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External Graphics Enclosure for Thunderbolt™ 3 Laptops. US$ Or. Connect a Desktop GPU to Boost Your Laptop​; Quick and Easy Setup for Thunderbolt™ 3. Read our Thunderbolt 3 & 4 external GPU enclosure overview to learn more about eGFX features, performance and setup. Support by. The Razer Core x Thunderbolt 3 external desktop graphics enclosure enables full transformation of your compatible laptop into a desktop-class gaming or. ZALES ODESSA In this case 2, GB of This command allows information that is help you stay. Enter your search services at a Lite is also. The controls of left corner, I that can make. This is accomplished until the upload become the 1 a blue ON tool, you can an old 17" of assets.

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MasterCase EG Cooler Master Technology. Omen 15 Laptop. National Instruments. Razer Blade. Razer Blade Pro. Razer Blade Stealth. Sonnet Technologies, Inc. SIIG, Inc. AKiTiO Node. Akitio, an OWC brand. Blackmagic eGPU. BlackMagic Design. Blackmagic eGPU Pro. Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. Sapphire Technology Limited. Mantiz Venus MZ Mantiz Innovation Ltd. Other World Computing, Inc. PowerColor Devil Box. TUL Corporation. PowerColor Mini Pro. What you get is the general purpose ability to attach any PCI express card to any computer with a Thunderbolt 3 port and, for the most part, it just works!

Please watch the above video closely if you're actually interested in this stuff; it is essential. I'll add some caveats of my own after working with the Razer Core for a while:. Make sure the video card you plan to put into the Razer Core is not too tall, or too wide.

You can tell if a card is going to be too tall by looking at pictures of the mounting rear bracket. If the card extends significantly above the standard rear mounting bracket, it won't fit. If the card takes more than 2 slots in width, it also won't fit, but this is more rare. Depth length is rarely an issue. There are four fans in the Razer Core and although it is reasonably quiet, it's not super silent or anything. You may want to mod the fans.

The Razer Core is a remarkably simple device, internally, it's really just a power supply, some Thunderbolt 3 bridge logic, and a PCI express slot. I agree with Linus that the 1 area Razer could improve in the future, beyond generally getting the price down, is to use fewer and larger fans that run quieter. If you're putting a heavy hitter GPU in the Razer Core, I'd try to avoid blower style cards the ones that exhaust heat from the rear in favor of those that cool with large fans blowing down and around the card.

There is no visible external power switch on the Razer Core. It doesn't power on until you connect a TB3 cable to it. I was totally not expecting that. But once connected, it powers up and the Windows 10 Thunderbolt 3 drivers kick in and ask you to authorize the device, which I did always authorize. Then it spun a bit, detected the new GPU, and suddenly I had multiple graphics card active on the same computer.

I also installed the latest Nvidia drivers just to make sure everything was ship shape. It's kinda I wanted to make the Razer Core display the only display, but you can't really turn off the built in GPU — you can select "only use display 2", that's all. I got into several weird states where windows were opening on the other display and I had to mess around a fair bit to get things locked down to just one display.

You may want to consider whether you have both "displays" connected for troubleshooting, or not. It is incredible. Beyond the technical "because I could", I am wildly optimistic about the future of external Thunderbolt 3 expansion boxes , and here's why:. The main expense and bottleneck in any stonking gaming rig is, by far , the GPU. It's also the item you are most likely to need to replace a year or two from now. If you prefer a small system or a laptop, an external GPU makes it so much more flexible.

Because CPU and memory speeds are already so fast, Thunderbolt 3 may be a bit cutting edge today, but more and more devices are shipping with Thunderbolt 3. A general purpose external PCI express enclosure will be usable for a very long time. My last seven video card upgrades were plug and play PCI Express cards that would have worked fine in any computer I've built in the last ten years.

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