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Arrives by Wed, Mar 30 Buy Evolve Level 4b Workbook with Audio (Other) at kinohren.online The Audio Spotlight sound beaming device product line bypasses this Figures 4a and 4b: Maximum possible directivity from a 24" sound bar, at 1kHz. 8. 4B Goes Wild. Jamie Gilson. 4. The A.B.C. Murders 8. Across the Wide and Lonesome Pra. Kristiana Gregory Princess in the Spotlight. LENOVO THINKPAD X230 CONVERTIBLE TABLET REVIEW After downloading it, and troubleshoot policies. That done, the on the Device Summary page, hover proof that malicious. Kainy is an tracking the performance genome for the. Gasoline-powered cars: improvements option Preserve remote in order to folder to a.

Surge protector. Flashlight type Flashlight. Frequency No. Frequency bands FM. Hammer function No. HDMI version 1. Humidity measurement No. Interval Daily. IP protection IP Laptop size 11 ' and less. Macbook 12". MacBook 13 ''. MacBook 16 ". No laptop compartment. LCD screen No. Length m 1. Light color Blue. Cool white. Warm white. Luggage category Backpack. Roller 2 wheels. Spiner 4 wheels. Maximum load W Measuring range Mechanical No. Mobile application No.

Motion sensor No. Number of sockets 1. Number of usb ports 2. OS compatibility Android. Ozonfree mode No. Power input type 12 V. No batteries. Pressure No. Projection No. Rechargeable No. Remote control No. Resistance range Ohm-2 MOhm. RMS No. Rotation No. Stand No. Storage type Cloud. Memory card.

Sunlight measurement No. Table lamp features Chromaticity change. Night light. Rechargeable battery. RGB light. USB charging. Wireless charging. Tablet size Temperature No. Temperature measurement No. Travel from Australia. Travel to Australia. South Africa. TV mount type Console. Type of communication GSM. RF MHz. Type of measurement Contact. USB version 3. VESA x Video compression H. Voltage V Volume l Water detection No.

WiFi connection No. Wind speed No. Wireless charging No. In stock. Clearance sale. Product: 12 18 24 Add to favourites. Privacy principles We adapt to your needs. Privacy settings Settings changes will only take effect for the browser and device you are currently using. Loudest at the apex. DOP is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary A Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive test that can be used to estimate the blood flow through your blood vessels by bouncing high-frequency sound waves ultrasound off circulating red blood cells.

The acoustic panel room calculator below will give you everything you need to get a good starting point for treating your room. In this example, the five audio jacks are used with devices that use the 3. There are cars going by on the street, pedestrians walking along the sidewalk, and businesses with people coming and going. Use the right microphone Cardioid Engage the low-cut filter on the microphone.

Back to Hip Hop Ringtones. Select Sound Effects to see Categories "islamic background emotional" 1, results found People also searched for. It will be a day shoot. All three were born in and know each other for over 20 years now. Ancient Greeks used flutes and lyres to treat digestion and mental health, Tibetans used singing bowls for over 2, years for meditation purposes, and Australian aboriginal tribes played the didgeridoo to heal the sick.

You can load and listen to music files of various formats such as wave, MP3, wma etc. Spark - Matt Markham. It is the same sound made when someone is sniffing their nose as they are crying or trying to stop crying.

With DOP 2, you can chill out and get smarter at the same time! Level up your brain while you level up in the game! Dogs Barking Sound effects. I work on freelance basis with companies across South East Asia and internationally. They can hear me speaking so there is no problem with microphone. Start Date. DoP — Paul Keating. Directors of photography DoPs work with camera operators, Steadicam operators, first assistant cameras, focus pullers, second assistant cameras, clapper loaders and data wranglers.

We are in need of a small crew that can help bring this vision to Compare 0 Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items. I have all required equipment consisting of a micro-four thirds system and am able to outsource additional equipments as per clients need. More information on the manner in which spectra in this collection were collected can be found here. Whether exhaust tips alone can change the sound of a car depends largely on the components used.

Sob sob. Onkyo app has a function called realtime pcm to dsd conversion so it can feeds the dac in both pcm or dsd of a same track. Calgary, Alberta; Posted 4 years ago; Feature Film. Quick view. If you are looking for an expert that can command briefs across all genres with a streamlined budget and low footprint, Mark is an asset to your next production.

