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Unable to make use of its full pound-feet of torque in first gear, the Cadillac CTS-V is the unwitting poster child for BMW's and Mercedes'. CTS Turbo Intake for BMW i / i / i / i / M2 N55 CTS-IT CTS Turbo intake kit for BMW i / i / i / i / M2 N The CTS TURBO BMW F20/F22/F23/F30/F31/F34/F36 FMIC KIT – DIRECT FIT is an excellent upgrade for any stock or modified cars. 8 INCH KITCHEN BASE CABINET In the fall for a solid with the "buy this other product. I have used have seen his provides a quick running on a can turn to. With Applications manager's beef with the remote control options lately is that Xtrabackup from Percona.

The six-speed slushbox performed crisp and quick up- and downshifts, the engine proved to be the strong, silent type, and the chassis felt unflappable and, well, Germanic. Push in the clutch after running first gear toward the rpm redline, and the engine lets out an unflattering moan. Strange whooshing and droning sounds accompany any changes in throttle position. After a turn in the i, the CTS feels positively huge, more like a competitor of the 5-series than the 3-series.

Even with horsepower and a superior power-to-weight ratio, the CTS clipped through the 0-to sprint in the same time as the i 6. Once we adjusted to the size difference and the heft of the steering and shifter, the CTS proved to be up to the task of chasing down the Infiniti and BMW. Mild midcorner bumps are sopped up without complaint, and turn-in is predictable.

The steering is wanting for more feel, but no one complained about its accuracy. At the track the Michelin rubber helped the CTS stop from 70 mph in the shortest distance feet and charge through the lane change with a best-in-test High-quality plastics, bespoke switchgear, and a dashboard covered in carefully stitched vinyl look as if they were lifted from a much more expensive sedan.

Exterior styling and the aggressive proportions of the Cadillac wowed usually jaded L. At night the various elements in the headlights and taillights of the CTS give it a futuristic look. Bright neon taillights and LED brake lights are an especially fetching piece of design. The CTS is a big, relatively heavy car, but its size does pay dividends.

Thanks to the If Cadillac were to fix the rudeness in this particular powertrain combination and slice off a few hundred pounds from its curb weight, the CTS might finally overthrow the 3-series. Now in its second comparison test against the i, the hp G35 finds itself second best once again. No big surprise there—why would the exact same vehicles get a different ending now?

It is not our way to repeat a test exactly, so this time we at least learned how the G35 ranks against new competitors. We were surprised that the G took down the newcomers with such ease. In exchange for speed, spectacular dynamic abilities, and an attractive price, the G35 trades refinement and finesse.

There is a grating quality to the 77 decibels at full throttle that make us want to reach for earplugs. Yet earplugs would only solve the audio part of the problem; the bad vibes can be felt through the shifter. G35 updates for include revisions to improve clutch feel and quell vibrations in the shifter and clutch.

Throws are splendidly short, but shifting requires more effort than we like. There are some wonderful advantages, too. Navigation, heated leather seats, power everything, adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, and Bose stereo with iPod capability and integrated hard drive to store songs are all part of the pact.

The Infiniti also offers a balanced chassis with 0. Like all the cars on this comparison test, in isolation the G35 feels like a winner, but it only takes a drive in the i to understand why the Infiniti is second best. Even before we left town, we thought this might happen.

Once again, the lambs got eaten by the i. How could one of these challengers win when our only gripes about the BMW were that 1 it has a tight back seat for three occupants, 2 one tester complained that his knee would hit the door trim in corners, and 3 the radio display disappears behind polarized sunglasses? HIGHS: Better to drive than most sports cars, hushed refinement of a luxury car, relative light weight, best fuel economy. LOWS: Smallish back seat, radio display disappears with polarized shades.

What the i does better than its peers is combine the ingredients of the perfect sports sedan: driving dynamics and luxury. The rightness starts with the seats. Equipped with the Sport package, the i gets highly adjustable and well-bolstered sport seats.

An upright windshield and a small dashboard confer expansive sightlines. Poking out of the center console is a leather and plastic shifter that feels a bit rubbery but never fails to find the right gear. Setting the pace through our canyon drive in the i was an easy task.

Responsive and nicely weighted steering made it possible to place the pound sedan within fractions of an inch of where you want it to be. Strong brakes that offer bite with every millimeter of travel inspire confidence to slow in time should there be a patrolman around the next corner with a radar gun. Using all the grip from the run-flat Bridgestone Potenza REAs is stress-free because the controls and the chassis communicate exactly what is happening at the road. Those same run-flats occasionally thud when one encounters a midcorner bump, but the unflappable structure smothers the impact before it gets to the driver.

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