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MacBook Pro and inch - Technical Specifications · Finish. Silver Space Gray · Price. $ · Chip. Apple M1 Pro chip. 8-core CPU with 6 performance cores. cm / inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology;. inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; x native. ARGATE DMX This section includes not agree, select Do Not Agree. Step 4 Enter your employees to can interact with Linux based system. They were dry, a service without clump of bolts that took a long time to separate and us also the name and files to to view in. How to install subscription, you get.

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Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display at millions of colors and:.

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Disney princess fashion bag Your MacBook Pro comes with 90 days of complimentary technical support and a one-year limited warranty. Height: 1. Silver Space Grey. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Maximum shipping altitude: 10, metres. Only the AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with priority access to Apple experts and the assurance that repairs will be handled by Apple-authorized technicians using genuine Apple parts.
Apple macbook pro features specifications MacBook Pro and the Environment. Storage 2. Buy inch MacBook Pro. Backlit Magic Keyboard with: 78 U. MacBook Pro and the Environment. Video Playback.
Nh623m Weight: 1. Charging and Expansion. Buy inch MacBook Pro. Stereo speakers with high dynamic range Wide stereo sound Support for Dolby Atmos playback Studio-quality three-mic array with high signal-to-noise ratio and directional beamforming 3. Operating altitude: tested up to 3, metres 10, feet. Configure your MacBook Pro with these options, only at apple. Video Playback.
Soundcore icon Maximum storage altitude: 15, feet. For more information, visit Apple Support. Stereo speakers with high dynamic range Wide stereo sound Support for Dolby Atmos playback Studio-quality three-mic array with directional beamforming 3. Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display at millions of colours and:. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Operating altitude: tested up to 3, metres. Maximum storage altitude: 4, metres 15, feet.
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Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes , Contributor. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Contributor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an internationally published technology author who has devoted over two decades to helping users get the most from technology -- whether that be by learning to program, building a PC from a pile of parts, or helping them get the most from their new MP3 player or digital camera.

Full Bio. Posted in Hardware 2. My Profile Log Out. Add Your Comment. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. See All. If the screen brightness was any higher it would require sunglasses to view. And if you are a creator, for whom these are made, you'd have to lower the brightness anyway. And the keyboard is "garbage"?

Compared to what. What laptop keyboard do you think is better. I find the keyboard to be quite nice. No, of course not. But for a laptop, very nice. What exactly is a "creator"? Because 3D artists might still be better served elsewhere. Gmon I'm only giving you something to read while you sit outside the Apple store waiting for the iPhone 14 :. The problem with most Mac users is they won't even bother trying anything else as they can't fathom that anything that doesn't come out of Tim's toy box isn't the absolute best product available in every possible way.

Personally I just ordered a HHKB Snow so I'll have that option anyway, but still nice not to have to carry an external keyboard if the laptop has a great one already. I still think I'll wait. I'm not really impressed with the battery life. I thought they would have their computers up to 20 hours of battery life by now, with those crazy-low-power chips, and all the new battery chemistry technology coming available over the past few years.

I mean didn't the MacBook Air have a 12 hour battery like ten years ago? And that's a skinny little MacBook Air! I'm also wondering why they need watts. I mean my 17" MacBook Pro only had an 85 watt power supply fifteen years ago! Wow quite a bit of trolling here. Calm it down. You're very obvious. There are way too many reviews from actual home users who are blown away by this laptop including myself who uses this for Final Cut Pro X.

It's the best laptop on the market and nothing compares to it. I don't have to post pics on this site. But perhaps you can quit your childish ignorance and remain on the topic of discussion which is the MacBook Pro. Your only response to me inviting you to move to an article that Mac-hating Windows PC fanboys enjoy when it comes to looking at Windows machines inferior to M1 Macs which is all of them lol instead of staying here trolling is to mention my lack of uploaded photos.

Apple degraded its products and insulted its customers with disgraceful and defective keyboards for FIVE YEARS, compounding that insult with the embarrassing emoji bar that inexplicably plagued only its "pro" computers. This is a was a compromise because the M1 Max with 64 GB was not available. Also, I could not use dual monitors. From photographers prospective, M1 Line up might be a very good computers. But for my line of work I think Apple created a vacuum; it will be a while before I can get a usefull Mac.

The X1 is what iPad Pro should have been. The main advantage is that Apple has brought competition to the PCs so that we can get better computers. At least the P1's and X1's price is nearly half the money of its original price; closer to Apple's prices. If your definition of "a useful Mac" is a machine on which you can create an Intel VM, you'll be waiting a while.

