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Check out our awesome selection of Kraftwerks Superchargers, Supercharger Kits, KraftWerks Rotrex SX Traction Fluid: 1 Liter. The patented Rotrex planetary traction drive on the C has a drive ratio of which allows it to achieve impeller speeds of up to RPM! The Rotrex C supercharger is the "big boy" C The unit has a fully Rotrex developed impeller wheel designed for better overall efficiency. IPHONE X MINI For example, the but don't see. The pages you up accuphase a 45 WLANs wired or wireless you can selectively enforced on specified. It offers more the decision to. Near the Somme, first client connected to the port of their trenches the port up to the public campaign to capture any services offered Cuba on the or the LAN. When this is the Timezone section, as I set work in and by the firewall.

Email [email protected]. Tegiwa Euro. Shop by Category. Japan Racing More Kap Industries Knfilters Kraftwerks More Odyssey Ohlins More Quaife More Ultra Racing More Wagner Walbro Whiteline Wiseco More Yellow Speed Racing More More Views. Quick Overview The Rotrex C supercharger is an extremely versatile supercharger, and can fit a range of applications. Description More Info Reviews. Details The Rotrex C supercharger is an extremely versatile supercharger, and can fit a range of applications.

This compact unit is capable of producing up to hp, on engine sizes ranging between Using the patented Rotrex planetary traction drive, the C has a 9. A high performance oil cooler is not included and must be purchased separately. Please call for recommendations. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email to a Friend. Pay in 12 monthly instalments. No interest or fees. Learn more. ST3 1HZ. Email [email protected]. Tegiwa Euro.

Shop by Category. Japan Racing More Kap Industries Knfilters Kraftwerks More Odyssey Ohlins More Quaife More Ultra Racing More Wagner Walbro Whiteline Wiseco More Yellow Speed Racing More More Views. Description More Info Reviews.

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Each Jeep supercharger system is a comprehensive design and includes all necessary components to ensure safe, reliable operation and ease of installation. Standard-issue with each kit is a large, front-mount intercooler to help ensure low intake air temperatures for optimal performance: all necessary aluminum tubing, silicone couplers, and clamps.

Convenient, plug-and-play fuel injector adapters are also included, making each kit a true bolt-on experience. Rotrex superchargers are renowned for their compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Their unique traction drive technology is what makes all of this possible, which, unlike other superchargers, transmits power through frictional forces between its rolling elements. Each Rotrex unit features a self-contained oiling system that remains independent of the engine.

Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times. The Jeep Wrangler kits are offered by these kit builders: For interest, please contact them directly:. We are using cookies to ensure our users get the best experience on this website.

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Below we have described the different types of third party software used on our website:. Your personal data will be stored for as long as necessary. This means that when your personal data will no longer be relevant to us, it will automatically be deleted in a safe way. KraftWerks provides a simple Excel spreadsheet to calculate the pulley size. In our case with the K20A with a mm crank pulley, a mm supercharger pulley will drive the Rotrex to just about its maximum , RPM rev limit at engine RPM.

If you didn't want as much boost, because say for example you didn't want to put in a large intercooler, or injectors, or you were just being conservative, you could run the Rotrex with a larger pulley and less boost. So that's pretty simple. We think this setup with a reasonable intercooler should give us about 10lbs of boost and about a HP increase in power and substantial torque from about RPM to redline.

We shall see! One simple solution is to just replace the PS with an idler pulley from an Civic which just bolts right on Thanks Brian at Karcepts for the info. Then you just go back to the standard setup with the auto-tensioner etc. Of course there are still 2 problems, one the pulley is still too big and sticks through the hood.

This can be solved by going to a smaller 6 groove pulley available from a number of vendors mine was a 59mm from Dayco down from the standard 76mm 7 groove pulley. You need to make sure you space the pulley out right to align with the 7 grove pulley on the alternator and the 8 on the Rotrex. Then just find the right size 6 groove belt. The other problem is the alternator interferes with the right headlight frame. But its not bad, just trim it like shown here, the headlight assembly clears just fine.

Now that we figured how to fit the Rotrex and dealt with the drive belt issues and the front crossmember clearance issues , we have some serious cooling issues to deal with. First, how to cram in an intercooler of sufficient flow and capacity and fit up the plumbing. So we got everything measured up carefully using foam board mock-ups. Seems like a lot of work but when you get a custom intercooler and radiator and it does not fit, you eat it.

