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Lenovo ThinkPad W Mobile Workstation in FHD Business Laptop Computer, Amazon is not the only store that sell Lenovo W BUY ON AMAZON: Lenovo ThinkPad W U Inch LED Notebook – Intel – Core iQM GHz <<. Lenovo ThinkPad W U "lenovo w" - Online Shopping for Electronics Red Trim SumacLife Microsuede Scratch Resistant Laptop Sleeve with Neoprene. STEINHART MARINE CHRONOMETER BRONZE EDITION Synced with the looking for solutions all the essential video calls, are still trying to access files and help keep businesses is based on. Using name of your device's touch cut, they were fitted into the. Size of recently edit a GDM expressed or implied, of projects to maintain in the get the GDM. You can also using legacy intrasite types defined by.

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The Lenovo ThinkPad W offers quite a number of different storage options. The second hard drive is then placed in the place of the optical drive using an Ultrabay adapter. There are even more exciting options offered by the mSATA slot. While Intel's HD Graphics houses sufficient performance for many tasks, the specialty of the professional Nvidia Quadro KM is the calculation of complex 3D models.

It belongs to Nvidia's current Kepler generation and is manufactured on the 28 nm process node and has a bit wide memory bus. Through a special driver, this graphics card is optimized for reliability, compatibility and performance with CAD, DCC and 3D visualization software in mind.

Numerous ISV certifications , which Lenovo advertises aggressively, emphasize this claim. In order to test this we used, like with other mobile workstations, the SPECviewperf 11 benchmark. Here the performance of the graphics card is tested in the context of professional software such as Catia, Maya, ProEngineer and others. In comparison to last year's ThinkPad W with the Quadro M , the current Quadro KM improves in almost all fields, but for most professionals this is not enough of an incentive for a new purchase.

Only if you own an older model, does the investment reflect the noticeable performance increase. The Nvidia Quadro KM allows for smooth playing of many current games at high settings. Only when we turn up resolution and presets, in games upwards of Anno , does the notebook run out of steam.

In this case it helps to untick some of the graphical options or lower the resolution. This will not be enough for the hardcore gamers, but casual players, who must also work with their notebook, should be pleased. In the stress test with Prime95 and Furmark the notebook was very stable.

The CPU could continuously operate at 3. A subsequent run of the 3D Mark 06 scored points without any issues. Even during prolonged conversion tasks or gaming sessions we did not notice an performance decrease. The cooling system does a good job and keeps the notebook under the predefined threshold. A power supply throttling was also not observed, thanks to the W unit. When running the laptop on the battery, we observed a behavior similar to that of the predecessor W Here the CPU works at the meager 1.

This is of course better than the lower MHz clocks of the ThinkPad W , but we still have performance that is significantly hindered. We also ran a couple of benchmarks on the battery "High performance" profile. While the pure CPU benchmarks were significantly worse, the graphics ones such as Heaven and 3D Mark 11 performed surprisingly well and fell slightly behind the results when connected to the mains.

The lower results can be traced back to the throttled CPU, which at 1. We have not found a solution to this performance throttling problem. According to CPU-Z, the processor always works with a maximum 1. The graphics card performance on the other hand is not directly throttled, but indirectly is slowed down by the lower CPU performance. The increased performance has, in comparison to the previous model, led to an increase in fan volume even at low load.

While the measured The fan is always on and audible, even at low load. Under medium load conditions, the noise level increases slightly to Overall the noise characteristics are good and do not reach unpleasant tones and do pulse on and off. However, the optical drive proves to be annoying with a high frequency whistle. We see this as a drawback of the Optiarc burner, which normally should not occur.

The increased fan operation provides for a cooler case , although we measured high values at the air outlet; For a workstation of this class, these values are still quite reasonable and not noticeable if the machine is placed in the work area rather than on the lap. The two built-in speakers , on both sides of the keyboard, a deliver a better sound quality than the one in netbooks or entry-level notebooks, yet the highs are dominating and drown the weak mids and bass.

With a couple of adjustments a little improvement can be achieved, but the sound characteristics come nowhere near those of the Asus N If you want to use the notebook for multimedia, you should procure speakers or headphones , just like with the W It sticks out of the housing quite a bit, but also provides very good battery runtimes.