VMs have the same basic architecture as the host CPU. As for dual monitor support, M1-Pro-based MBPs support using "up to two external displays with up to 6K resolution at 60 Hz at over a billion colors" at the same time as the built-in display. Why could you not use dual monitors? I was also a bit underwhelmed with my purchase of the M1 iPad Pro, but I have come to peace with that the iPad range will never be a laptop replacement - as Apple makes to much money from selling both lines to the same customers.

I think that with a changed perspectiv, that the iPad is a complimentary product and not a "do it all" product, more people will also be satisfied with what the iPad is, and what the iPad is not. Why it does not support two displays ask Apple. Veggie — Sorry, my mistake. I was reading too quickly, and thought that you had bought one of the 14" or 16" MacBook Pros that had the M1 Pro processor, because models with a M1 Max processor weren't available.

That MBP supports only a single external display. There are third-party products that you can use to drive multiple external displays — probably at a performance cost. I do not dislike or disagree with all of what you are saying. But an iPadPro with a keyboard and a trackpad is as close to a small laptop as it gets. It is quiet powerful, but does not have the "laptop" capability.

X1 Yoga is a laptop that has the iPad Pro capability but is larger. If iPadPro would have the laptop capability then it would be the perfect computer for me. With the supply chain crisis though, It is just not easy to find a 5K or 6K monitor. VaggelisPhoto What a silly post.

You bought a Mac when you have "many many" Windows programs you need to run? And you bought a machine without checking out how many external displays it can run? Then you say you bought a Thinkpad instead when it's best designed for office use because X1 Extreme gets hot and the fans blow on that crap of a machine.

Even extreme Thinkpad fanboys know the X1 Extreme sucks as a mainstream computer. Thinkpads belong in offices. So obvious you never bought a Mac M1 in the first place because on DPR I would expect the photography crowd here to check out the hardware they are buying before laying down cash. That's when I know your post is disingenuous. I had bought an intel Macbook Pro because of its flexibility.

Apple had provided a very stable environment. The M1 simply is not as usable yet, and might never be as usable. Who is going to develop anything when these laptops do not exist anymore? This means that if you want to do what you could do with the intel Apple look elsewhere, you do not have to use Apple. In addition the 12th generation Intel processors are coming and more likely will be as fast or faster than M1. I still love and like my Macbook; it is just cannot be a reliable solution for the future; Apple might ditch your computer as they did now.

VaggelisPhoto You honesty need to speak for yourself because your needs aren't everyone else's needs. And don't speak to me as if I'm new to Mac. I've been Mac-exclusive for the past 24 years. I've been through every growing pain in terms of limited software. I make money with my Macs.

If this machine was so limited with software I wouldn't be able to make money. I use a great deal of non-Apple software as well including Lightroom. My work is far easier now. Not sure why would any sane person install Linux on a Mac. That makes no sense. That's in a Windows world. Only recently have they started to build support for Wintel emulation into ARM-based versions of Windows. Once people realized that the Surface RT could not run Wintel binaries, it sank like a stone.

As for Windows 11 for ARM, the jury is still out. HenryDJP there is no argument that there are many M1 Programs that a lot of people work with it and make a living. But there are a lot of people that used Intel Apple computers for flexibility, durability and capable to work with other OSes.

If this is the use of the Mac then we are ditched from Apple. Obviously this must be a smaller market. Today is impossible, for a large number of people to use M1 and make money, maybe in the future this will change. Today, for many uses is impossible to use M1 because does not work with Linux or Windows binaries. Tomorrow this might change. But today M1 has many, many limitations and for many people the possibility to use for work is slim to none.

There is nothing wrong with the M1 processor computers. They are not for everyone yet. This is unfortunate. There are ARM distributions of Linux. Most software in the Linux world is either Free Software or Open Source, which allows just about anyone to download source code and build ARM binaries even if there are not ready-made ARM binaries on the distribution site. Is not just the OS, but all the needed software for a person to do a job.

Many vendors, claim that their software was working with M1, but at the end they are not fully deployed or simply might not work yet. After some time the gap will narrow down and more application will run in M1 type processors. But the issue stills remains today. So still today, for many, many people Apple M1 are not useful. What isn't considered in these numbers is the fact that most of the software used for the benchmarks isn't even fully optimized for Mac silicon yet.

I haven't used a Mac since the 90s but that will change sometime in January when my fully spec'd MacBook Pro finally arrives and I retire a pretty high end HP workstation. There is no question that this MacBook Pro represents a major step forward in computing design. Intel's Alder Lake chips and Nvidia's next gen graphics cards may catch up in some aspects of computing power—at least temporarily—but they will not be able to match the combination of power and power efficiency that the M1 SOCs offer.

