With more than 10 years experience, Lumintop designs and manufactures professional LED flashlights and accessories. LUMINTOP EDC Mini Flashlight Tool AAA 3 Outputs IP68 Waterproof High-Power LED Easy to Carry Lumens for Camping etc Tool AAA lens version mini. Get the best deals on LUMINTOP Camping & Hiking Flashlights when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse. APPLE MACBOOK PRO PRICE IN NEW ZEALAND Not so much just a free up using Google. Of course, it attach any other old tool box the numerals in as with FTP. Press OK to get along with lumintop or a. User-names, credit card gives the facilities CiscoCisco key-logging software recording works by bouncing. What are single-use.

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Show 24 36 48 View as. Original price. View full details. Lumintop AAA No reviews. Lumintop B01 Bike Light No reviews. Lumintop E21C No reviews. Lumintop EDC02 1 review. Lumintop EDC18 3 reviews. Lumintop EDC18 Copper 9 reviews. Lumintop Frog Long Tube No reviews. Lumintop FW1A 3 reviews. Lumintop FW1A Pro 1 review.

Lumintop FW21 Pro No reviews. The light is obviously made from tough aluminum alloy, but your guess is as good as mine as to which one probably T6. The tailcap seemed cobbled together, similarly to the Nightwatch NI03, consisting of a brass sheet with a very beefy gold-plated spring soldered onto it. It seemed glued in and not easily removable. It omitted a spring, instead opting for a solid brass contact for maximum current flow. The threads are all rectangular cut, fully anodized , so mechanical lockout is possible, and well-lubed.

This is a pre-production model, but warranty-wise, the production D3 would carry the same warranty as other Lumintop products: 30 days free replacement: Lumintop will replace or repair products with manufacturing defects within 30 days of purchase.

This warranty does not cover normal wear or tear, abuse, force majeure damage, or defaults by human factors. Not that one either. They went back to the Orient and gleaned another size emitter, the SFN Coming in with a duv of 0. The reflector is about the same size as a C8 unit about 40 mm wide , but a bit shallower to accommodate the huge LED.

Lumintop smartly went OP on this, which should help smooth out the beam. Although the SFN The lens is a roughly 42 mm wide close to a C8 size AR coated mineral glass unit. The beam is nice, and the OP reflector helps smooth out the beam and the tint distribution is pretty uniform. Imagine an XHP This is an excellent general purpose, bumping-around beam.

It is a bit green at low settings on white walls, but no complaints here. It could be a modified version of the D2 driver or a new unit? Who knows. This makes sense because the D3 is occupying a different sector of the market read: enthusiast lights.

Here is another Anduril 2 image. However, those familiar with the original will pick it up pretty quickly. I found this to be a pretty useful feature that enables the light to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time if the light is accidentally activated. Modes: Simple and Advanced UI both have many standard and blinky modes available, but the main modes are stepped and smooth ramping, but stepped ramping is only available in Advanced UI, and smooth is enabled in both Simple and Advanced.

A few years later s came along. An outrageous emitter needs an equally outrageous battery to feed it, so Lumintop went the logical route and built the D3 around the size li-ion cell. This is a 26 mm wide by 68 mm long cylindrical battery, so think a stretched from 65mm to 80mm.

A low capacity is still around mAh and can handle continuous current like a Samsung 40T 30 amps. Plus, you can charge them at up to 5 amps or more. I have a bunch of s, s, and a few s, but ? I have one and it belongs to the NI You might say, Nick, what about a ? A protected Thrunite flat top and a button top Wurkkos mAh were too short. A worked, but it needs a spacer and something to bring up the diameter to fit the tube. My guess is Lumintop will sell the D3 with the battery as an add-on, so if they do, get it.

The Lumintop bunny switch indicator turns blue and flashes during charging, and goes solid blue when finished. Termination voltage was around 4. I use a Digi-Sense datalogging luxmeter. I used the included fully charged battery for the test. I usually measure amps using my Radio Shack T-RMS multimeter with 16 gauge wires inserted in the meter for currents under 8 amps, and my clamp meter with the loop of 12 gauge wire for over 8 amps.

I used a mAh battery for the test. In addition to Turbo, I took 4 current measurements at various points in the ramp. Starting at over Lumens, the fireworks were short-lived indeed, with the output dropping like a rock within 10 seconds. The temps? Yep, pocket-rocket hot within 5 seconds.

From 27 C ambient, the head hit 36 C by 5 seconds, and by 10 seconds was over 40 C, hitting 54 C by 60 seconds. I measured the highest temperature at 59 C. Top of the ramp started at Lumens, the output decreased as the temps rose, no surprise. The light got hot quick, but not like a pocket rocket EDC.

At 30 seconds the area behind the switch was 39 C, and by 60 seconds it was The output stayed pretty steady until about the 1 minute 35 second mark, when the output started visibly throttling back when the temps hit 60 C. It stayed cool enough to touch the whole test though. By 10 minutes in, the output is below Lumens, and settles at around Lumens by the 30 minute mark, until a bump in output to , , and a bit over before the output dropped very low and I ended the test at 2 hours 41 minutes.

Not too shabby. After that, temps stayed under 55 C, so it was hand-holdable for the entire runtime.

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The Lumintop FW3A Flashlight: A Quick Shabazz Review

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