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Maintenance commands. User commands. Group commands. Command line installation. Command line upgrade. Two-factor authentication. Disable users. For example, in CentOS 6. Although the following examples make use of the sudo -u Other common wrappers:. Running occ with no options lists all commands and options, like this example on Ubuntu:.

This is the same as sudo -u www-data php occ list. Run it with the -h option for syntax help:. Options and arguments are optional, while commands are required. The syntax is:. Get detailed information on individual commands with the help command, like this example for the maintenance:mode command:. The status command from above has an option to define the output format. The default is plain text, but it can also be json :. This output option is available on all list and list-like commands: status , check , app:list , config:list , encryption:status and encryption:list-modules.

Command autocompletion currently only works if the user you use to execute the occ commands has a profile. Autocompletion is available for bash and bash based consoles. To enable it, you have to run one of the following commands:. If you also want to use autocompletion on occ from within the directory without using the full path, you need to specify --program occ after the --generate-hook.

The app commands list, enable, and disable apps:. By default all checks are enabled. The Activity app is an example of a correctly-formatted app:. Use the background command to select which scheduler you want to use for controlling background jobs, Ajax, Webcron, or Cron. This is the same as using the Cron section on your Nextcloud Admin page:. See Background jobs to learn more.

The config commands are used to configure the Nextcloud server:. By default, passwords and other sensitive data are omitted from the report, so the output can be posted publicly e. In order to generate a full backport of all configuration values the --private flag needs to be set:. The exported content can also be imported again to allow the fast setup of similar instances. The import command will only add or update values.

Values that exist in the current configuration, but not in the one that is being imported are left untouched:. Use the occ app:enable , occ app:disable and occ app:update commands instead. The config:system:set command creates the value, if it does not already exist. To update an existing value, set --update-only :.

Note that in order to write a Boolean, float, or integer value to the configuration file, you need to specify the type on your command. This applies only to the config:system:set command. The following values are known:. Some configurations e. In this case, config:system:get for this key will return multiple values:. To set one of multiple values, you need to specify the array index as the second name in the config:system:set command, separated by a space.

For example, to replace sample. Some configurations use hierarchical data. For example, the settings for the Redis cache would look like this in the config. Setting such hierarchical values works similarly to setting an array value above. For this Redis example, use the following commands:. The delete command will by default not complain if the configuration was not set before. If you want to be notified in that case, set the --error-if-not-exists flag:. The syntax for dav:create-addressbook and dav:create-calendar is dav:create-addressbook [user] [name].

This example creates the addressbook mollybook for the user molly:. This example will list all calendars for user annie:. You can use the force option -f to enforce the move if there are conflicts with existing shares. This example will move calendar named personal from user dennis to user sabine:. See Calendar for more information on how to use this command. This example syncs to your calendar from user bernie:. You can use occ to convert from SQLite to one of these other databases.

For a more detailed explanation see Converting database type. It might happen that we add from time to time new indices to already existing database tables, for example to improve performance. In order to check your database for missing indices run following command:. To enable encryption you must first enable the Encryption app, and then run encryption:enable :.

It takes one argument, newRoot , which defines your new root folder:. You will see a list of modules only if you have enabled the Encryption app. Use encryption:set-default-module [module name] to set your desired module. You must first put your Nextcloud server into maintenance mode to prevent any user activity until encryption is completed. Users must have enabled recovery keys on their Personal pages. You must first put your Nextcloud server into maintenance mode to prevent any user activity until decryption is completed.

Use encryption:disable to disable your encryption module. You must first put your Nextcloud server into maintenance mode to prevent any user activity. This is especially useful to enable single-sign on. Use this only on fresh installations with no existing data, or on systems where encryption has not already been enabled.

It is not possible to disable it. See Encryption configuration to learn more. In Nextcloud, servers connected with federation shares can share user address books, and auto-complete usernames in share dialogs.

Use this command to synchronize federated servers:. The files:scan command scans for new files and updates the file cache. You may rescan all files, per-user, a space-delimited list of users, and limit the search path. If not using --quiet , statistics will be shown at the end of the scan:. Verbosity levels of -vv or -vvv are automatically reset to -v.

Note for option —unscanned: In general there is a background job through cron that will do that scan periodically. The —unscanned option makes it possible to trigger this from the CLI. When using the --path option, the path must consist of following components:. You may transfer all files and shares from one user to another.

This is useful before removing a user:. This can be useful to restructure your organization or quotas. The --path argument is given as the path to the directory as seen from the source user:. Well, or will return the very first non nil return from recursion with car or cdr. What returns values? Well when it's not a cons it will evaluate to the intermediate value of a incf of counter when the symbol matches or nil when it doesn't.

Since it's passed it isn't shared between the recursive calls but replaced with the updated value at each call making it functional and easy to follow. When you need to search both car and cdr you recurse car with the counter of this stage and the returning value will be used as the counter in the cdr. For lists of atom this will be tail recursive if the implementation supports it.

This supports finding symbols as tails of lists. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Modified 7 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Improve this question. Rainer Joswig k 10 10 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Aditya Nishtala Aditya Nishtala 23 6 6 bronze badges. A few things: You set counter to 0 on every call.

You aren't returning a value. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Second, let's look why you doing it wrong, your code: defun occ list a setq counter 0 ;; You always setting counter to 0 on new ;; level of recursion if consp list or occ a car list ;; You reversed arguments order?

Improve this answer. Sylwester Sylwester In this case fixnum vs.

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