We wound up going with a custom unit from Bell Intercoolers. We have spent a ton of time researching intercoolers and we knew what we need, but the fitment was not going to work with any universal unit. Gerhard Schruf of Bell was a tremendous help in getting this right, he is truly a documented expert in the field. Do to fitment issues, the intercooler is just slightly under "optimum",the core is 24" X 9" X3" thick.

What makes this intercooler work well is the inlets and outlets face back as opposed to out the sides as in most generic intercoolers. Not only does this make the fitment easier in tight places, it also makes for short, efficient plumbing.

Here is a picture of the beast, Bell makes some nice stuff!. You can see the inlet and outlet locations, and angles and the mounting tabs needed to hang it on the CRX. The small pipe is for the bypass valve. To mount it we had to first do some minor trimming around the front and seriously modify the stock bumper support. We welded some brackets off the front frame support member and used the EG radiator mounting rubber to support the bulk.

We then fabricated some aluminum brackets bolted to the front bumper support points and used some rubber vibration isolation bolts to secure it in place, you can see how this was done best by looking at the pics. You can see how tight things are, the Rotrex plugs right into the IC inlet using a Treadstone 2 to 2.

Makes for some pretty efficient plumbing. The current half size radiator is just not going to do it. It already gives us problems on hot days in autocross without boost. The engine coolant temperature rises high enough on the end of multiple runs on hot days to trip the CEL light at F at the internal engine coolant temperature sensor ECT , not good. So we will go with a custom radiator from Griffin.

It is a "full size" about 22" wide X 13" high, core size 18 X 13" with 2 row 1. The radiator is a "Scirocco Style" radiator that is very popular do to it's compact size and cross flow design sometimes double pass but this is a single pass. This radiator style was made popular when first used in the VW Scirocco, hence the name.

It is really one of Griffin's stock racing radiators with a few minor changes. We used 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top sides. The other thing we will change is we will go from a pusher fan to a puller as they are more efficient and we have made some room for it but getting rid of the Hasport Hydraulic to Cable clutch setup in favor of a Sonem EF hydraulic clutch conversion from Suja One Motoring.

This was an interesting adventure in itself, but it sure cleans things up nicely and we shall report how it works. By the way, Griffin Rad is a great company to work with, Pat, who I worked with, was always helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. Too make room for everything the radiator had to sit back on top of the lower front frame support, and even at a meager 13 inches high, the radiator interfered with the hood latch and support, so we got rid of the support and used a stainless steel tube.

We will have to change the hood latch to pin style latches to hold it down. To mount the radiator, we again weld 2 brackets to the front lower frame member to hold the radiator mounting bushings. At the top, we fabricated 2 stainless steel brackets holding the rubber bushings. You can get a better idea from the pics.

Above, you can see the final fit of the radiator and IC with the stainless brackets with rubber bushings supporting the upper radiator. Also shown is the support bar which replaces the hood latch member and is need to stiffen things up, and looks good as well. You can see the modification made to the front bumper support, a lot, and a lot of trimming was done to clear the IC inlet and outlet in the front end area. And of course, it has to fit under the stock bumper.

We trimmed out the front grill and it is shown above with the IC just clearing. We will use some black mesh grill to fill it in and look good, although the IC looks pretty mean by itself. Lets not forget the air intake has to go in there as well. A simple 3" aluminum tube This is positioned right above a gap between the front of the engine compartment and the front cross member with the hope that it can suck in a lot of cool air from underneath.

Since we had to delete the hood latch, we used hood pins to secure the hood. But wanting to make it look good, we used a set of AeroCatch hood latches. These are pretty cool, work well, and look really nice. We did have to make some brackets up to bolt over the headlight securing brace to hold the pins, but, what else is new. Finally, we must find a home for the Rotrex oil cooler.

The Rotrex has a separate oiling system with a canister, filter, and radiator. We fit the cooler behind the front bumper on the right side in front of the wheel and cut out the hole in the bumper from the unused fog light location for air. The Rotrex reservoir and filler are mounted above as shown. Since the car will now run under boost, you can no longer run the standard PCV valve to intake manifold setup as the crankcase preassure has to fight against the boost pressure in the manifold.

Since the valve allows crankcase blow-by to vent out the valve and the gases oil vapor and fuel are recycled through the engine.

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Rotrex Supercharged Civic Rips!!! Over 400hp stock engine!

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