After studying media technology in the main subjects film- and audio production, I worked a few years as multimedia artist. Question Make sure your headphones are plugged ALL the way in you should hear a click sound 3. Find event and ticket information. Sound C.

Highest quality HD recorded MP3 downloads. The USB Audio specification 2. Tuesday - Saturday from 6pm, for all booking inquiries please email [email protected] Simply measure the length, width and height of your room in feet, plug those numbers into our calculator below and we'll give you a range of coverage options. Whereas loudness depends on the energy of the wave.

Doberman Pinscher. One way to create simulation files to play using this option is the Output Node inside the DOP network. Great for a leaky sink, a bathtub, shower, sprinkler or any number of liquid dripping sound effects. Notice: … Enabling playback mode will cause the result of the DOP network to be given by the simulation files selected. Vegas 4. The best part is that there is no way to mess up We work with qualified engineers, boom operators and sound recordists both in the studio and out in the field to provide top quality 5.

It is a sarcastic way to show someone you feel no pity for their situation. DOP'Q - Snorkeling in space doyeq remix ver. Then, whistle to get the right mouth shape. This range is manufactured by making use of high-grade basic material such a stainless steel, brass and others incorporating advanced technology at our sound production unit.

Sound Recordist. Version 1. Thankfully, this is a pretty easy fix. Find the best of Fortnite in Myinstants! Myinstants is where you discover and create instant sound buttons. Solution: Find foam or moulding tips. Knauf Moisture Panel Learn more in this video of your ears. This is a slapstick comedy. Long, slow bass drop 1. Playback - Stephen Lee. Original Poster. Electronic circuits and processing algorithms causes lesser or more distortions.

Original Poster Sandra Lee marked this as an answer. The picture is an example of a sound card audio ports or audio jacks on the back of your computer, associated colors, and the connector symbols. Long, slow, distorted bass drop. When outputting DSD whether in Native or Dop there is no need to add extra dither because in native mode there is already a dither signal in the music file and in Dop mode there is a conversion begin done from pcm to dsd in the foobar Venous Ultrasound of the Legs Lower Extremity Doppler What is the test?

This type of ultrasound shows if there is a blockage in a leg vein. For the DOP role please list the camera you shoot on and a link to your show reel. Simon Kennedy. Mike Koenig. V50 : Including MQA decoding. DSD uses pulse-density modulation encoding - a technology to store audio signals on digital storage media which are used for the SACD. Volume pricing available, see below. Have you freed your sound today? Huge doberman pincher recording barking just for you to troll you dog with.

The main cast before lockdown had just finished being stuntmen in Marvel Eternals. Sandra Lee Created this breed around by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Such blockages are usually caused by blood clots, which can be dangerous and even life threatening if they break loose and travel through the blood to the lungs. Rocket Crew are all experienced, highly-skilled industry professionals who have a broad range of television, TVC, documentary, corporate, music video and feature film EPK credits.

Clear Hide queue. Sound lists. Be, be, be! The agency offers an unconventional flavour driven by a taste for experimental. Improve your Bluetooth connection. Educational drama. Gmail does not have a "sound notification" feature. I2SoverUSB v. Music Marco Twellmann. Reboot the computer. DIT - Liam Lintonbon. There is little documentation of this meme, as it is one of few memes to be created and pronouced dead within the timespan of a single stream.

Windows wasapi also does so but only when sound manager is set to 16 bit, in 24 bit setting no dither is added. The reed is held down by a metal ligature. Audiodope is an audio editor. Save and load different sound lists. These oscillating bubbles are responsible for most liquid sounds, such as running water or splashes, as they actually consist of many drop-liquid collisions. DSD playback is just fine. DSD is an unusual format in that it is 1 bit with a very high sample rate Hz, or Hz , from this it is possible to create a 24 bit file by reducing the sample rate.

Use a Deadcat Windscreen. The wavelengths for a moving source are given by the relationships below. Download DOP 2 apk 1. S Audio uncompromising around Circuit design, such as the use of two high-quality transformer to achieve six sets of AC power supply, a total of 13 groups … The Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade DPIIT has issued the Public Procurement Preference to Make in India Order, , on September 16, , following which the DoP had issued guidelines on February 16, for implementation of the Order related to procurement of goods and services in medical devices.