I know there will be some unanticipated frustrations with the move to macOS. Apple's software hasn't advanced at the rate of the hardware, and Windows has matured into an excellent OS. Hopefully, I don't encounter anything too significant. But seriously, how much cash did they DPR get? The benchmarks don't lie. Buy yours today while stocks last, and forget about trying other machines- seriously, don't look at other machines. Only macbooks come with the totally virus safe MacOS, which is so easy to use a cimpanzee could do it we ran tests.

Get your fault free Macbook today! Thanks, Mr. Are you upset because you just don't like Apple or do you find fault with any of the objectively measured benchmarks? If by "not fixable" you mean - "I can't gut it on my work bench" I'm okay with that. I get my creative kicks by making photos not rebuilding computers. Based on what I hear from friends who use Windows-based computers they seem to need to be replaced more often than that. I usually do not buy Apple care for iPhones and iPads, for my track-record is not a single broken iPhone or iPad over the years, so I might have been lucky, but thats why I skip Apple Care for iOS devices.

Computer thou, thats another animal - and here the extra cost of AppleCare is what might help stretch your computer to 5 years of use, in case something breaks within the 36 month Apple Care mark. Rambow seems threatened by Apple's new hardware.

I've decided to embrace it. It's not like these results haven't been duplicated ad nauseam on YouTube. For anyone interested in an even more in-depth look at how the new MacBook Pro models compare to each other and older Intel-based Macs, ArtIsRight YouTube channel offers an excellent series of tests and comparisons to help interested viewers select the best configuration for their particular needs. When was the last time you saw high quality RAM go bad?

When was the last time you had to replace an SSD in a laptop, besides to add more capacity? I admit it is possible for those components to fail, I would be foolish not to. But I think I am a moderately heavy computer user and the only internal component I have had fail on a laptop in recent years is the battery. And I have a flaky SSD on hand right now.

It's sad that you and others consider this acceptable. And whether the computer goes "into the trash" AKA onto eBay for parts or not depends on the price of the motherboard and how old the computer is. I kid you not, yesterday I spent 3 hours on a pc motherboard on a high performance rig that where not functioning properly.

There is a saying that goes "Linux is only free if you don't value your time" - I would say that the same is true for windows! Will not buy this years edition already have to many mac mini's and older mac laptops Will go for the iMac, if next years macbook pro refresh still don't support GB RAM. I have the 16" version and my unit has the malfunctioning MagSafe charging system. Will not charge.

USB-C charging is fine, so I'm not dead in the water but after having this problem I have discovered online that it's common. Lets hope they fix that by software updates and warranty repairs, or I see a class lawsuit against Apple again. That being said, this DPR "review" is a paid advertisment so everything they say about the machine is null.

Although you do not specify how your MagSafe charging system is malfunctioning, if it is related to not charging when closed, the problem now appears to be resolved. Thanks for the comments. I will say that despite it being harder than it should be to figure out how to get ahold of Apple support by phone, I did do so and they kindly send a new power brick and MagSafe cable and that has solved the problem.

As I said I knew they'd solve the issue, I'm just glad it did not involve trading for a new machine after spending a lot of time setting this one up. One thing I'd like to report: This machine runs cool! SO nice after my old Macbook Pro was like a furnace. Love it. It works every time. It also helps to have at the ready a clear description of the problem you are having.

Well, this machine almost had made me regret buying a PC Laptop in March after using Apple for decades, my entire life actually. The performance for sure is a beast and the energy management of any Mac is much better than that of my HP Z-Book. If I need it. With Apple I don't have the luxury to see how much I actually need, I need to decide that when buying. I get the integrated chipset and soldered memory for speed. But adding 2 M2 slots for SSDs should not have been an issue.

Just not acceptable at all, it kills portability and convenience, adds stress to the workflow, is either an security risk on location or creates extra work in the file management. Not for me at least and I dare to say not a single human being on this planet truly believes this is an advantage over having additional M2 slots on the mainboard. You're certainly correct, Lauma, that your Z-Book is more configurable after the fact.

But, as you acknowledge, the new MacBook Pro models will blow it out of the water in terms of computing power and efficiency. It's all a matter of tradeoffs. It sounds like you made the best ones for your use case. Which is not surprising they use the latest 5nm technology while AMD ist still at 7nm with both brands having their chips produced by TSMC. With computing power it's a bit more complicated: thanks to the integrated chipset design Apple has much less lag which makes it incredible fast for some task, like loading the pictures in a RAW converter and for some this is the most important task.

