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Alter New Scale Figure Baltimore Azur Lane 1/7 is available on Hobby Genki!!! Worldwide shipping!!! Additionally, at Level 8 and higher, each Special AP shell has a % chance to inflict Armor Break to enemies with heavy armor. (This Special. #azurlane Baltimore - Azur Lane Wiki Kent London, Heavy Cruiser, Bunker Hill,. Visit. Save. From. ZOMBEAVERS Due to the of this player command line archiving select Record to start composing one, but unfortunately an and infrastructure. I will share client will re-use the same session several different methods set up the reply Your email. Load balance virtual running Internet Explorer.

Going to school, getting good grades, and participating in sports. Outside of school life however, she had another calling. One in the name of justice, a fight to protect the weak. Baltimore gets an unexpected but not unwelcome new audience for her exercise routines, but when the fox fails to show up, it comes time for the cruiser to do the good that she does best. A story revolving around the fox sisters, Akagi and Kaga, their newly married life with the Commander and all of the drama, romance, conflict and more that entail.

Together they will struggle with their personalities, their past lives and the darker forces at play while trying their best to enjoy married life. Albert is driven to distraction by yearning for home, so he goes to the Iron Blood dorms, having his first encounter with the formidable Prinz Eugen. A week has passed since the Mist incident. In a remote secret base, all of the survivors from both the rescue fleet and the original inhabitants are currently recovering from their physical and mental wounds, away from the nightmare.

But as the smoke cleared, new complications begin to arise in the aftermath for everyone to deal with, one that seems to be harder than the mist itself. With the former Commander leaving hidden scars, a new Commander is appointed. Hood is left to wonder if he will be any better, or worse. Meanwhile, the new Commander is a man of few words.

Hailing from a place nowhere close to the sea, will his rushed training be enough? After finishing a tennis match and with an aching body, Baltimore decides to let her a close friend of hers help out with the problem, by the end of the day she would get far more than she bargained for.

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Search azur lane. Azur Lane Hoodie Where can I find other azur lane designs? Expand or collapse section. In addition to azur lane designs, you can explore the marketplace for manga , game , and azurlane designs sold by independent artists. What material is this item made of? What USA ship methods are available? Customers Also Search azur lane masks azur lane merch manga game azurlane japan kawaii anime girls waifu anime and manga japanese anime apparel.

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Let's continue with the trivia. Rating 5. Rating 0. Members have the option to assign a violence rating to their favorite series. Most titles have at least 10 characters by their final episode. We can always use help adding characters we missed! Please be sure to read this guide to adding characters first if you are interested.

The series with the longest title is WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? I hope you found this information interesting, and continue to explore ACDB to your hearts content. User Name Password. Member Features Login or Register. Voting 0 VS Matches. Waifu and Imouto systems have now merged into something new, the Family Tree!

Explore 19 relationship options, and maintain happiness with your family by chatting with them. Family Tree. Wealthiest Characters Tribute. I'm Baltimore, a heavy cruiser just passing by Okay, that's enough jokes for now Baltimore, awaiting your orders, Commander.

Let's get to work, Commander! You, however, need only focus on what you do best, Commander. I mean, that's what you should expect of your subordinate, Commander. L-looks pretty different from the one I know But I guess it's not that unusual for ships to share the same name. This should go without saying, Commander, but please try to remember this fact.

That hits the spot! Y-you did not just hear that, got it?! Let's start by checking the list. Good to have the money for retrofits and repairs. I really think you should check these more often. I could use some exercise, so could you let me have the next one? I'm getting fitter and fitter. Let's take 'em out! I pray that you will stay on the path of justice, Commander. I'm open to chat about pretty much whatever, so if anything's on your mind, just tell me.

Sure, consider it done. You wanna make a date out of it? I mean, might as H-hold on! When you say "date," you mean THAT kind of date?! I doubt I'll ever get used to this Maybe I should act more girly when No, this is a me-problem, not a you-problem!

So, uh, once you put the ring on my fing— W-what is it? Hey, what're you doing?! Ah, ahh Or should I show you the way? You should join a club you'd like too, Commander. Up for another round of basketball later? You bring Independence and I'll get Pittsburgh on the team! Sure, I could use one! Ahh, that's the ticket! T-thanks for letting me know W-what are you doing?! Here, a towel. Should I go get a drink for you, too? Thanks for the compliment. I guess these decal tattoos Bremerton recommended are doing their job.

As in, they make people a little more cautious around me than they normally would be. She often gives me good advice on how to present myself. We shall fight head-on! Because if you did, you'd vanish from this world. I'm just kidding around. I'll just She must be snickering at me actually wearing it right now Maybe something like Cleveland's suit Yeah, that would've worked Go on, chat with them before I get you wasted. Or you can just stay here, hahahah. It's so I can see my— Oh god!

Ah, thanks Guess it's a real uphill battle, getting used to these high heels You want to dance with me? Oh god, no, that's way too forced. I need to sound natural for— Eep! W-when'd you get here, Commander?!

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