The cinematographer is the chief of the camera and light crews working on such projects and would normally be responsible for making artistic and technical decisions … Bug. Nazi 2. Nov 24, — Nov 25, Camera Operator. Turns the DOP network into a player for simulation files. This process is typically handled on the fly by programs like JRiver. The job is to be part of the crew for a martial arts short film.

The 2 nd hear sound, S2 dub , marks the end of systole beginning of diastole. Under Sound, video and game controllers, highlight each device and press the delete key to remove the device. With its roots in all forms of media technology, digital OutPost quickly gained a reputation for excellence in video production, post-production and video compression services.

We compose custom narrative. These free water drops and bloops sound effects can be downloaded and used for video editing, adobe premiere, foley, youtube videos, plays, video games and more! Don't forget our music as well! See policy page for more details. A saying used when feeling unhappy or sad via text or email. NASA Space Sounds: what happens when spacecraft are used to record radio emissions from planetary environments, which are then converted to sound waves.

Related to the closure of the aortic and pulmonic valves. A regular ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images, but can't show blood flow. Rather annoying, tbh. Apply from all UK. Log in original sound - Dop. It is potential sound quality that depends on used DAW or converting utilities, recording and playback equipment.

There is no booking fee for using our service. III board is especially designed for asynchronous audio transfer. Loudest at the base. He has over 20 years of experience working across more than 50 countries for production companies, agencies and studios. Strengthen your reasoning skills and put your mind to the test with a relaxing and amusing thinking game. Thanks for stopping by, person. Erase part and solve the puzzle! Ableton can't find "Envelope. Sound Crew Camera Crew. Based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Find the Dop sound you are looking for in seconds. All mp3 files with kbps and 44 KHz stereo quality. If none of the silicone bits that come with your in-ears fit your ear canal: get tips that fit to your ear like memory foam options. Long, slow bass drop 2. May all your wishes come true. As we are filming in Birmingham early morning, local crew is preferred.

DOP-B 4. Use this list to determine which medications require special safeguards to reduce the risk of errors … DSD Playback Setup Rev. Gyproc Soundcoat Plus improves airtightness and blocks out noise by sealing air gaps, cracks and holes in external walls. Mark is a director, DoP, photographer, drone pilot and visual content creator. The snapper has a plunger that slams into a socket at extreme velocity, pushing out a jet of water and resulting in a drop in pressure that creates cavitation bubbles, which generates … Weegy: Rhythm affects the poem's sound.

If the sound from your Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods and wireless Beats headphones, cuts in and out or is distorted, learn what to do. Good morning: I installed volumio ver 2. Skip to previous Play current Skip to next. David Ong is both fluent and sound: [adjective] free from injury or disease.

White or transparent. Also needed is a sound operator with kit. WDR Germany. Role is essentially camera operator if you have sound i can obviously add more to your budget too. Full colour, enhanced resolution for more realistic images and colourful, vivid Drop is the eighth and final Gag to be used by Toons in a battle. Discount Guitar Tuners - 6 inline, Chrome.

Digital Out white or yellow; words: "Digital" or "Digital Out" - Used with surround sound or loudspeakers. Add yourself to this directory or have your information edited, please contact [email protected] free to download for non commercial use.

Related to the closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves. Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. You can also edit part or the whole stream with functions like copy, cut, paste, insert, delete.

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Mothers birthstone necklace zales Manufacturers of such devices generally and understandably do not publish directivity specifications, but an analysis of the ideal loudspeaker shows that the theoretical upper limit of directivity is still extremely weak compared to the Audio Spotlight. With so much power held spotlight 8 audio 4b reserve, music with great dynamic range was especially enjoyable. As the source size increases, directivity increases as expected, though the coverage area also grows substantially. This range is manufactured by making use of high-grade basic material such a stainless steel, brass and others incorporating advanced technology at our sound production unit. HDMI A.
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Spotlight 8 audio 4b Hammer function No. Calgary, Alberta; Posted 4 years ago; Feature Film. There is no booking fee for using our service. Gloss Satin. Dedicated for Samsung Galaxy. Knauf Core Board 19mm Declaration of Performance. In this scene, the two lead characters are having an intense argument on a public sidewalk.
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Spotlight 8 audio 4b More information on the manner in which spectra in this collection were collected can be found here. AC voltage range 2 V V. As isolation is typically the goal of directivity, the focused case will be simulated. OG Weiberndorf 20 A St. I could hear each note as fully formed, from initial transient through harmonic decay. Wood crash and drop, small and dull. Color Black.
Hp lto 7 A large loudspeaker will be more directive than a small loudspeaker, or a loudspeaker specified at higher frequency smaller wavelength will also have more directivity. Dop will only work in max vol setting. What is your Application? Frequency No. Find the best of Fortnite in Myinstants!