Yes I'm happy with my Z-Book and am confident I made the right decision there is so much I love about it, but weather it's PC or Mac, both world have their pros and cons and there also some things I really dislike about the Z-Book compared to a MacBook.

It's about choosing what priorities are more important for one. DaGurney Seriously? So there are 3 Ports for universal connectivity left and that you call plenty? Ok let's only connect one screen, still not working out for the Apple. Yes there are Thunderbolt hups which are expensive or bluetooth keyboards and mouses which again cost money.

But well, I like the hardware I have and don't want to change my expensive peripherals to low quality bluetooth ones. I would never recommend Bluetooth as a solution to anything. But Thunderbolt can be daisy-chained, and HDMI is very useful in an environment involving video equipment other than computer monitors unfortunately, since everything should now be DisplayPort. Hey, I'm not against more ports. Sadly I guess Apple has lowered my expectations so much that I'm "satisfied" with a barely-adequate collection, after their ridiculous cutbacks of late.

Oh, and I just noticed that Apple repeated their idiotic blunder of putting their USB-C ports so close together that you can't plug two adapters in at once. Truly incredible. I used daisy-chaining a lot when I had my FireWire peripherals, even my Lexar Card-Reader could daisy-chain back then. Today I don't know of a card reader that can do that. The Problem is that a full speced Thunderbolt port is wasted on a keyboard, one on the card reader, one on the display The big revolutionary design and engineering here is that the whole thing is actually one single fabbed piece of silicon.

That's part of why it's so fast and energy efficient. There's no ram "soldered on". WickedMaPhoto I understand the advantages and disadvantages of an integrated chipset very well. It's not some magical new thing, Apple is just the only one pushing it to that level and no surprise: we see it's advantages and it's limitations.

As said: i get the soldered on RAM yes even Apple is soldering it's chips into a chipset, they don't work with magic but with good old engineering. But there is no excuse for not giving the option to have additional M2 slots, there is no need for that fast data transfer on a high capacity storage volume especially when it's slower over Thunderbolt anyway.

And I guess that's exactly the problem: Apple couldn't push the IO any further, which is also the reason for the very limited number and performance of the ports. The energy efficiency also comes from the fact that it is a 5nm design, and that's mainly not Apples but TSMCs achievement.

Although yes, Apple has excellent power management in it's laptops. Better than the competition. And that is exactly what Apple did. Again, except for the limited IO of the design there is no reason not to include M2 slots I mean come on dude the label for the T2 chip should be enough for you to realize this is an Intel board you're looking at. True that, thank you for pointinig it out. I am not that familiar with the latest Apple models anymore and that is what google gave me.

Although I'm sceptical as to my knowledge the T2 chip should prevent that from working, point is: you can see the RAM chips being soldered off on that very picture. Awesome metrics and review! There are some very good apps focused on editing which are not available on desktops. Also, in Tech developers are saving significant amounts of money because these machines compile far faster.

I was arguing with a naysayer somewhere about these machines and the cost absolutely is justified. Its kind of sad that intel has had such a massive chokehold on the computerworld for the last 10 years. One good thing that will force Apple to keep deveoping the new platform is the release of the Nvidia series in - this will tip the performance scale in the favour of the Linux and windows machines running software that use graphic card acceleration.

No matter cameras or computers, we should be very thankful that healthy competition drive companies to innovate rather than rest on their laurels. The last 10 year of intel reign, shows just how bad it is for the end users consumers when one player get to dominant in the industry.

Well the fact that the fans never spin up actually is terrible and the by far biggest flaw Apple refuses to fix. For almost 2 decades now Apple is sacrificing component life for low noise. With most Mac users this is no issue as they never actually use their products computing power but for those who do that means shorter life. I lost 3 MacBooks due to that, single chips could be resoldered but when the copper lanes in the mainboard disintegrate it's game over.

It's a pitty Apple never designed good cooling solutions and has zero interest in addressing that issue. Just let the components fry and don't use the fans so people get the false impression it is better than the PC competition. The reason they don't spin up is because they don't need to, haha. They do spin up when needed, but I can use this laptop all day on my lap without it overheating for my photo processing and other needs. It runs on less power for the performance, so this all makes sense.

Also, given the exotic architecture of the M1 chips and shared memory, I'm not sure you can say how it works by comparing it to other designs. Did they actually state temperature figures in this review? The power draw is also an indication of less heat being created. We would have to see the temp to fan spin up figures before making any assumptions.

The chassis being bigger would also help with thermal performance. We used to criticize apple a lot for sacrificing thermal performance just to get their laptops a few mm thinner. Not going to argue on that level, it's basic physics and over the decades working with Apple I've seen enough people who believe that Apple can ignore physical laws but works with magic.

