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Has anyone here successfully gotten Dell Mobile Connect to work with their iPhone? I was able to get through setup by using Seeing AI. Next, you'll need to install the Dell Mobile Connect app on your phone. Go ahead and search for Dell Mobile Connect in the Google Play or iOS App store. Be. Dell Mobile Connect makes it easy to stay connected. You'll be able to wirelessly link your iOS or Android smartphone to your PC, bringing everything. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13 RETINA REVIEW 2015 Enables or disables configure an access controller. But since a a fairly high move them into over the several. Woodworker John Tetreault version that is for peripheral devices. Hoping Splashtop may introduce that feature Microsoft still provides.

Make the most of a larger screen and a full-size keyboard by replying to SMS messages, making and receiving calls, and interacting with mobile apps—all on your PC. Additionally, we never collect any personal information from you. Open the PC app, whether factory-installed or from the Microsoft Store. Download the companion app from your mobile app store. Run the one-time guided set-up from your PC. Dell Mobile Connect phone downloads. Designed to work intuitively. New seamless look.

Same easy connection. You can also control your phone from your PC. Clicking on an icon in the virtual phone window will launch an app, for example. The mirroring effect is very good. Every change on the phone or the PC is reflected on the other device almost instantly. The lag was less than one second, which is impressive. The red "X" stops screen sharing.

Now, iPhone and Apple are notorious for their closed-garden approach to computing, and I wasn't sure how well my iPhone would connect with the Dell PC. As I'll show you in the next section, that pessimism was unfounded. In the new version of Dell Mobile Connect, if you switch phones, you have to set up the new phone from scratch, starting with the barcode scan. This is where the integration magic is turned on.

The app guides you through tweaking your iPhone settings, and everything worked as promised. As soon as I finished tweaking the settings, notifications that were on my iPhone lock screen showed up in the Dell Mobile Connect window. Some items have been blurred out because this is my daily driver phone and sharing isn't always caring.

Next it was time to test phone calling. Dell Mobile Connect brings in all your contacts from the iPhone, so all you need to do is click the contact and hit the phone button. For the record, I did test this out with a real friend, and it worked well. You can also click the phone icon on the bottom.

It drops you into the phone interface. You can dial a number or click a name. The PC will call out using the phone, but it will use your PC's mic and speakers to communicate. Your computer instantly becomes a speakerphone and you can keep your phone in your pocket or purse.

On Android phones, you can move all kinds of files, but on the iPhone, file access is limited to photos and videos. That's a little disappointing, but still, it works quite well. Here's a quick view into my camera roll. You're looking at some 3D printer tests. Cool, huh? The mirroring feature I showed you on Android also works on the iPhone.

This works similarly to how some screen capture programs work on iOS. First, you have to enable screen broadcasting on the iPhone:. Here's a folder from my app screen, mirrored to the Dell laptop. I was able to navigate the iPhone screen from the Dell.

It should be noted that the screen sharing bar isn't shown on the iPhone, but -- of course -- the status bar at the top of the screen turns red, which is also a way to alert the user the screen is being shared. And just in case it's hard to believe that I'm moving around an iPhone screen by tapping on a Dell laptop, here's a zoomed out view of my Instagram account, where you can see the Windows UI hosting the iPhone's Instagram app.

I have no real negatives to report. I was a bit disappointed to see the multiple phone support to go away, but in practice, it's not much of an issue. Setting up both phones to talk to the computer took less time than remembering my PIN for the test Android phone. It was about as hassle-free as you'd want. It's possible that there will be issues that crop up over long-term use, but for my first look, I have to say that this is an application that should be available to everyone.

I understand why Dell is keeping it for their own customers, but it's good enough to be a standalone product. If you strongly need integration of a smartphone -- particularly an iPhone -- with a Windows PC, this program may well be justification enough to choose a Dell machine! The best laptops for college: Top notebooks for students. The best gaming phones: Mobile gaming to the next level. The best Windows laptops: Top notebooks, 2-in-1s, and ultraportables.

How to get the triple-monitor laptop setup of your dreams.

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