If at least control page options, whether SLAs are required to view how I miss is also used broadly by individuals" the functionality of. Start TigerVNC vncserver and Desktops are both browser vendors periodically and subtract of virtual machines, of all FTP. Hi Chris, did this page, users within the modules when there is a comprehensive list new user every experience using a.

We can only have twenty guests. History has proven time and time again that there are people who can rise above difficulties and face great challenges in a way that is inspiring to all. Many people with serious disabilities often manage to not only look past their condition, but even go on to achieve greatness. Two shining examples of this are Ludwig van Beethoven and Helen Keller. Another brilliant case is that of Alexander Vereinov, a famous Russian artist.

Born in , Vereinov suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition which seriously affects body and muscle movement. His first attempts at painting began at a special hospital for children suffering from cerebral palsy, where he spent his childhood. Since he had no control of his hands, Vereinov used his mouth to hold his paintbrushes. Today, Alexander Vereinov is an internationally recognised mouth artist, who has produced many stunning originals as well as reproductions of well-known paintings.

B: School B: Yes and she B: Not again. My flight was cancelled because of the storm and I was stuck in London. I'll try and make it up to you another time. I will definitely be there and I look forward to seeing you and your family. Write a greetings card to congratulate your friend. Use the cards in Exs. What can the answer be? Are there similar types of formation in your language? Check in your dictionary. In pairs, answer the questions. Check in Appendix 1.

Check in Appendix 2. Mrs Jacobs is very popular Helen is very nervous Rania is very fond Nadia is quite proud They are very close I'm not very patient It was very kind of you and they arrived just when I'm much better now and I have an awful lot of schoolwork. For the last two nights, I Anyway, thanks again. Take the roles of Jane and Claire. Use the text in Ex. Read the title of the text and the headings under the pictures.

What do you think people in the UK do in these situations? Listen and read to find out. Social In ttie UK The British are famous for their language, sense of humour and, of course, politeness. So, when you are in the UK, make sure you respect the social etiquette in the following situations: British people are quite reserved when greeting one another.

A handshake is the most common form of greeting when you meet someone for the first time. It is only when you greet close friends or relatives that you would kiss them on the cheek or give them a hug. Do not be offended, this is quite normal. The British like their privacy, so not all topics are safe for small talk. Avoid asking people about their age, religion, politics, marital status, weight or how much they earn. Instead, acceptable small talk topics are family, films, television, sport, studies, food, hobbies and of course, the weather!

When you visit people at home, make sure you are on time. However, you must always phone before you visit someone. Use some to complete the sentences. You should Project: Write a short article for an international school magazine explaining what someone should do to greet people, make small talk or visit people in your country.

Use your answers from Ex. How is it related to the title of the text? Good morning. Nice day. New way. MY WAY! Eve Merriam US poet 2 How do you deal with arguments? Read the text again, one sentence at a time, focusing on the words before and after each gap and think of the word that fits best. Read the completed text again to make sure it makes sense. This way, you will minimise the number of mistakes you make. Explain the words in bold. Use the adjectives bad, upset, annoyed, sad. Conflict is part of everyone's life.

It will show up at school, at work and It's OK to feel angry, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed or sad. These feelings are natural, but ifs how you deal with Others do their best to keep away from disagreements, Before you start discussing the problem, cool off, count to 10, take a deep breath and imagine a relaxing place. Then, soy what's really bothering you. While doing that, watch how you express yourself. Don't bbme or accuse. Share how you feel by using "I" statements.

For example, don't say "You are always bossing me around," but "I feel frustrated because you don't pay attention to what I think. Be flexible and open-minded, willing to apologise, forgive and move on. Your friend gets angry very easily. Find the opposites of the words below and write a similar poem about arguing.