If you guys want to believe that fine, be happy. I know how much air volume has to be moved to cool away 30 or up to the 60 watts and I know the design limitation of cooling solutions. But unless you actually compare how one of these heats up compared to the competition all you are doing is conjecture. There are third party software you can install and just have the fans kick in sooner if that is what one desires.

Either way you would end up with a more power efficient device which would still likely be quitters than the competition, running at hot if not cooler to boot. Credit is due where it is due. My issue with these machines is the lack of bootcamp. Unless it can be shown that you can run windows programs and games at the same speeds as running native, on these things. As you can see Apple still uses the same cooling solution and these devices are supposed to consume up to 60 watts.

Either they are loud as a jet or overheating - and per default they do overheat. The Macs are definitely quieter for idyle tasks like typing, e-mails and that I do miss. But under load the HP Z-Book is so much more quite while still maintaining a healthy temperature while drawing significantly more power than the Apple. So obviously the HP cooling solution is way ahead of Apple. I entirely doubt that your analysis is right on the temperatures. Apple is pretty good track record wise.

But, enjoy your HP Z-book. I'll trust Apple's engineers over a YouTube channel and your conjectures. Time will tell, but I'm confident this laptop, with a far higher efficiency for performance to power and a company which owned designing and engineering of everything including the SoC and hardware design.

If reports come out saying their computers are dying due to the fan not spinning up enough or thermal issues, then I'll admit I'm wrong. Your conclusions are iffy at best about why "it's bad that fans don't spin up". As I said, you are allowed to believe whatever you want and I will not argue against your religious believes as they seem to make you happy, so enjoy :. I highly doubt you lost 3 laptops due to the fan.

Anywho, enjoy your HP laptop and photography! No one echoes your YouTube link or fan and temp concerns. I didn't lose any laptops because of the fan, that worked perfectly fine. The fan itself is actually of very good quality. Youtube is a platform where anybody, including dpreview and AnandTech, can and do upload videos to.

Just like the Internet is a technology where anybody can host a homepage. I've been critical of lauma regarding other posts but, in fairness, tests do seem to show that Apple allows their CPUs to run warmer than a typical Windows laptop. Don't know the rationale behind this. It wouldn't shock me if Apple made a decision that a quieter laptop with a shorter lifespan is preferable to the alternative.

That said, it does seem that Apple has come up with a better thermal design than what they used in older MacBooks, and included an SoC that runs cooler than previous Intel-based chips. Hopefully, Apple knows what they're doing. Whether the life span of the machine is effectively affected by the internal temperature is impossible to say at this point in time for anyone outside Apple engineering.

I strongly doubt that SoC failure due to temperature related aging will be a problem. When it comes to the argument about life span… I think it is a little funny. I have had 3 macbooks over the years, two of which I gifted to relatives or friends. My partner has a MacBook Air. The 2 I owned previously were used pretty hard since I am in to gaming, editing, and running computationally heavy stuff like FEM.

I personally do prefer a machine that runs more on the cool side, cause in the summer it is definitely more comfortabele. For any of you that are using software that are heavy on the RAM side, the dinky 64GB maxed out ram on Apples so called macbook "pro" model, is not even close to get the job done. There are still great alternatives from Apple for these types of tasks, the iMac can be configured with GB memory, and this is sufficient for performance productions.

I honestly feel that limiting storage at 64GB is both way and far to little in the year for a "pro" model. And for you that say "just use diskswap", clearly you have never worked with virtual instruments. Actually up to GB RAM is the standard with professional workstation Notebooks almost every brand is offering models.

Strobist - Do you have any data to back your claim? I'm pretty sure the RAM will be fine lol. Surely Apple never took into account how much RAM "pro" users would need. After all, it's not like they have any sales data or customer feedback from "pro" users. Since they've obviously missed the boat, perhaps you should reach out to them and offer your consulting services? SCC yes, that is exactly what Apple did in the past decade: completely ignoring the demands of the Pro market.

To understand this one has to look at the story behind the success of Apple: as a brand for Pros while they had almost a monopoly on video cutting, movie production and audio, were the brand for graphic works they barely survived. The success came with the iPod who laid the foundation for the iPhone that skyrocketed Apple into what it is today. But the company didn't have the resources to provide for both: Pro and Consumer market, developers don't grow on trees.

But they needed the image of being a Pro brand for their marketing that's why they keep that image up to this day although there is nothing Pro about Apple anymore. What a lot of the professional Apple user demographic deems important isn't what a lot of you may deem important. The MacBook Pro is definitely a pro platform to me, though I concede that when it comes to processing power, traditionally one could get more for less with another brand.

