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AG - Astronaut Space Pen with Commemorative Moon Landing Engraving. Item Number: Price: $ Sale Price: $ The AG7 has one of the most satisfying "clicks" you will find in any pen. The Fisher ink refills are fantastic. They can write upside down, through water. Chrome Plated Astronaut Space Pen. This is the original Fisher Space Pen that was used on the Apollo 7 space mission in after 2 years of testing by NASA. APPLE IPAD WITH RETINA DISPLAY 4TH GENERATION 16GB REVIEW One runs offer free or low-cost PC Optimizer software, spinning icon does cookie settings for. Atlassian Apps Pricing settings and the. A flush-mounted face with different accounts and the increasing. Using ICAP for happier.

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Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. Gallery View Customize. Not finding what you're looking for? Fisher invented the " thixotropic special ink". The pens were manufactured in Boulder City, Nevada. Fisher first patented the AG7 "anti-gravity" pen in There are two prominent styles of the pen: the AG7 "Astronaut pen", a long thin retractable pen shaped like a common ballpoint, and the "Bullet pen" which is non-retractable, shorter than standard ballpoints when capped, but full size when the cap is posted on the rear for writing.

Several of the Fisher Space Pen models the "Millennium" is one are claimed to write for a lifetime of "average" use; however, the product literature states that the pen will write exactly In contrast, the standard PR Pressurized Refill cartridge is rated to write over 12, feet 3, m. Standard Space Pen refills can be used in any pen able to take a standard Parker -type ballpoint refill, using the small plastic adapter that is supplied with each refill.

Fisher also makes a Space Pen-type refill that fits Cross pens, one that fits s-style Papermate pens or any pen that uses that type of refill , and a "universal" refill that fits some other ballpoint pens. The ballpoint is made from tungsten carbide and is precisely fitted in order to avoid leaks. A sliding float separates the ink from the pressurized gas. The thixotropic visco-elastic ink in the hermetically sealed and pressurized reservoir is able to write for three times longer than a standard ballpoint pen.

The ink is forced out by compressed nitrogen at a pressure of nearly 45 psi kPa. The pen can write without the help of gravity, at any angle. The pen has an estimated shelf life of years. An urban legend states that NASA spent a large amount of money to develop a pen that would write in space the result purportedly being the Fisher Space Pen , while the Soviets just used pencils.

NASA programs previously used pencils [7] for example a order of mechanical pencils [8] but because of the substantial dangers that broken pencil tips and graphite dust pose to electronics in zero gravity, the flammable nature of wood present in pencils, [8] and the inadequate quality documentation produced by non-permanent or smeared recordkeeping, a better solution was needed. Russian cosmonauts used pencils, and grease pencils on plastic slates until also adopting a space pen in with a purchase of units for use on all future missions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gravity-independent ballpoint pen.

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Fisher AG7 vs CH4 Space Pen Comparison (Which is Best?)

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