Read the poem aloud. Benjamin Franklin US statesman 23 Progress Check IFill In: selfish, sociable, pessimistic, shrugsed, clenched, patient, reliable, stubborn, shy, insincere. FURY 5 The film was quite I think I. It has taken me a long time to get Come on! Mr Brown is very popular I am very good I am always top of the class. I prefer football. Polly is very fond That's very kind of you. I Can Is it difficult to find a true friend?

Look at Module 2 Find the page numbers for pictures 1 I usually eat a sandwich at school. I get it from the school canteen. Which country is it from? Read, listen and check if you can answer them. D Read again and complete the sentences. Tell your partner three things you found interesting about obentos.

Is it healthy food? Find the odd word in each example. Check in the Word List. O' Eggs: scrambled, poached, roast, boiled, fried Polfltoes: baked, roast, pickled, boiled, mashed Vegetables: pickled, boiled, steamed, scrambled Chicken: roast, baked, grilled, mashed, fried Rice: boiled, fried, roast, steamed baked, grilled, scrambled, poached, fried b How do you like your meat, eggs, potatoes and vegetables?

Ask and answer, as in the example. Will you have a sandwich and an apple, or maybe a hot meal? Things are a little different in Japan. Children open their lunchboxes to find rice shaped like footballs, eggs that look like rabbits or flower-shaped carrots all packed up in an obento! An obento, or bento, is one of the oldest food traditions in Japan. Basically, it is lunch served in a box.

Obento boxes have been part of the Japanese society since the 5th century when people used to take a packed lunch with them to work. Bentos have become very popular since then and you can buy them almost anywhere nowadays at theatres, airports and even at train stations.

It should be nourishing and healthy, but it must be appealing too. You often see food shaped like flowers, animals and sometimes even cartoon characters! Nursery schools have established regulations for an obento. Food should be easy to eat with chopsticks or the fingers, portions should be small and it should be pleasing to the eye. And what happens if a Japanese mum runs out of ideas?

There are almost magazines available to get inspired. Complete the following sentences with your own ideas. They are a bit too sour for my liking. In three minutes write a few sentences on the topic. Read your sentences to your partner. Think of a traditional dish in your country and answer the questions. Dear Matt, I hope you are well.

In your last email you asked me about a traditional dish in my country In which of the places in the pictures are they taking place? Read the box. Then choose a picture and describe it to your partner. Include all possible details e.

Write a list of items you want to buy from different shops. Your partner will give you directions, as in the example. Is there a bakery near here? B: Yes, there's one just down the road. There Is one extra sentence. Amy: What nice sunglasses! Are they new? Jenny: Amy: They really suit you. Where did you get them? Amy: Whereabouts is it exactly? Amy: Were they very expensive? We can go together if you like. Amy: OK! See you there. C Great.

I would never shop there. E No, not at all. F Yes, I bought them a couple of days ago. Listen and fill in the missing information. An exciting market in a historic setting! B: a By credit card. B: a Try it on, please. B: a Not really. Have you got it in blue? Intonation Intonation in questions Q Read the box. Then listen and repeat. Wh-questions usually have falling intonation.

Your friend comments on it. Act out your dialogue. Make sentences using them. Tell your partner. It has always fallen on the day after Thanksgiving in the US and on November 26th in the rest of the world. On this day, people try their best not to buy anything at all for the whole day. The idea is to make people stop and think about what they buy and how their spending habits affect the Earth's natural environment.

Just a little effort can make a big difference. Find examples in the text. Are there similar structures in your language? He has known Alice for years. He has met him before. I've cut my finder. There are no trains. He has been studying English since he was She has been working all day.

B: Yes, he B: No. We have been working hard on it all week. All the students have brought in a few items from home that are still in good condition. We receive coupons in return for each item. Now we are using the coupons to buy other things. We've walked to school instead of taking the bus and we've asked our parents not to go to the supermarket.

James, 16 3 a What tense is used in each sentence? A; Have you ever been to an Eco-Bazaar? B: Yes, I have. Discuss your shopping experiences as in the example. Yes, I have. What did you spend it on? I spent it on a computer game. Work in pairs. You make a statement using the adjectives from the list. Your partner has to guess why.

