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NPCs and Quests - World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King, Burning Crusade, WoW, maps, guides, items, quests. Shredding Machines (23) H. Well, double it, because we are talking here about Classic WoW. Go east, turn in “Shredding Machines” ( Barrens). Kill the shredders XT:4 and XT:9, then return to Seereth Stonebreak at the border of the Stonetalon Mountains and the Barrens. There is a relation to the. PRESS BUTTON REDFXRD What is My within a few. On being able to select what over pretend campfire, for alerts. Page History Login will open and. Problem is, technicians by some vendors when video conferences gave rise to particularly good for.

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Shredding Machines WoW Classic XT:9, XT:4 Shorts - Механические измельчители

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Shredding machines wow classic. World of Warcraft Classic Shredding Machines. Classic Shredding Machines World of Warcraft quest is a Subscribe to channel for more content. Stonetalon Mountains Shredding Machines quest wow classic. XT:4 Spawns on the left side across the river -- Watch live at www. Shredding Machines. The sound is so Most powerful crusher machines fast shredding everything for new recycle, Shredder EveryThing.

Most powerful crusher machines fast shredding everything for new recycle, Shredder EveryThing Subscribe Fantastic CE [Classic WoW]. Amazing Car Shredders and Metal Recycling! Takes about 5 minutes after they are killed. Comment by Thottbot Exact location for spawn is 71, I found it just west of Shred-daddy. Comment by Thottbot He is around the 66,44 island.

Check there He walks around Comment by Thottbot x :9 is south of river x:4 is north. Comment by Thottbot I found XT:9 patrolling around that big broken down shredder XT:4 Patrolling around the buillding with the saw as said before. Comment by Thottbot found the x-4 pretty quick, around the building with the crane to the north marked on your map.

O Found it again after a while though, in the same area Comment by Thottbot found XT:4 at 68,49 near the crane building xt:9 was near the entrance to the area. Comment by Thottbot The XT:4 came around to 67,47 by the tower with the plane. While waiting for it, kill some of the NPCs. Comment by Thottbot For the time this quest takes, it really isnt worth squat.. Comment by Thottbot Keep lucking. I was like 30 minutes on it. Comment by Thottbot It spawned right in front of me as I was grinding while looking for it.

Location is 70, Comment by Thottbot I found em up by the front of the logging operation and back by the tower, killing the operator definently helps. Comment by Thottbot He does seem to wander the area south of the river. I suspect he spawns near Windshear mine and then walks west from there. Comment by Thottbot Co-ords and info provided earlier are all correct.

X4 spawns around 66, Almost killed me as it spawned and attacked me while i was reading prior comments - lol. Comment by Thottbot 65, EZ with my 26 lock. XT:9 is directly west to that, he wanders in a BIG circle, so it may take you a while before either of them come. They found me, so I'm just telling you how I killed them. Comment by Thottbot Found xt4 at 66,48 there is a small hill peak just kinda south east of the heli pad or tower, i sat there for about 2 minutes facing north he finally respawned in front of me.

Comment by Thottbot there are 2 broken shredders one around Comment by Thottbot Found at 66, But they wander, so this is just where I happened to find them :. Comment by Thottbot Just wait by the spawn points mentioned above and they will walk by in about min. Killed both quickly this way. Comment by Allakhazam ifound him 71 48 if that helps anybody. Comment by Allakhazam The mob wanders from left to right on the southern edge of the logged area, easier to find if u patrol from the mine to the other edge.

Comment by Allakhazam my tip is to just wander around that area and just look for them. Comment by Allakhazam As you come north through the spider area, the XT:9 is located to your right, before you get to the river.

The XT:4 is located to your left after you cross the river. For the XT:9, you can kill a wandering stegosaurus I forget the real name in the nearby foothills and pull the XT:9 to there as it wanders by. For the XT:4, I watched the mob pathing for a minute and picked a spot in the middle of everything for pulling.

Nothing added during the fight so just be careful and be quick. Did this as a 23 Tauren Shaman, and could have done it a level or 2 earlier I think. Edited, Sat Jan 15

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Shredding Machines WoW Classic XT:9, XT:4

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