objects capable of characterizing any type of environment.

The white Carrara collection features some modern designs and creations, w hile the brass and Marble collection enjoy this material to in combination with the elegance of brass. Italian Marble. Shop Now. Ships in weeks. Terrazzo Calacatta White Marble-Resin is an agglomerate composed of a mixture of first choice marble fragments. Carrara White Marble Resin is an agglomerate composed of a mixture of first choice marble fragments.

A Italian marble, it was a material used in ancient times in architecture and for sculptures. Striato Olimpico or Striato Olimpo is a marble that originates from Turkey. It has a white background and gray veins. Spider Golden is a marble that originates from Greece.

Its name derives precisely from a structure very similar to a spider web. Sodalite Blue is a granite from Brazil. Blue colored material with black and white veins. Elegant and prestigious. Suitable for interior decoration. A light brown natural stone with dark brown veins. Suitable mainly for interior decoration. It has a red background with white calcite and quartz veins. Rosso Alicante is a stone that comes from Spain. It has a red background and white veins. Mainly suitable for indoor environments including: floors, stairs, wall cladding etc..

It is black in color and with golden veins. Perfect for the floor is wall cladding. A very elegant and refined Italian marble, it can suitable for interior furnishings and well-matched with other white marbles. Gray Stone is a natural stone that comes from Iran. Gray material with white veins that cross. Mainly used for interior decoration. A very elegant and precious Italian marble, it can be used for both private bathroom lining, kitchen tops, floors Panda White is a marble that originates from China.

It has a white color and black shades. An Italian marble, suitable for both outdoor thresholds, quaysides, sidewalks, windowsills, stairs and interior environments bathroom lining, kitchen floor, flooring.. Green Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Pakistan. Durable and very elegant material. Red Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Tanzania. It was used in antiquity for luxury items, and is a precious and elegant stone.

Pink Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Iran. Black Onyx is a natural stone. Blue Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Iran. Adatto per arredamento interno. Orange Onyx or Amber Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Iran. Ivory Onyx or Cappuccino Onyx is a natural stone that comes from Persia. Ombra di Caravaggio is an Italian marble its it is brown in color with orange veins.

Noir Grand Antique is a marble that originates from France. It has a black background with large white veins. Mainly used for indoor environments, including palaces and historical monuments e. Napoleon's tomb. Invisible Grey is a marble that comes from Turkey. White material with gray veins that cross. An Italian marble, its high resistance makes it suitable for both indoor bathroom lining, kitchen floor, flooring.. A unique and elegant Italian marble, suitable for rustic and ancient places, also used in external environments thanks to its high resistance.

Explosion Blue is a blue-colored quartzite with gray and brown shades. Essential Gray is a marble that comes from Turkey. Material of gray color with brown veins that cross. Eramosa is a very precious and elegant from the Canada USA with dark brown background and light brown veins.

Oyster white is a marble that comes from Africa. It has a predominantly white color with light and dark gray shades. Emerald Green is a bright green quartzite with small white and brown shades. An elegant Italian marble suitable for both interior decoration bathroom coating, kitchen floor, flooring.. Cipollino Ondulato Verde is a marble from Italy.

A natural stone of green color crossed by real designs in the shape of waves. Camouflage or Terre di Bolgheri is a marble that is quarried in Italy. It has a light brown to dark brown background with wavy veins. Calcite blu or Calcite Azul is a marble that originates from Brazil. It has the characteristic of being transparent, therefore mainly suitable for backlit indoor environments. A white-violet Italian marble extracted from the Carrara quarries, suitable for interior decoration bathroom lining, kitchen top, flooring..

An elegant Italian marble extracted from Carrara quarries, used mainly in luxury interior decoration and ideal for bathrooms and staircases. Calacatta Macchia Vecchia is a very precious and elegant Italian marble extracted from Carrara's quarries, of white color with gray-gold veins often compared to Calacatta Borghini.

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