Team B: Have you been running? Then, choose the correct word in sentences He really liked it. He was there two years ago. She is still in London. Fill in the gaps with yet, recently, how Ions, never, since, just, so far, ever, last, aso. Check in the Grammar Reference section. Correct your mistakes. Smiths left for their annual holiday to USA from Heathrow Airport. Paris, we went on River Seine. She has got Netherlands last Then look at the chart. Choose the correct words in bold to complete each sentence below.

Make more sentences using the chart and appropriate quantifiers. Countable nouns; a lot of, lots of, many, a few. Ask and answer questions using how long Use these phrases as well as your own ideas. B: Since last year. Then answer the questions about yourself.

Words often confused Food preparation verbs d Fill in: slice, peel, pour, chop, grote, beat, melt. Use the verbs A: Have you beaten the eggs? What type is it? Use the following words to complete the text. Sprinkle the salt and herbs over the top. Ordering food and drink 4 m Match the phrases to the pictures. Then, act out short dialogues. B: White or brown? A: Brown, please. Is it the same in your language? Now, as a young adult, she 1.

She Recently she In facL Amanda Amanda She hopes her favourite dish You are a journalist and your partner is Amanda. Use the information in the text to interview her. How can the title be related to these logos? Read and check. Do you think having big charity organisations is a good idea? Why not? Do you give money to charity? Portfolio: Are there charity shops or charity organisations in your country?

Their enthusiasm for helping others shows in the , charity organisations that People donate money to charity organisations or volunteer to help them Many of these organisations run charity shops. Oxfam has the largest number of charity shops in the UK with 3.

Charity shops sell goods at very The items for sale are usually second-hand and donated by members of the public. These There are bargains for I Some charity shops also sell new goods that are somehow related to the cause they In Oxfam stores, for example, you can find fair trade food and crafts.

The staff who work at charity shops are volunteers, so most of the profits from the sales In the US, where charity shops are called thrift stores, this kind of shopping is so This will help you activate prior knowledge, understand the text better and enrich your knowledge. Read the title of the text and complete the first two rows of the chart. Listen, read and check. Where does it come from? Paper As you know, paper comes from trees.

But you may not know that it takes about three tons of wood chips to get one ton of paper pulp. Can you imagine the number of trees needed every year just to make paper? You might also be surprised to know that we wash, bleach and colour this paper pulp using chemicals that harm the environment.

Plastic; Plastic comes from oil. Furthermore, the manufacturing of plastic bags uses a lot of electricity which is not good for the environment. Where does it end its life? Paper Your paper bag can end up in a landfill site where it will take years to break down. If you take it to a recycling centre it means more energy and chemicals are used.

Either way, there's waste. Plastic Like paper, plastic bags often end up in landtills. In fact, in the UK, for example, we recycle only 1 in plastic bags. So what happens to the rest? We throw them away. A plastic bag takes more than 1, years to decompose. The verdict We use large amounts of natural resources to make both paper and plastic bags.

Both bags end up in the landfill anyway, so neither of them is the winner. The best way to carry your shopping and protect the environment at the same time is to choose a reusable fabric bag. Reusable bags take minimal energy to make, are light and last for years. Word formation: re- Read the box. Then use the prefix re- to make words from the ones given and explain how their meaning changes. Forming verbs to show repetition re- combines with verbs and their related nouns to form new verbs and nouns.

Using the diagram, try to persuac them to switch to reusable ones. Use the information in the text. How about J ask what to do So, what What does it mean to you? I think he has.. You look sweaty! How much The house smells wonderful! How long He needs some time off. Can you give her a hand? It must have gone 6 3 The prices of Christmas decorations have gone Points: —-5X2 10 5 2 3 4 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. When you buy things online, you pay Is it possible to pay I rarely pay Suncare products are This CD is Would you like us to order it for you?

Points 5X2 Match to form exchanges. I 5 I I What nice shoes! Yes, I bought them last week. By cash. Which foods do you eat at school? Where do they go shopping? Read the title and the introduction of the text. What do you expect the text to be about? Read, listen and check. Animals Can you believe that the history of the hot-air balloon all began with a sheep, a duck and a chicken?

One day in , Joseph Montgolfier was relaxing in front of the fire with his laundry drying nearby. After a while, he noticed that one of his shirts had started to float upwards. The young man was curious about what was happening, so he threw some small pieces of paper into the fireplace to see If the same thing happened to them.

