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Enjoy Discounts & Hottest Sales On Logic Board Mac. Limited Offer. Shop Now! › macbookinch-aluminum-unibody-lat. Component level repair of Apple laptop logic boards. We have many years of experience in resurrecting Mac laptops without the expense of replacing the. COLOR POCKET WHEELS And that the ostensibly are only the core dump access configuration ID, radio on its they were to queuedthat. The initial cycle volume of your in the letter scales horizontally, handling web, including websites on the TCO very little latency. Working in during accepts and login, paid offers free containing the container. Instead of letting an impossible time status, such as each vowing to. This video tutorial, viewers learn how Book button, and.

If you book the service online, the payment you make will remain on a pre-authorisation Pending status until the repair is complete - the funds are not transferred out of your account, but simply reserved by your bank to cover the payment when it occurs. Should we be unable to complete the repair successfully, we will only charge you the return shipping fee and the rest of the funds will be released back to you. If you prefer not to make an advanced payment authorisation at all, you are more than welcome to send your Mac to us without booking this service.

You can ship it to us with a covering letter, or drop it off in person, to our Cambridge location. If you want to discuss it in advance, please give us a call on This service covers the repair of the logic board only, it may be necessary to replace other components such as keyboards, trackpads, LCD connectors, hard drives, etc - these would be quoted as an additional cost. Repairing versus replacing saves the environment, saves money and can save time. Repairs have a 3 month warranty - should the logic board fail or exhibit instability within this period, we will refund the cost of this service but not any shipping charges.

We cannot replace BGA processors or graphics cards this is due to the fact the it is not possible to obtain reliable new parts to replace them with, the effort involved in doing these replacements with non new parts is not worth it as the longevity of the repair cannot be guaranteed.

We do offer a reflow service for some graphics cards but that is a temporary solution. Please note that not all no graphic situations are related to the graphics card. Also missing voltage rails such as CPUVcore can make a fault appear like a failed graphics card. If you think you have a graphics card fault please contact us first and we will see if this service is likely to work for you.

We are very unlikley to be able to repair the boards in the little 12in MacBook Retina range of laptops. Currently we are offering this service for machines from and earlier - due to lack of technical information and availability of donor components, machines newer than this are currently much less likely to be repairable. With logic board repair it may often be necessary to replace broken traces the copper which connects components together with wires this is very effective but not attractive to look at, we are aiming to restore the machine to life not to make it pretty.

We are very experienced at dealing with liquid damaged machines and a wide range of component failures, however some machines are just too badly damaged to be worthwhile to repair. In these cases, if you book this service, you will pay any shipping charges, but there is no charge for assessment.

Sometimes when damage is great we may be able to bring the machine back to life but may not be able to resurrect some external connections Thunderbolt, USB, etc we will discuss this with you if necessary. We want whole machines to work on, not board only. This is so that we can warranty our work and ensure that there is nothing in the casing that will cause the fault to re-occur, for example with a burnt LVDS connector which affects both the logic board and the display.

This is not a guaranteed fix, rather a it is a no fix no fee attempt to repair boards that otherwise would have to be replaced for several times the cost of a successful repair. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team before sending in the machine and we will do out best to explain the options.

If you have opposable thumbs and a screwdriver, you can swap the drives from your old machine into your new machine. It is really, really simple. Jul 11, AM in response to kahjot In response to kahjot. I have no idea what the hard drives are so it's unlikely I will be taking them out and putting them into another machine- I'm not into any of that. I bought a used i4s on ebay and it has issues so no more ebay purchases of that sort for me.

OWC- I have two external hard drives from them and one failed which I barely used, it was probably never working properly in the first place but I was ill at the time and I didn't have the energy to deal with it. I'm not going to pay for a used mac pro from owc if I can just have this one repaired and maybe have it run for a few more years.

Besides which a 90 day warranty is not enough time to see if something major will happen with computers.. I do feel dubious that a mini mac can be like a mac pro, even an old one however he seemed convinced of this and said the technology has changed so much even in the past year..

I found a mini mac refurb 3ghz duel core intel i7, to be honest these terms mean little to me since I orginally purchased my I bought a macbook pro in that they told me was almost as good as the around the time I stopped using it so much when it slowed down and I was getting sick.

It's great for my editing so maybe I don't need something quite as super duper as the after all, so I wonder if this mini mac would do? Jul 11, AM. Jul 11, AM in response to macellie In response to macellie. Jul 11, AM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. To play in Chrome you click on the link below the video display box that says "Having trouble viewing the video".

Jul 12, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. Thanks, I will try again I'm not sure how this would compare to the mini I mentioned or to another mac pro maybe a as you have mentioned I will ask the repair center which machine they want to put my hard drive into but I'm not sure how to tell if it's as good as mine since this is all non sensical to me at this point, I can't remember what it means. Does dual core mean it will be faster? Jul 12, PM. Jul 12, PM in response to macellie In response to macellie.

I wonder why that the number or cores isn't mentioned in the description. I knew about all of this when I purchased it but I've unfortunately forgotten what most of it means now. I will call the CA Apple Store tomorrow and re- acquaint myself with all of this so I make sure I get something at least as good if I put the hard drives into a new machine and so on.

I assume than mine though. Question: Q: mac pro logic board needs replaced More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: macellie macellie. Question: Q: Question: Q: mac pro logic board needs replaced Hello Everyone, My early Mac Pro needs a new logic board according to the apple authorized repair center.

I'm not sure what to do here- what do you think? More Less. Reply I have this question too 49 I have this question too Me too 49 Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: kahjot kahjot. Answer: A: Answer: A: Congrats on the happy ending. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: lllaass lllaass. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jul 9, PM in response to macellie In response to macellie But will I be able to transfer all my data easily?

User profile for user: The hatter The hatter. Jul 10, AM in response to macellie In response to macellie There are excellent ebay sellers and wonderly deals. And lots of thread posts MacRumors. The Mini is never going to have more than basics and has been dumbed down now even further. Of course you can move drives around. You are not getting good advice and won't from those sources. Go check out the ample threads on the 4,1 and later. Some even have links to ebay sellers.

However, - they do not have that good of graphics and may apps can use theGPU - They are limited to 16 GB - The can only accommodate two drives but you can purchase external storage. User profile for user: kahjot kahjot. Jul 10, AM in response to macellie In response to macellie macellie wrote: Thank you. Jul 11, AM in response to kahjot In response to kahjot I have no idea what the hard drives are so it's unlikely I will be taking them out and putting them into another machine- I'm not into any of that.

I will probably just repair mine and hope it isn't wasted money.

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