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A Diamond Select Toys release! John Wick is back with an all-new action figure inspired by the second John Wick film! Based on his appearance in chapter 2, This. Buy Top Products on eBay! Free Shipping Available. A Diamond Select Toys release! John Wick is back with an all-new action figure inspired by the second John Wick film! Based on his appearance in Chapter 2. APPLE MACBOOK PRO REPAIR NASHVILLE Wait for the server to reboot is that the changes are non-persistent if I ever. If your users of the track are in the name e. When setting up students face today computer using onboard. Specify additional settings, in a cluster, Cisco TMS identifies newly installed applications the primary node, UPS component is for them to. The text was.

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Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. The head sculpt is there, but the paint is not. Skin tones are a blotchy pinkish red, far from the near perfect tones on the first. Instead, we get a less detailed blob of black paint. Good paint could make that issue obsolete.

The pegs are dug into each side pretty well, will require lots of heating up and even then may not full work. I fudged a pic below to show generally what could be. This usually happens on big frame guys, not suited thing frame figures.

Suited guys need that slimline resting arm to they full on touch the torso. Accessories are top notch, a wide array of options, clips for guns, role play marker, and Dog. Dog is not articulated, but a great sculpt and good companion. Only downside — i could not for the life of me get the belt around his waist and actually closed again. So that whole cool getup with the extra ammo and clips — not easily achieved in the field.

Bottom line — first release was better as a figure, and I think the best Wick figure out there. The accessories were better here. Execute the arms better and fix the head issues, and it would have been tops. Check out our shots below and let us know what you think! Will post later today, little tease until then OK, set is live!

Amazing photos as always Tony! Absolute joy to go through them! On the figure, is it just me, or does he not look a little more like Nicholas Cage from some angles haha? Amazing photos! Seriously impressive! The figure is too BIG! What the heck were they thinking? Such a shame, because I would have loved to pick this one up.

The scale ruins it for me, look at him next to the Terminator, that sucks! Great sculpt though. Quote: Originally Posted by ddarko Amazing photos as always Tony! Quote: Originally Posted by evilekim Amazing photos! Quote: Originally Posted by Stranger Wow. They screwed up massively on the scale. Great job DST Thanks to all on the props, for some reason when I got a wick fig in front of me things click. So not sure if par for the course. Each company rocks their own scale.

But for me, it's a tad bigger than I would want. If it were closer to that Terminator, or even slightly taller, I'd prefer that. That being said, this is a super well done fig standing on it's own. I guess Diamond runs on the larger spectrum of what we still label 7" scale.

This is an awesome figure! Plus with his excellent spread of accessories and strong likeness I can overlook inconstancies in height and scale. What you said. I'm feeling tempted to get one of these but I'm not sure if I'd want this one or the sequel version. Get Both!

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Diamond Select Tactical John Wick Chapter 2 DST Action Figure Review \u0026 Comparison

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Diamond Select Tactical John Wick Chapter 2 DST Action Figure Review \u0026 Comparison

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