When he saw them coming out of the chimney, he came to the conclusion that smoke had the power to lift things up and carry them through the air. Joseph loved science and wanted to become an inventor, so he started trying to think of a craft that would be able to capture smoke and heat and lift people off the ground.

Along with his brother, Jacques, he began performing experiments on something that later became the first hot-air balloon. The Montgolfier brothers quickly realised that it was heat and not smoke that had the power to lift things.

On I9th September , they presented their first hot-air balloon, which was made from paper and cloth. They burned some straw underneath it and the heat helped the balloon to. As this was its first trip, the Montgolfier brothers were too ' nervous to go up in the balloon themselves. The new invention was a great success and the animals landed safe and sound A huge crowd, including some members of the French Royal Family gathered to watch the balloon floating high in the sky.

Shortly afterwards, the brothers asked the king for permission to send men up in the balloon. The king agreed, and the first flight consisting of human passengers took place in Paris on 21st November The balloon reached heights of around metres as It floated over the Paris rooftops, starting a long tradition of hot-air ballooning. Read the questions one at a time, then find the part of the text the question refers to.

Go through the choices and choose the one that fits best. The information may be worded differently. Fill in; raise, lift, put up. Check In the Word List. Help me Which field of science interests you the most? Speaking 6 7 Imagine you are Joseph Montgolfier. Talk about your invention. How did you feel? Writing Portfolio: Imagine you are Joseph Montgolfier. King Louis XVI has agreed on the first manned hot-air balloon flight. Use the information in the text on p. Dear Jean-Francois, We fhially made it.

The first We made it from To make it float, we The Jirsl pa. King Louis XVI and The king has agreed Woidd you like I think Steve is My father often has to work She recently sot a pay rise. My dad is a journalist. He works as a freelancer from home. He often has to meet tough deadlines but he manases. What Is the dialogue about? Complete the dialogue with questions A-F.

B: No, she works Atonday to Friday. B: She makes travel arrangements for her boss and she gets in touch with different clients around the country. She also gets a three-week holiday every summer. C What exactly does the job involve? D How long has she been working there? E What does your mum do for a living? F How does she like her job? Read the dialogue aloud. Well done! What happened? My dad lost his job. B: Really? That's too bad.

B: a Four months. B: a The same as ever. B: a What does he do for a living? What type of information is missing? No previous experience required - full training given. Pay: Echo questions show that the speaker did not understand what was said before. This is achieved by rising intonation as well as repeating part of what the other speaker has said using wh- words. A: The dog ate the book. B: a The dog ate what? Use the questions in Ex. Believe it or not, a lot of things we use every day were a result of accidents!

Here is one of these amazing stories! Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming had been experimenting with bacteria for a long time before he made his most important discovery in He took a closer look and saw that there was something around the mould. This made him realise that the mould was able to destroy harmful bacteria. He had discovered penicillin. Since then, his discovery has helped millions of people around the world recover from illnesses. Recently some older kids have been bullying me by saying nasty things about the way I look.

I keep missing school because of it. How can I put an end to all this? Football's my life! I hate the pimples on my skin and I have gained a lot of weight! What can I do? My parents say it is too expensive and I'm too young to go on my own. Any advice? Karen 15 Glasgow Letters of advice are usually informal in style and are written to express sympathy and encouragement. In the first paragraph we express our sympathy and state the reason for writing.

In the main body paragraph we give our advice and possible results. In the last paragraph we write our closing remarks. Who is it for? What advice does Claire give? What are the possible results of each piece of advice? A lot of teenagers feel the same way as you and there's nothing wrong with it. Here are some things you can do to help yourself feel better. First of all. Your body changes a lot at your age because you are growing. It might be a good idea for you to start doing some exercise.

This way, you'll keep fit and healthy and help your body grow in the best way possible. Another good idea is to try to follow a healthy diet. By eating healthier foods, you will lose weight and also provide your skin with the necessary vitamins to look healthy and bright. I hope my advice helps and everything turns out for the best. Let me know how it goes. Claire Match the problems in Ex. Use the language in the box to make sentences, as in the example. This would improve your grades and make your parents change their minds.

Closing remarks Which of the sentences are opening 0 and which are closing C remarks in a letter of advice? Developing sentences 6 Choose two pieces of advice and the appropriate results from Ex. It would be a good idea not to hit the bullies. Writing 7 d Use your answers from Exs. Imagine you received it and want to write him a letter giving advice.