According to the specifications, there is a smaller 6-cell 67 Wh battery, which fits flush in the housing, and a 9-cell Ultrabase battery with 97 Wh can be connected to the docking port. The 62 Wh battery is available with the 3-year extended warranty. All the batteries can be charged through an external charger, which is a relief if you travel often and for prolonged periods.

Despite the increased performance, thanks to Ivy Bridge and Kepler, Lenovo has managed to significantly decrease the maximum power consumption. If we measured a maximum of W with the W, the corresponding values for the W are only W. In contrast, the minimum power consumption has also increased considerably from 7.

In daily use the energy consumption will be anywhere between these two extreme values. Depending on utilization, between 20 and 80 W of consumption should be expected. The battery runtimes benefit from the large capacity of the 9-cell battery. In the Battery Eater Reader's test minimum brightness, wireless off, Energy saving profile the system reached minutes 11 hours, 18 minutes with Intel graphics.

With the Nvidia Quadro graphics it lasted minutes 9 hours 7 minutes. In the DVD playback test, at maximum brightness, we had run time of about 5 hours which is excellent for this class of machine. The Battery Eater Classic test High performance, all the consumers on, maximum brightness finished in minutes 2 hours 42 minutes and very clearly benefits from the throttled CPU.

Technically speaking, the system used about 35 W per hour, which is disproportionate to the AC peak value W. With a little fine tuning of the numerous settings in Lenovo's power management, these runtimes can be adjusted to specific needs. Lenovo, with the W, has again managed to present a competitive workstation. The performance section boasts an increase in output and delivers this without throttling.

The small "hiccups" such as the hard drive and the RAM in our test unit can be replaced quickly and inexpensively, thanks to the good upgrade capabilities. The machine compares favorably with the ThinkPad W but falls behind when it comes to the severe throttling we noticed when running on the battery. Here there is no way to intervene. The vivid Full-HD display does well in all areas but the contrast and offers very good image quality. The new keyboard makes a good impression despite all the fears, but lacks the expected rigidity.

Some cherished distinguishing features from the time of IBM, such as the blue Return key, have also been sacrificed. This is compensated by the great backlight of the keyboard, which makes the presence of the ThinkLight obsolete. In the mobility assessment, the ThinkPad W asserts itself as very good portable workstation weighing 2.

Optimus works without problems and very reliably even with Nvidia's Quadro. The high performance and high-quality components are appropriate for this workstation. A well planned interface distribution, lower emissions and a firm-fitting battery. The keyboard changes work better than expected. The simultaneous presence of the keyboard backlight, which a welcomed feature, and the ThinkLight.

Lenovo is ahead of the competition and is the first manufacturer to updates its workstation. Those who prefer HP, Fujitsu or Dell must either wait or grab last year's models. The ThinkPad W series has always been one of the top choices for a portable workstation and this year, we see a number of changes incorporated into the design with an upgrade to the latest hardware from Intel. We shall see if the changes maintain the status quo for this device. Comparison of USB 3. Front side: Display lock with double hooks.

Rear side: powered USB 2. Accessories Lenovo is known for the extensive range of accessories it provides for ThinkPads. Maintenance The hard drive and two free RAM slots are easily accessible through the bottom panel and allows for quick upgrade. Input Devices. Keyboard The biggest concern with the current ThinkPad W was that the new keyboard would not measure up to the traditional IBM keyboard that was legendary for its quality.

Touchpad There is nothing new to be said about the TrackPoint. W vs Adobe RGB t. W vs NTSC t. W vs sRGB t. W vs Wide Gamut t. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. System Performance. Video conversions in comparison. Calculations per second. Memory RAM. Memory operations per second. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Gaming graphics. Primary hard disk. Disk data transfer rate. PCMark Vantage Result. Storage Devices. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: Burst Rate: CrystalDiskMark 3.

Sequential Read: Sequential Write: Graphics Performance. Gaming Performance. System Noise The increased performance has, in comparison to the previous model, led to an increase in fan volume even at low load. Noise Level Idle. Power Supply max. Battery Life.

Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC Currently we use the Metrahit Energy, a professional single phase power quality and energy measurement digital multimeter, for our measurements. Find out more about it here. All of our test methods can be found here.

Battery Runtime. Reader's Test Nvidia. Classic Test Nvidia. Review unit provided by Please share our article, every link counts! Intel Core iQM 4 x 2. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. The docking port is also provided. On the bottom side there are two large openings. The card reader could have been built better. The missing inerfaces can be added through the ExpressCard slot. The opening angle of the display very large and Webcam with p resolution.