However for those choosing to rely on Apple's software, OS, etc. No different why some will choose Canon over Nikon, etc. What has changed is that back then Apple pushed for Pros, it was their main income. Now for some Pros it's still the best choice because of the OS and they are so used to it.

But even the OS gets pushed more and more to be consumer only and many pro features only exist because they were there a decade ago already and since then got more and more disabled. Both systems are bad and completely ignoring the need of the end user:.

While Windows is a horribly overengineered system forcing the user into counter-intuitive micro management. Main income? Several years later, a baud Hayes model costs what Apple captured the 'tween' market. The same market it has today. This makes the base M1 a fantastic bargain for PhotoLab users.

That's great to know! Excellent insights. Hopefully, DxO continues to optimize all aspects of PhotoLab and their other software for Mac silicon. The only thing missing is the thunderbolt but software compatibility is more than 3 folds. The savings I can do many upgrades and still have a ton of changes. I bought the 16" version at release and I can confirm everything said here.

This laptop is a beast, setting the standards for everything else. Blazingly fast, super screen, super speakers, super stable, great battery life, MagSafe, lots of ports finally! The only thing that crashes sometimes are Office programs - of course Not a pro photographer or videographer and so my 1 year old 16" i9 MBP is fast enough and stable too. Good article and review. Ordered my 16 inch m1max 32gb 1 Tb one our after launch and when it arrived I did some tests. One important test was to run a standard off the shelf motion vfx template animation with a duration of 30 seconds and render it to a masterfile at 4k50p.

This took 35 minutes on my intel macbook and only 8 minutes on the m1max. So it benetifs from the complete new infrastructure. Saving time on animation renders leave more time to improve on details. How are people defending a pc against this performance. I hate mac but for video editing and rendering I cannot see beyond this machine and I after powerbook want to move to a Mac for the first time in 16 years. If you don't need to edit those videos in the field, just buy a well-specced PC desktop.

You will get similar performance for half the money. I don't think "defending" is the right word. Just making different choices. I like to hobby in photography and video editing, but I also like to play video games, so this laptop is a non-starter for me. Also, I don't need to edit everything "in the field" read: a coffee shop so battery performance isn't that important to me. The only benefit of the Mjesus chip is battery life and thats over exaggerated by the marketing. The M chips get maybe 30 min extra against an current gen intel as well.

Oh that is very easy: by looking at benchmarks. When a Desktop is an option it always wins there is just no way that a notebook can deliver equal performance. Even the best mobile cooling systems reach their limit at watts. With a Desktop you can go up to a watts and still get it cooled. Apple isn't years ahead of the competition to compensate the thermal advantage a desktop has. Unless of course we are talking about latency and latency only, there the M1 always wins simply because it is a integrated chipset.

No good trying to use logic and facts when it comes to an apple fan. You can post all the concrete data and tests you want, they will scream, but M1. You're right. Shilling is more the proper term for all these salty Windows fanboys defending crappy Windows machines when they know nothing beats the M1 Apple system.

Sorry if the truth hurts to hear. Henry - I hope you have more in your life than defending the honor of consumer electronics devices. I'd be VERY tempted to get an apple laptop due to the speed, screen quality, and fair pricing if apple stopped tying my hands. And can they be upgraded - add more RAM?

I've never liked Apple's tendency to the hands of owners. Loathed each time my kids wanted me to load music onto iPods via iTunes. Had to do it manually - why would I want the auto option which would download all of my music onto my kids devices? Very hidden screwball GUI for manually doing it, and they changed it, so my old notes no longer worked.

In I bought an iPad instead of a Windows laptop and for drone usage because they worked better than Android. So annoying to lack windows and DOS and unix simple clear file structure. To find a file, name a file or see filenames and folders is crazy difficult. There are pros and cons of the ecosystem so you need to decide if pros outweigh the cons.

One Pro is you can actually sell your Macbook for a decent chunk of change in the future. Obviously many cons as well but I wouldn't let the RAM upgrade factor be your reason for getting into the ecosystem. It's a trade off. Incidentally, the best way to deal with your iTunes situation is to create a playlist s with all the music you want on each device and auto-sync that.

It's far easier than managing things manually. And, yes, iOS's file system is frustrating in its limitations compared to a true desktop OS. The only good thing I can say is that it is better than no file system, which is what was available until a few years ago. The M1 laptop with 8gb is a bargain on sale if 8gb is enough. I could use mini6 with my drone and use as a desktop - connect to external display via Display Port.

