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Pastel goth is sometimes confused with the (very similar) style of soft grunge, and refers to a style that mixes the hard edges of gothic. Ethical & Sustainable Alternative Online store specialize in Pastel Goth, Kawaii Goth, Creepy Cute and Nu Goth fashion, accessories and items in OFFER. How to Be Pastel Goth: Image found: you want to dress pastel goth? Well this is the right place gurl. ;D If you don't. DIAMOND MONOGRAM NECKLACE PENDANT JakeBar This person or chat with. If it doesn Filters Revert and. The Attributes list for the Internal appliances and wish.

If you want more ideas just look up pastel goth. Now let's move onto the hair part. Most pastel goth girls have exactly pastel hair It can be any color honestly and you can dye it or Yes wigs, it's perfect for not damaging your hair. This as well should be easy. You can go to thrift stories and DIY your clothings!

Down below will be some helpful links for those who wish to make there own. But other than that, there are also other sites you can buy pastel goth clothing. Of course you can also buy a lot of things from Hot topic as well. You can also look up the fashion your self to see what else you can keep your eyes out for. Here are some helpful links to how to do your makeup. You can also look up goth make up inspiration. This fashion is not only for girls!

Question 1 year ago. Hi I have a question I LOVE pastel goth and other j fashion but I'm wondering if I have to be goth to dreas pastel goth at current time I live under my parents roof and I'm not shure if they would aceppt me as a goth plus I dont know what religion I believe in yet so im not shure what to do or wear to ask rather than here.

Answer 1 year ago. Introduction: How to Be Pastel Goth. By HeavenBlueRose Follow. More by the author:. About: I do alot of arts and crafts, when theirs something i really want to make and i can't do it, it bothers me till i make it. More About HeavenBlueRose ». I made sure you understood what goth really is, so no worries. However, most of the style participants abstain from political and religious statements.

It is reminiscent of the neon-haired community from Scene, Emo and Screamo fever that Myspace once had. Does anyone still use MySpace?? Sometimes these are called Kawaii Fashion or Cute Fashion. Let's take a look at some of the essentials that make somebody a pastel goth;.

If you have darker hair color, bleaching is required before having your locks dyed pastel colors. Get creative with your hair color! Choose colors like light pink, mint green, baby blue, and lavender are favorites, though others prefer platinum blondes that turn out to be really white. Some go for royal blues and darker purples and they also rock. With time and patience, ombre and mermaid inspired color fades can really make a statement.

Pastel goth girls have different approaches to their makeup look. Some prefer heavily lined unibrows, thick eyeliners, and thick false eyelashes. Some match their eyeshadow with their hair color. A few even pair their eyebrows with their eyeshadow colors. The one mainstay of goths remains; the complexion should be as pale as possible. Lips are normally dark in shades of oxblood, crimson, purple, pinks, dark plums and the most famous of all: matte black.

Goth clothes with inverted cross, sweaters or shirts with large cryptic, bleeding fonts or spooky quotes. Corsets in dark and baby pinks and purples are an excellent nod to their classic Goth roots. Tops can be paired with short skirts, jeans, or leather pants.

Skull leggings or pre-torn stockings are a must. Imagine Gothic Lolita with touches of pastel and punk. Platform shoes , creepers , chucks, and boots like Doc Martens. Some were embellished with spikes, some were in dark colors, others prefer pastels. To emphasize their pastel crowning glory, they love hair accessories. Black snapbacks, bonnets or spiky headbands for a gothic vibe or flower headbands for a cutesy feel.

Try mixing both spikes and flowers in one headband.

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Indie Outfits. Boogzel Apparel. In this style, a flower crown and a gothic hairband would work perfectly well together. Contrast is everything when it comes to this aesthetic - horns and hearts, flowers and spikes, dark and light pastel. Wearing large buttons as hairpins, interweaving spikes or studs right into a braid, or even using hair glitter to emphasize the mystical and ethereal vibe are all examples of mixing in some artistic accents and ideas of another totally unrelated aesthetic to this one.

Avoid randomness of hair accessories. They should always complement the whole look. If you are aiming for mystic vibes then you can use witchy stuff and turn down candy clips. Try using spikes with flower adornments.

Here are some more unusual hairclip ideas: an eyeball with a bow, cute black creatures or bloody fangs, cat ears or bones. The main idea here is to twist cute kawaii vibe around the dark goth core. Try to find a concept that goes with you and experiment with it. Interweaving ombre braiding to fulfill your style would come as an awesome idea.

First of all, it may help with adding new colors to your Pastel Goth palette. Secondary, the Braids themselves may help you reach the look you are aiming for. You can use special hair pastels or an overhead hair strands. Same as with the colors, be smart and use them in your advance.

This is the part where things are getting hotter and you can unleash the full potential of your look. Unicorn rainbow or extremely pale witchy eyeshadows — these elements can be noticed in almost every Pastel Goth aesthetic look.

Together with a tuneful mix of dark and light black and pastel — heavy dark eyeliner would go gorgeously with light pastel-painted lips and cheek blush. The full black eye and lip make-up would also pair beautifully with colorful bright eye lenses. Matching eyebrows color with the color or colors of your hair and matching eyeshadows as well can up your make-up game to the highest point.

Everything depends on your concept. Pastel Goth accessories are all about the accent and where do you want to place it. All kinds of different colorful eyewear, face stickers and chained necklaces would all play to this aesthetic benefit. Ritual necklaces, piercing, ouija earrings or this colorful jelly candy bear necklace bracelet may become a hot point of a whole look concept.

Temporary tattoos may work amazingly well with your makeup and guide your look in a completely different way. Various headdresses can also be an important part of the Pastel Goth look. A black formal hat with a cute light print on an inner rim of it can complete your outfit as well as be the starting point of an outfit creating inspiration.

Pastel Goth clothing can come in various different shapes and forms, sizes and vibes. You can, for example, merge two independent or self-contained styles or incorporate features of one into the other. Corsets in a dark or pastel pink and purple would be a beautiful homage to Goth's aesthetic origins. Furthermore, adding a cute aspect to conventionally recognized Goth style accessories like a spiky belt or choker, such as pink symbols or pastel coloured design, or even a full flower print on a Pastel Goth top, is a daring but extremely fitting move.

If you're struggling with inspiration, consider the Gothic Lolita aesthetic, with lovely pastel accents, or an eGirl style wearing chunky boots, a spiky necklace, and dark colors. A colourful pin or patch can brighten up a black crop top with lace or a grid. When paired with a dark print, a chained garter, or a chest harness or bandage, a delicate crop top or cardigan would glisten with new colors. Also, adding anything mesh to the look will only enhance the sexiness of it.

Here are some great examples of how to achieve the desired effect. A nicely working combination can consist of a pastel mini skirt, black tights, a black oversized sweatshirt with a funny or spooky pattern, heavy shoes, and some sort of a cute backpack. A winning combo is a soft-colored or even knit sweater with colorful print paired with ripped tights, a black choker with big spikes, and platformed combat boots. Looks containing garnets and harnesses would work so nicely with creepers, and also any platform boots, creepers or sneakers.

Because of the balance between edgy and cute, Pastel Goth miniskirts, chokers, and leather boots bring out the hotter aspect of any ensemble, especially in Pastel Goth fashion. A mixture of different aesthetics like Kawaii, Lolita, Punk, Goth and Emo may be found in a good collection of accessories.

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