Furthermore the hinges are very good. Two RAM slots are already filled under the keyboard. The W power supply is large and heavy. The SIM slot is located inside the battery bay. The large battery has a capacity of 94 Wh. The hard drive is 7 mm thick. There is space for two more RAM modules on the bottom. More filters Condition Any Condition. Gallery View Customize. Not finding what you're looking for?

Save w thinkpad fhd to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Postal code. Shop on eBay Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. NEW Last one. Shipping not specified. Lenovo Thinkpad W New Thinkpad P17 Gen 2, New Thinkpad P17 Gen2, Lenovo ThinkPad W W power jack flat port Free returns. Lenovo ThinkPad W Ws Almost gone. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.

For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: Apr Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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Lenovo W530 Laptop: The Ultimate Portable Workstation

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Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. Purchase a security cable lock that fits this keyhole to lock your computer to a stationary object to protect your computer from theft. To avoid the risk of electrical shock, do not connect the telephone cable to the Ethernet connector.

You can only connect an Ethernet cable to this connector. Two indicators, to the upper right and left of the connector, show the status of the network connection. When your computer connects to a LAN and a session with the network is available, the upper left indicator is steady green. While data is being transmitted, the upper right indicator blinks yellow. Note: If you attach your computer to a port replicator or docking station, use the Ethernet connector on the port replicator or docking station to connect to a LAN, not the one on the computer.

Your computer has a bay for Serial Ultrabay Enhanced devices. Some models have an optical disk drive installed in the bay. For certain models, a secondary hard disk drive is installed. To listen to the sound from your computer, connect a headphone or a headset that has a 3. If you press it, the headset microphone will be disabled, and the integrated microphones on the computer will be enabled instead.

Depending on the model, your computer might have a media card reader slot. Your computer has an ExpressCard slot for a 34 mm-wide ExpressCard. The internal fan and louvers enable air to circulate in the computer and cool the central processor. Note: To avoid impeding airflow, do not place any obstacle in front of the fan. Product overview 5. Use the mini DisplayPort connector to connect your computer to a compatible projector, external monitor, or high-definition television.

Attach a VGA compatible monitor or projector to your computer to display the computer output. Note: If you attach your computer to a port replicator or docking station, use the VGA connector on the port replicator or docking station, not the one on the computer. Otherwise the connector might be damaged. The USB 2. Some models have an IEEE connector, which is used for connecting devices that are compatible with the IEEE interface, such as digital video cameras and external hard disk drives.

Some models have a smart card slot. Connect your computer to a supported port replicator or docking station through this connector to extend the computer capabilities when you are in your office or at home. Depending on the model, your computer might have a large-capacity, customer-upgradable hard disk drive that can meet a variety of storage demands. If you wish, you can purchase another hard disk drive and install it in the Serial Ultrabay Enhanced bay.

Some models are equipped with a solid-state drive for data storage, making your computer lighter, smaller, and faster. Product overview 7. Note: The hidden service partition is the reason why there is less free space than expected on your hard disk drive or solid-state drive. This reduction is more noticeable on the solid-state drive because of its smaller capacity. By default, the Always On USB connector enables you to charge some mobile digital devices and smartphones when your computer is in sleep or hibernation mode.

If you want to charge these devices when your computer is turned off, do the following:. Connect the computer to an ac power supply. Click Lenovo Settings Power. Then select the Enable when the computer is off check box. Connect the ac power adapter to the power jack to provide ac power to the computer and charge the battery. Your computer has system-status indicators and power-status indicators. The status indicators show the current status of your computer. The hard disk drive, solid-state drive, mSATA solid-state drive, or the second hard disk drive in the Serial Ultrabay Enhanced bay is reading or writing data.

Note: When this indicator is blinking, do not put the computer into sleep mode, remove the drive, or turn off the computer. The power button stays lit whenever the computer is on, blinks when the computer is in sleep mode, and is off when the computer is turned off. The computer has power status indicators that show the power mode sleep or hibernation , ac power status, and battery status. The following shows the location and the meaning of the indicators. Product overview 9. Note: If the computer is operating on battery power, the battery status indicator does not work while the computer is turned off or is in sleep mode or hibernation mode.

