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Once activated, your time limit will begin. The 7 pm rule: This is important if you have a flexi pass. You only need to use one travel day when you travel on a direct night train that departs after 7 p. The date that counts as the travel day is the arrival date. Even though European countries are well-connected by rail, each country has their own national rail company and regulations.

If you are buying individual tickets, or you are traveling within one country in Europe, use these individual websites for reference:. If you feel like living your Harry Potter off to Hogwarts dream, a train ticket in the U. K is worth the splurge. This is a pass you can use to travel around Switzerland; point-to-point tickets in Switzerland are expensive.

The pass allows you to use the train on small journeys in between the smaller villages as well. Below I have highlighted the advantages of traveling Europe by train, and why you should choose a train over air travel. The coolest part about taking the train is that you are not confined to the main cities. The railway network connects even the smallest European towns, so you can get a bit off the beaten path without having to rent a car.

While some trains require a reservation like most overnight excursions , most of them do not require you to book ahead. You can show up at the train station and hop on, unlike flying or renting a car, which generally requires a reservation far in advance. This is a fun way to travel Europe because you can travel without a plan.

You never know who you are going to meet while staying in hostels around Europe or at the bars! Because European cities are so well connected, you can easily make detours and changes to your itinerary with a rail pass. Even though airline tickets can be cheaper, you will often have to deal with strict weight and size limits. Trains do not have luggage weight or quantity limits, which can sometimes make train travel cheaper than air travel. Check out our guide on what to pack for Europe.

This is a huge advantage of traveling Europe by train. If you only have a couple weeks to travel around Europe, cutting out time spent at the airport can be huge! The train is much more comfortable than planes, especially those budget airlines like Ryan Air… You have larger seats, and the ability to walk around. You can grab a meal or beer in the food cart, or bring your own refreshments and booze — a great way to save money while travelling Europe and have a good time!

Furthermore, the train has beautiful views and allows you to see more of the countryside and stop in towns you may not have known about. Okay, train travel is great, but there are disadvantages of the rails too. Even though train travel is more fun, it can also be more expensive, especially for long distances or last-minute tickets.

Often times the bus or a ride-sharing app is cheaper than train travel. That being said, there are discounts for youth travelers under 26 so make sure to use this option! If you are pinching pennies, your best bet is to purchase your train ticket far in advance. If all else fails, use a ride-sharing app, like Bla Bla Car or hitchhike instead.

This is the difference between a multi-day excursion and a few hours on a plane. Make sure to check the timetables and distance for your European trip. It may be worth adding a couple flights if you are trying to cover a vast distance.

This is mostly true in the Baltics, Greece, Georgia and the rest of Eastern Europe, where taking the bus is way more convenient. In these instances we would point you towards Flixbus who operate across Europe. Below are my top travel tips for taking the train in Europe.

It is much cheaper if you buy your tickets online a month or two ahead of time. This takes the flexibility of train travel out of the equations though, which is why a European rail pass is so convenient. You can use the Eurail timetable to plan your journey with regional trains too. You can activate your pass whenever you want, so keep this in mind when you are choosing the length of time for your pass.

This will save you money! For example, You plan to go to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Munich for one month, but you will be in Paris for a week and Munich for a week. It makes much more sense to buy the day pass instead of a full month. Moreover, you should also check point-to-point ticket between Paris and Amsterdam. Always check the prices for normal tickets when you are using train travel in Europe. It may be cheaper to buy an individual ticket than your one trip on the pass is worth.

Some European train passes, including Eurail, do not include intra-city public transport. Regional Tickets, however — like if you buy a Bavaria regional pass — do! Check before you buy to make sure. Night trains require a reservation though, so plan in advance.

A bed will cost about the same as a hostel bed and should be reserved ahead of time. This is also a good way to save time and money. Many high-speed and overnight trains require reservations even if you have a pre-paid European rail pass. There is also a small fee for reservations. Most trains within France require a reservation, but you can make a reservation at the train station!

For example, Germany has an extensive rail network, mostly monopolized by Deutsche Bahn, which controls the rail system and metro system in cities. This is definitely the cheapest way to travel! And remember, regional trains do not have a restaurant car! Sometimes train travel is cheaper and more convenient. Other times the bus is. Flights are a cheaper, faster way to jump countries. Check out this post I wrote on how to find the cheapest flights!

It can be overwhelmingly confusing to decipher between the different types of train tickets and passes when planning a trip to Europe. Also, remember, if you decide to purchase a Eurail pass, non-EU residents should use Eurail. European and UK residents should use Interail. Comment below if you found this article helpful! We bring you epic FREE content! Find out how YOU can help support us. But we do it because we love it — we love providing epic and free content. We love the knowledge that our content keeps you adventuring.

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Guide to Rail Passes in Europe. Beautiful views for train travel in Berlin. This is the Hamburg train station, a typical train station in Germany. Train travel in Italy is often a cheap and fun option! Types of Eurail Passes. I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers Privacy Policy Required. Sign Me Up! How Much does a Eurail Pass Cost? Sometimes you can travel on some old-school trains when backpacking in Europe!

Concert in Ibiza, Spain. Types of Train Tickets in Europe. A train station in Europe before the madness begins. How to Buy Train Tickets in Europe. Train travel by day in Switzerland. Essential Information For Railways by Country. A train in Budapest, Hungary! Train travel in Switzerland is an experience in itself! Advantages of Train Travel in Europe. The train station in Antwerp, Belgium rarely checks your tickets.

Locals forego train ticket purchases all the time! Disadvantages of Train Travel in Europe. Plan ahead for the cheapest train tickets in Europe! Support the Site. Bye for now, but not forever! Ana Pereira. A California native, Ana Pereira is a writer by trade and inspired by earthly exploration and introspection. Eventually, all vagabonds must seek further for that dreaded stability. These days, Ana can be found spending most of her "down-time" out in the wilderness, climbing, hiking, camping and beyond.

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