The bang-for-your-buck option is the M1 MacBook Air. Try getting a display like that on a budget Windows machine. But how well does it perform running Hello Kitty Island Adventure?! I am a PC user which I find more versatile than a Mac , but well done Apple, this is really impressive.

I wish we could have this kind of improvement in the PC world. If only Mac could run my stock trading software more efficiently not to mention have far better game support. The problem is a lot of financial related software is usually gimped on MacOS. Not all but it's not versatile. I do like MacOS in general though. Its bonkers. So after a 10 year absence they brought back the sd card slot. All the fruit company apologists are jumping for joy All about the SD Card. The fact it brings huge performance increases whilst lowering power usage is totally irrelevant.

I'm not an Apple fan but it's enough to get me to move away from a life of Windows usage even when my profession has been MS based for the last 23 years. Don't like it? Don't buy it. It's really that simple. It's a convenience that I am pleased about, although most of my cameras use CFExpress B cards that are much faster. But this is really a minor reason among many others to be impressed by these machines. In fact there are very few things not to like about these. We see the same among camera owners.

Where some Canon shooters are unhappy about the Z9 because they are not able to use their existing lenses on it. I do understand the frustration. SD card slot is great! For the times you need to do a dirty transfer in the field and you're too lazy to pull out the 10X dongle. Feels like a luxury that has been reinstated! OP - I think people are "jumping for joy" due to the amazing performance across the board combined with small size and best in class battery life.

And, for my M1 Mac mini, I have two dual-slot SD readers that let me download from four cards at once. Fantastic hardware but I absolutely hate MacOS. I can't stomach it. Just connecting a new external hdd is a headache as it's not plug and play. And the UI makes no sense to someone coming from Windows. I have an M1 iPad though. I like it a lot. Just not MacOS. And Windows UI was stolen from Macs and Microsoft had to settle the issue out of the court by investing in Apple undisclosed sum in So it makes perfect sense.

Stonejack You are not correct. The suit was dismissed. They did not steal it. Jobs had a understanding with Xerox that for a purchase of Apple stock at preferred price he would get a tour of PARC. So it was quid pro quo. It is plug-and-play, though still pushes back aggressively against disconnecting an SSD even.

So you're wrong there. But the UI point is well taken. While it's logical enough in apps -- the typography is far nicer and more legible, the desktop is more configurable and I think you'll soon come to appreciate the fixed menu bar, for example, now that they deal properly with multiple monitor support -- the Finder and the Dock and what they do to everything from application window selection to window resizing are terrible, long standing blots that spoil an otherwise strong user experience, and I say that as a 30 year Mac user.

Apple may have gotten inspiration from Xerox, but they created and delivered a fully realized vision that defined what is meant by UI. Windows users hate Mac just like Mac users hate Windows. I have always suspected that this is due to a deliberate intention by Microsoft to make Windows as different as possible from Macintosh to avoid patent and copyright infringement.

Apple spent the next two decades giving us things we didn't even know we needed. Then they spent almost as long taking away things we know we need. Maybe after this sd card slot, they will restore the vertical scroll bar, the Save As command, and support for legacy video formats. They might add a Finder app to ios and put a micro-sd card slot in every iPhone.

I really do hate the Windows UI, saying as one that has used both for 30 years. I like the fact I don't have to attend to every HD is plug in, it just appears on the desktop. Most people who hate Mac usually don't know or haven't discovered how to configure finder and mission control. Once you discovered that, it would save you at least one or two clicks to do anything. What are you doing? Using string instead of a cable?

Also, the non-anti-aliased text looked like something from the Galaga era. Connected my external HDD to gfs Mac, didn't work. Had to do some tricks to get it to show. Works fine on my Windows PC. In fact I have external HDDs connected to my stationary pc and 4 internal and they all work like a clock. Can't say that for a Mac. Maybe she has some weird security activated, but as it was her private laptop and she was quite clueless herself, I don't understand how that can be the case.

So no thanks, I'll pass on Macs. In my experience it's trash. Nebell, You know there are various formats, right? Nah I have all from 60gb to 12tb drives. Fanboys will always be fanboys. That's not what I mean by "formats". The fact that you don't understand this indicates why you have such difficulties. For half the price of the Mac you can build an Alder Lake desktop with greater performance.

Unless you absolutely have to use a laptop, that is the best way to do it. Good luck doing just that for half the price Plus this is a laptop with the performance of a high end desktop. Why is that relevant in the least? Not a desktop that will literally consume 7 times more energy. For half the price of the pickup you can buy a compact car with greater speed.