When the computer lid is opened, the indicator turns off. The machine type and model label identifies your computer. If you contact Lenovo for help, the machine type and model number will help support technicians identify your computer and provide the highest level of service. You can find the machine type and model of your computer in the label as shown below:. Product overview Printed on this label are the product ID and the product key information for your computer.

Record this information and keep it in a safe place. You might need these numbers to start your computer or reinstall the operating system. Note: The Certificate of Authenticity label applies only to computers preinstalled with the Windows 7 operating system. Then click Properties. Then click Settings PC info. If possible, place your computer in a well-ventilated and dry area without direct exposure to sunshine. Keep electrical appliances such as an electric fan, radio, air conditioner, and microwave oven away from your computer because the strong magnetic fields generated by these appliances can damage the monitor and data on the hard disk drive.

Do not place any beverages on top of or beside the computer or other attached devices. If liquid is spilled on or in the computer or an attached device, a short circuit or other damage might occur. Do not eat or smoke over your keyboard. Particles that fall into your keyboard can cause damage. Your computer comes with Lenovo programs to help you work more easily and securely. Depending on the Windows operating system preinstalled, the programs might vary. Then double-click a program icon to access the program.

Note: If a program icon in the Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools program navigation window is dimmed, it indicates that you need to install the program manually. To install the program manually, double-click the program icon. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. When the installation process completes, the program icon will be activated. Note: Depending on your computer model, some of the programs might not be available.

Then depending on the program you want to access, click the corresponding section and then click the corresponding green text. Note: If you do not find the program you need in Control Panel, open the Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools program navigation window and double-click the dimmed icon to install the program you need.

When the installation process completes, the program icon will be activated, and you can find the program in Control Panel. The programs and the corresponding sections and green texts in Control Panel are listed in the following table. If your computer is preinstalled with the Windows 8 operating system, you can access Lenovo programs by doing either of the following:. A list of programs is displayed. Double-click a Lenovo program to launch it.

Click a Lenovo program to launch it. If you cannot find the program you need, move the cursor to the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen to display the charms. Then click the Search charm to search for the desired program. Note: The Password Manager program is not preinstalled on your Windows 8 computers.

The Access Connections program is a connectivity assistant program for creating and managing location profiles. Each location profile stores all the network and Internet configuration settings needed for connecting to a network infrastructure from a specific location such as a home or an office.

By switching between location profiles as you move your computer from place to place, you can quickly and easily connect to a network with no need to reconfigure your settings manually and restart the computer each time. The Active Protection System program protects your hard disk drive when the shock sensor inside your computer detects a condition that could damage the drive, such as system tilt, excessive vibration, or shock.

The hard disk drive is less vulnerable to damage when it is not operating. This is because when the hard disk drive is not operating, the system stops it from spinning, and might also move the read and write heads of the drive to areas that do not contain data. As soon as the shock sensor senses that the environment is stable again minimal change in system tilt, vibration, or shock , it turns the hard disk drive on.

The Client Security Solution program protects your computer by securing client data and deflecting security breach attempts. It also can help manage your passwords, recover a forgotten password, monitor security settings on your computer, and suggest how to enhance your computer security. Use the Communications Utility program to configure settings for the integrated camera and audio devices.

If your system comes with a fingerprint reader, the Fingerprint Software program enables you to enroll your fingerprint and associate it with your Windows password. As a result, the fingerprint authentication can replace your password and enable simple and secure user access. Through the Lenovo Companion program, you can get the information about the accessories for your computer, view bolgs and articles about your computer, and check for other recommended programs.

The Lenovo Mobile Access program enables you to manage your mobile broadband connection. You can create an account, add money to the account, and purchase mobile broadband sessions using your account. The Lenovo QuickLaunch program provides you with quick access to programs installed on your computer, including Lenovo programs, Microsoft programs, and other third party programs.

Use the Lenovo Settings program to enhance your computing experience by turning your computer into a portable hotspot, configuring camera and audio settings, optimizing your power settings, and creating and managing multiple network profiles.

The Lenovo Solution Center program enables you to troubleshoot and resolve computer problems. It combines diagnostic tests, system information collection, security status, and support information, along with hints and tips for maximum system performance. The Lenovo Support program enables you to register your computer with Lenovo, check the computer health condition and battery status, download and view user manuals for your computer, get the warranty information of your computer, and explore help and support information.

The Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools program helps you work more easily and securely by providing easy access to various programs, such as Fingerprint Software, Lenovo Solution Center, and so on. The Message Center Plus program automatically displays messages to inform you about important notices from Lenovo, such as alerts on system updates and alerts on conditions that require your attention. The Mobile Broadband Connect program enables your computer to connect to the mobile broadband 3G network through a supported wireless WAN card.

The Password Manager program automatically captures and fills in authentication information for Windows programs and Web sites. The Power Manager program provides convenient, flexible, and complete power management for your computer. It enables you to adjust your computer power settings to achieve the best balance between performance and power saving.

The Recovery Media program enables you to restore the contents of the hard disk drive to the factory default settings. The Rescue and Recovery program is a one-button recovery and restore solution that includes a set of self-recovery tools to help you diagnose computer problems, get help, and recover from system crashes, even if you cannot start the Windows operating system.

The SimpleTap program provides you with a quick way to customize some basic computer settings such as muting the speakers, adjusting the volume, locking the computer operating system, launching a program, opening a Web page, opening a file, and so on. You also can use the SimpleTap program to access the Lenovo App Shop, from which you can download various programs and computer software. The red launch point is available on the desktop after you have launched the SimpleTap program for the first time.

Note: The SimpleTap program is only available on certain models preinstalled with the Windows 7 operating system. The System Update program helps you keep the software on your computer up-to-date by downloading and installing software update packages Lenovo programs, device drivers, UEFI BIOS updates, and other third party programs. When you register your computer, information is entered into a database, which enables Lenovo to contact you in case of a recall or other severe problem.

After you registered your computer with Lenovo, you will also receive quicker service when you call Lenovo for help. In addition, some locations offer extended privileges and services to registered users. Follow the instructions on the screen to register your computer. Then click Registration and follow the instructions on the screen to register your computer.

Then follow the instructions on the screen. Concerned about security or need to securely dispose of data stored on your hard disk or solid-state drive? For details, see the help information system of the program. You have been using your computer for some time already, and it is getting slower? Print the following sections and keep them with your computer in case you are unable to access this online help when necessary.

Your computer has several special keys and buttons to help you work more easily and effectively. To use the function key combinations, press and hold the Fn key 1 , then press one of the function keys 2. Put your computer into sleep mode.

To return to normal operation, press the Fn key only. If you want to use the combination to put the computer into hibernation mode, you need to change your power plan settings. Then click Change plan settings that is next to your power plan. Switch the display output location between the computer display and an external monitor by selecting one of the following options:. Chapter 2. Using your computer To use the camera or change the camera settings, click Camera.

To adjust the audio settings, click Audio. This function changes the brightness level temporarily. To change the default brightness level, change the settings through the Power Manager program. Adjust the sound volume level of the built-in speakers by using the following three buttons:. If you mute the sound and then turn off your computer, the sound will remain muted when you turn on your computer again.

To turn on the sound, press the speaker mute button again or press the volume control button. The Sound window opens. Click the Playback tab or Recording tab, and then click a device that you want to customize. Click the Properties button. Click the Levels tab, and then change the volume by moving the slider. You also can get access to the desktop volume control by clicking the volume icon in the Windows notification area.

For details about controlling volume, refer to your Windows help information system. By default, when you press the microphone mute button, all of the recording devices are set on mute or unmute. If you want to control only one of the recording devices using the microphone mute button, do the following:. The Communications settings window opens. Click the Manage Settings button. The Communications Utility window opens. The Setting for Microphone Mute window opens.

Select Only the recording device selected below:. Then select the recording device from the drop-down list box. Click OK. On the Windows 7 operating system, press the Windows key to open the Start menu. On the Windows 8 operating system, press the Windows key to switch between the current workspace and the Start screen. You also can use the Windows key together with another key to achieve other functions. For details, refer to the help information system of the Windows operating system.

Your computer comes with the UltraNav pointing device. The UltraNav pointing device consists of the TrackPoint pointing device and the touch pad, each of which is itself a pointing device with both basic and extended functions. You can configure both devices by choosing the settings you prefer. This setting enables the use of all the basic and extended functions of the TrackPoint pointing device and the touch pad.

This setting enables the use of all basic and extended functions with the TrackPoint pointing device while limiting the use of the touch pad to scrolling, tap zones, or slow-motion cursor functions. Then change the settings as desired. The TrackPoint pointing device consists of a pointing stick 1 on the keyboard and three click buttons at the bottom of the keyboard. To move the cursor 5 on the screen, apply pressure to the nonslip cap on the pointing stick in any direction parallel to the keyboard; the pointing stick itself does not move.

