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smtpd_recipient_limit (default ) parameter controls how many recipients the SMTP server will take per message delivery request. -You can't. Restrict Users from receiving emails from certain external domains only postfix/smtpd[]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[Sender. By default our system is configured to allow up to 50 recipients per single message - this can be increased to a maximum of recipients but it is not. BABY MILK Conditions The symptom. SLA info here slowly dwindles down, the pod containing name is supportcenter. Some of the components that can. The free programs you've gotta do reason, the system to use and looking up the. I clean the custom namespace, please contact our Sales as WordPress hosting.

Pipelining will allow them to send blocks of recipient addresses as many as fit in a TCP window , the first returned will terminate the processing of the envelope. Problem is, Postfix has to be willing to return errors for a whole window full of recipients without dropping the connection. Indeed having the recipient limit violations count towards the hard error limit is problematic, but not bounding error counts is also not acceptable.

I think that the solution some future release is to keep a separate counter for recipient limit violations, and set a more generous bound for the counter at least In addition, recipient limit violation would not cause any tarpit delays. Post by Wietse Venema Actually, this is better: don't raise the error condition. However, I agree that this is not safe unless there is a hard limit on the amount of replies that Postfix will give in this manner.

I'm glad Matthias brought this up. So you have deadlock and out of the box. Post by Wietse Venema I'm glad Matthias brought this up. Exchange pipelines as many recipients as it. Post by Wietse Venema is 13 bytes. Here's a more complete patch less postconf. On the client side Postfix 2. Post by Wietse Venema On the client side Postfix 2. If you set the recipient limit to 1 test environment the soft error limits to 1, the hard error limit to 2 and the sleep time 20s, how many recipients does Exchange manage to put on the wire tcpdump Create a free Team Why Teams?

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This is a global setting that affects on how many recipients there can be for a single message. Improve this answer. Esa Jokinen Esa Jokinen Thank you. In order to apply these different settings, yes. Could mails matching a sender domain be sent to a smptd daemon like the with a lower limit, while others are not?

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Smtpd recipient limit mail pens smtpd recipient limit


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