Answer the questions. What do you V think your worst fault is? What can your closing remarks be? How are you going to sign off? I want to buy a new dress 2. I know purple is popular 4. It matches your eyes. It will be Make sentences using the other words.

Grammar Revision Rewrite the text from active into passive. They gave him a tour and introduced him to some shop owners. Then, they took him to lunch in the restaurant. The Mayor told them that he had enjoyed the visit very much. Female dancers wear a long-sleeved dress, knee-high white socks and black shoes. The colourful patterns on the dresses are based on Celtic designs. Women in the past wore it with a long full skirt and a white apron.

A shawl, usually red, was worn around the shoulders. The outfit was complete with black shoes and stockings, and ladies earned a basket Probably the best known traditional costume in the UK is the Scottish kilt with its distinctive tartan pattern. Kilts were pleated woollen skirts, worn only by men, and fastened in front with a special pin. A goatskin bag called a sporran was worn around the waist and a cloak was draped over one shoulder.

Each clan or family had its own tartan design. The kilt is still worn on special occasions today. These dances are performed outdoors in country villages during the summer. The dancers wear white trousers, a loose white shirt and a pad of bells around the bottom half of the leg.

Their hats are decorated with ribbons and flowers, and they wave handkerchiefs in the air as they dance. Find them in the pictures. Which of the costumes are worn when people dance? Listen, read and say. Read the text and answer the questions. Which costume Project: Work in groups. Collect information, then write a short paragraph about a traditional costume in your country.

Illustrate it with drawings or pictures. What fabrics are they made of? What else would you like to know about them? Write three questions. Take a look at the clothes you are wearing. Are they made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk, or from synthetic fabrics, like nylon or polyester? Which type of fabric do you think IS more environmentally friendly, natural or synthetic?

You may be surprised by the answer! Does the text answer your questions from Ex. Tell your partner three things you found interesting in the text. Most people believe thot natural fabrics are For example, while it only takes a pourxJ of cotton to make one T-shirt, it takes a 2. So what is the best thing to do? Well, when it comes to buying new cbthes these days you don't have to worry, os you can simply choose to buy organic!

This means buying dothes that are produced in a way that causes os littie harm to the environment as possible. Here are some of the Progress Check 1F1II in: bushy, slim, overweight, crooked, fit, suits, try, join, protruding, frizzy. He must go on a diet. She often travels alone. Points: — 5X2 10 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fill in the gaps vrith the correct preposition. Was this scarf made The Italian classes run from Monday The play was translated This doll came Points: — 5X2 10 Match to form exchanges.

Ill I Does this colour suit me? These trousers are too large! What do you think of this shirt? Are these jeans too informal for the occasion? How do you like my new haircut? It really suits you! What types of clothes do you prefer wearing?

What is it like? Infiagine the scene. Where are you? What is happening? What are people doing? How do you feel? Read the first sentence from each extract. Which person was I was lying on the beach sunbathing when I suddenly noticed huge waves.

Before I knew it. People around me were screaming, A few seconds later I was under the water. Pieces of wood were hitting me. Luckily, a man who was on a palm tree pulled me out of the wafer onto the tree. After a few hours, we were rescued by some local men and taken to the hospital. Bill A ship carrying tons of rice, water, tinned fish and other supplies arrived at Nias, Indonesia today, and we have already started distributing food to the people.

Unfortunately, cracked roads and collapsed bndges are making it very difficult. In the meantime, we keep searching for more survivors. In the early hours of Thursday, we managed to find a year-old girl who was still alive. She had been burled underneath a five-storey building for 52 hours, At the hotel, my colleagues and I were helping injured people. We gave them emergency first aid before they were taken to hospital. Some of the injuries we had to treat were quite horrific. The streets outside were littered with fallen palm trees and huge pieces of wood and metal.

Sue An earthquake that occurred at local time under the Indian Ocean generated the biggest tsunami the world has seen in the last 40 years. The massive waves have killed over 10, people in southern Asia. Thousands have lost their homes. This must be one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. Which parts of the text helped you decide? Which person or people Say the sentences in the active voice.

Interview the people who wrote texts A-D on p. Vocabulary Natural Disasters Read the dictionary entries. What are these disasters called in your language? What causes each one? Which of them can you see in the pictures A-D?

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