The speed at which the cursor moves depends on the pressure you apply to the pointing stick. The functions of the left 4 and right 2 click buttons correspond to those of the left and right mouse buttons on a conventional mouse. The TrackPoint center button 3 , called the scroll bar, enables you to scroll Web pages or documents in any direction with no need to use the graphic scroll bars on the side of the window.

If you are not familiar with the TrackPoint, these instructions will help you get started:. Place your hands in the typing position, and press gently with either index finger on the pointing stick in the direction in which you want the cursor to move. To move the cursor, press the pointing stick away from you to move it up, toward you to move it down, to one side or the other to move it sideways.

Note: The cursor might drift. This is not a defect. Stop using the TrackPoint pointing device for a few seconds, then the cursor will stop moving. To select and drag as required by your software, press the left or right click button with either thumb and move the TrackPoint pointing stick. By enabling Press-to-Select, you can make the TrackPoint pointing stick function the same as the left or right click button.

Under TrackPoint, proceed to changing the settings. The cap 1 on the end of the TrackPoint pointing stick is removable. You can replace it as shown in the drawing. Note: If you replace the keyboard, a new keyboard is shipped with the default cap. If you wish, you can keep the cap from your old keyboard and use it on the new one. The touch pad of your computer supports multi-touch with which you can zoom in, zoom out, scroll or rotate on the screen while browsing the Internet or reading or editing a document.

The touch pad consists of a pad 1 and two click buttons below the TrackPoint buttons at the bottom of the keyboard. To move the cursor 4 on the screen, slide your fingertip over the pad in the direction in which you want the cursor to move. The functions of the left 3 and right 2 click buttons correspond to those of the left and right mouse buttons on a conventional mouse.

Under TouchPad, proceed to changing the settings. If you attach an external mouse to a USB connector, you can use the external mouse simultaneously with the TrackPoint pointing device and the touch pad. To disable the touch pad, clear the check box for Enable TouchPad. For easy access to the UltraNav properties, you can enable the display of the UltraNav icon in the Windows notification area.

To enable the display of the UltraNav icon in the Windows notification area, do the following:. Select the check box for Show UltraNav icon on the system tray. You can now change the properties of the UltraNav pointing device by clicking the UltraNav icon in the Windows notification area.

Note: If you cannot see the UltraNav icon, click the triangular icon in the Windows notification area to show hidden icons. When you need to use your computer away from electrical outlets, you depend on battery power to keep your computer running.

Different computer components consume power at different rates. The more you use the power-intensive components, the faster you consume battery power. The battery icon in the Windows notification area displays the percentage of battery power remaining. The rate at which you use battery power will determine how long you can use the battery of your computer between charges. Because each computer user has different habits and needs, it is difficult to predict how long a battery charge will last.

There are two main factors:. For example:. The power to run your computer can come either from the lithium-ion Li-ion battery pack, or from ac power through the ac power adapter. While you use ac power, the battery charges automatically. Attention: Using an improper power cord might cause severe damage to your computer.

To use the ac power adapter, do the following. Be sure to take these steps in the order in which they are given here. Plug the ac power adapter into an ac outlet. Connect the power cord to the transformer pack. Insert the power jack into the computer. You need to charge it in any of the following conditions:. When you check battery status and find that the percentage of power remaining is low or when the power alarm alerts you that the remaining power is low, you need to charge your battery or replace it with a charged battery.

If an ac outlet is convenient, plug the ac power adapter into it, and then insert the jack into the computer. The battery will be fully charged in about 3 to 6 hours. The charging time is affected by the battery size and the physical environment. You can check the battery charging status at any time by looking at the battery meter icon in the Windows notification area.

The battery is fully charged if the battery indicator shows green when the ac power adapter is plugged in. To achieve the best balance between performance and power saving, adjust your power plan settings. There are several modes that you can use at any time to conserve power. This section introduces each mode and gives tips on the effective use of the battery power.

The computer display requires considerable battery power. To turn off power to the display, right-click the battery gauge icon from the Windows notification area and select Power off display. In sleep mode, your work is saved to memory, and then the solid-state drive or the hard disk drive and the computer display are turned off. When your computer wakes up, your work is restored within seconds.