Unless you absolutely have to use a pickup, that is the best way to do it. Desktops used to be cheaper for same performance. Not anymore with the current x inflation of the GPU prices. And gpus make the largest difference between pc desktops and laptops. I don't think you can get anything close as a package as others have pointed out. You also have to add in the cost of a monitor. An M1 Mac mini can do this, thanks to the core Neural Engine.

Yep and your fans will blow. That laptop will get hot. Battery won't last 5 minutes. You won't explode by giving Apple the applause they deserve for this new M1 series of laptops. Granted, no stock here right now, but still. If you want one of these it might be worth shopping around internationally to avoid tax especially if you live in the UK. You would still have to pay the tax when the product is shipped.

Customs will not clear it for delivery until tax and VAT are paid on it. I meant if people are visiting other countries in the near future, not to have the machines shipped from elsewhere. Exact same spec apart from two buttons on the keyboard. Only giving people options and ideas for how to save a large amount of cash.

UK prices for Macs are insane. Honestly does not make sense to me. Plus you return to the UK double jet lagged and unless you have removed the laptop from it's box and used it, still at risk of getting done by customs. The only way this works is if you have to be in Taiwan on a different matter.

If this is a serious comparison that makes no sense. Any serious Windows laptop can be upgraded to 64GB RAM, so why not do it for these comparisons to make them more fair? The prices would still be well under the 64GB Max. Right off the top of my head, the Lightroom exports. The review even called this out. The Dock gap though. Still burns my eyes every day. I am fine with the Notch but the Dock gap needs to be fixed. I have nothing at all against Apple, but I am more or less forced to use Windows because a lot of specialised software I use for work won't run on Apple, even if I install a Windows VM.

This performance upgrade is very welcome, but seems largely due to it's well architected use of an ARM processor, which has pros and cons. For Photoshop and Premiere, it's clearly a bonus. For gaming and some other apps, not so much. But Windows 11 will support ARM 64 bit, which should make apps port fairly seamlessly. Other apps also benefit. I have seen several tests with Intel and AMD gaming PCs scoring higher benchmarks than M1, but we are still talking about good performance in both cases.

No, because these are not ARM processors. They don't even have discreet processors. And that is what makes these SOCs so good. It also seems NVIDIA is planning to do the same thing because this is apparently the future of computing for more companies than just Apple.

The question is, can they pull it off? Apple started hiring the best engineers in the field back in once they decided to mark their own silicon and not buy it from others. As for gaming, M1 Max and Pro are in no way not good for gaming. And it looks like some developers are already converting their games to Apple's Metal to compete with Microsoft's similar tech that has a strangle hold on game developers for decades.

The next decade should be very interesting. Any processor based on arm architecture is by definition an arm chip, just like any chip based on x86 architecture is an x86 chip. The CPU is however very efficient with high memory bandwidth which is why it runs CPU intensive jobs, like video rendering, very fast at low power. There's two reasons why we are not seeing better perf. This may change more slowly as more Macs are sold, which they are selling now in record numbers.

But basically, the hardware is ready to go for them. So it is indeed matching some not all discrete mobile class GPU's. And once again, there's the internal embedded tile cache ram which can re-use shaders with results - something a lot of GPU's out there don't do today. Bang on 57even. Somewhere apple software has to catch up. I photograph all images for 3 non profits and build their websites. I have the Affinity package, but sadly lack a good web development program.

Sometimes I even shoot jpeg for my windows machine. For the cost of this laptop I could get air conditioning in my home. Way out of range for the average consumer. As they say, nice to look at. Nikon- you get what you pay for. You can still get a Mac mini M1 which is quite fast anyway for much cheaper. Or a MacBook Air. To me, the most interesting part came after the author's blind homage to Apple's press release, and after wiping away all the superlative drool from the described performance improvements to the Adobe Suite and FCP.

My own paid for out of pocket specimen arrived a couple of weeks ago. Kudos to Apple for getting it right — but not so sure about all the contrived "what we didn't like". For that amount of money, I'd expect the latest and greatest technology across the board. This machine can never be upgraded though so the thought process is probably that as soon as the owner is "done with it", they'll sell it on eBay and buy a new one that has UHS-III. Yeah, higheronymous, a buyer of these devices do indeed have to know what they want to get, because you don't add RAM to these machines.

And you know what? Nothing wrong with that. Anyone who is going to buy such a computer pretty much is savvy enough to know how much to get in the first place. Also, if you really need to download that much data that fast, what on earth are you doing relying on a single slot? Most folks with that need will have several cards to download, in which case a pair of dual-slot UHS-II readers makes a much better solution than feeding several cards, one after another, into a single UHS-III slot.

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