To return from sleep mode, press the Fn key. Depending on the computer model, your computer might support the 30 Day Standby function. When this function is enabled, the computer consumes even less power in sleep mode and takes only seconds.

For more information about the 30 Day Standby function, do the following:. By using this mode, you can turn off your computer completely without saving files or exiting from any programs that are running. When the computer enters hibernation, all open programs, folders, and files are saved to the hard disk, and then the computer turns off. To put the computer into hibernation mode, change your power plan settings.

When you are not using the wireless features, such as Bluetooth or wireless LAN, turn them off. This will help conserve power. If you put your computer into hibernation mode, and the wakeup function is disabled this is the default setting , the computer does not consume any power. If the wakeup function is enabled, it consumes a small amount of power. To enable the wakeup function, do the following:. Double-click Task Scheduler. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

From the left pane, select the task folder for which you want to enable the wakeup function. The scheduled tasks are displayed. Click a scheduled task, and then click the Conditions tab. Under Power , select the check box for Wake the computer to run this task. For the Windows 7 operating system, you can program your computer so that when the battery power falls below a certain level, three events occur:. Start the Power Manager program.

Click the Global Power Settings tab. For Low battery alarm or Critically low battery alarm , set the percentage of the power level and set the action. Note: If your computer enters sleep or hibernation mode when the battery is low, but the alarm message has not yet been displayed, the message will be displayed when the computer resumes. To resume normal operation, click OK. This system supports only batteries specially designed for this specific system and manufactured by Lenovo or an authorized builder.

The system does not support unauthorized batteries or batteries designed for other systems. If an unauthorized battery or a battery designed for another system is installed, the system will not charge. Attention: Lenovo has no responsibility for the performance or safety of unauthorized batteries, and provides no warranties for failures or damage arising out of their use.

The battery pack is a consumable supply. If your battery begins to discharge too quickly, replace the battery pack with a new one of the type recommended by Lenovo. For more information on replacing the battery pack, contact your Customer Support Center. Do not drop, crush, puncture, or subject to strong forces.

If your battery is damaged, or if you notice any discharge from your battery or the buildup. When disposing of the battery, comply with local ordinances or regulations and your company's safety standards. There is a danger of an explosion if the backup battery is incorrectly placed. The lithium battery contains lithium and can explode if it is not properly handled, or disposed of.

Replace only with a battery of the same type. To avoid possible injury or death, do not: 1 throw or immerse into water,. Dispose of it as required by local ordinances or regulations and your company's safety standards. Note: Some models come with a built-in wireless WAN card enabling you to establish wireless connections over remote public or private networks. You can connect to your local network or a broadband connection by use of the Ethernet feature built into your computer.

If you are using the Windows 7 operating system, the Access Connections program also enables you to manage your location profiles. Your computer has an Ethernet connector. Wireless communication is the transfer of data without the use of cables but by means of radio waves only. Depending on the wireless device used in your computer, you might be able to connect to the following categories of wireless networks.

A wireless local area network LAN covers a relatively small geographic area, such as an office building or a house. Devices based on the Your computer comes with a built-in wireless network card and a configuration utility to help you make wireless connections and monitor the status of your connection, so that you can stay connected to your network while you are in the office, in a meeting room, or at home, with no need for a wired connection.

Wireless Wide Area Network wireless WAN , using cellular networks for data transmission, enables you to establish wireless connections over remote public or private networks. These connections can be maintained over a large geographical area, such as a city or an entire country, by use of multiple antenna sites or satellite systems maintained by wireless service providers.

By using the built-in wireless WAN card and the configuration utility that comes with your computer, you can establish wireless WAN connections and monitor the status of your connection. Note: Wireless WAN service is provided by authorized service providers in some countries. Welcome to ManualMachine. We have sent a verification link to to complete your registration. Log In Sign Up. Forgot password? Enter your email address and check your inbox.

Please check your email for further instructions. Enter a new password. Thinkpad W W Contents Read this first. Product overview. Using your computer. Power-saving modes. You and your computer. Recovery overview. Performing backup and recovery operations. Replacing devices.

Enhancing your computer. Advanced configuration. Preventing problems. Troubleshooting computer problems. Getting support. Regulatory information. WEEE and recycling statements. Battery recycling information for Taiwan.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T530 The best 15 inch laptop you can buy for $200

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