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This graphics card is low-profile, which means that it will save space on your computer and allow you to build a smaller gaming system. The 7 best low-profile graphics cards · Zotac GeForce GTX Super Twin Fan · Zotac GeForce RTX Amp · Gigabyte GeForce Super OC 4G · MSI. Search for low profile video cards. MSI GeForce GTX 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Video Card GTX Quick View. FUJIFILM MINI 40 Choose Advanced to tagged items to. We block over. When I started not authenticated, and and capabilities, and. Virtual desktops like Translator, Microsoft translation search fields and the Compatibility Matrix user, we need easier search of the thread for portal, but you.

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They came with onboard graphic cards. One is used in the living rooms TV lowboard 10cm height for PC, just perfectly fits and one is used as working PC in the workroom. This card was waste of money in terms of performance, albeit it was very cheap. As i also installed a large diaphragm microphone in the working room, I had to chose a fanless graphics card. These small fans make a lot of noise for the high sensitivity microphone , even if the graphic card is not fully utilized. The GT passively cooled is a good tradeoff in this case, but it also throttles a little bit during gaming to prevent overheating.

Hi Akshat. The specific models that I would recommend are:. You can get any one of them based on the availability in your area or region. Hi Mr. Could you please recommend me good a video card for an upgrade? Here are the current PC specs. It will be quite a worthy upgrade over the GeForce I know that ti runs well on that combination, The is similar on power usage but i am unsure.

Thanks in advance. It has only W. So i need to change PSU to W. Can I take one from other HP Compaq or is it inpossible? You need the same size PSU. It would look ugly to have one sticking out, but that would be acceptable if it allowed an upgrade. In hindsight I vastly prefer AMD over Nvidia, which preference in addition to my dimensional constraints is presenting problems. Please advise on the best possible card for these difficult dimensions. The best compact low profile graphics card you can get is the GeForce GT The specific models I would like to suggest are:.

Hi Akshat, thank you for the great informative site. I would appreciate your help I have an office Dell Optilex , i5 , 8gb ram, Tower. The psu according to website is w and there is a single pcie16 of 75w. What is the best card I could add? I use this mainly for retrogaming, virtual pinball and some new games too. The card will fit apparently and my standard Dell power supply has enough power to run the card — but will I get bottle necks with the i5 processor?

Have Microsoft XPlane11 installed but basically unusable even at minimum settings, want the best performance Video Card that would fit in this low profile case and give the best performance. Getting a lot of info from you so appreciate that. I ordered a GT DDR5 2gb on amazon but after reading this i am wondering it there is anyway i can get up to a 4gb card within your list you mention a higher Geforce and even the AMD The issue being that the GT supposedly can handle load at just 35w vs others at 75w.

This is where i am trying to make best decision. Hello Mr. I noticed my temperatures were up so I recently did a transplant of everything to an empty Optiplex DT case. I can now use the X16 slot and everything runs about degrees cooler. I have watts. I am looking forward to buy the same model for 70 Euros, as said before. And what would be possible damages? And finding a better PSU for the case is also very difficult.

So I could build a completely new system before buying the Optiplex, but then it is expensive. Do you have a professional advice for me? Im really confused. Well, it can work but the risk is there especially during gaming when the card draws maximum power. In the worst case scenario, you might end up burning the PSU.

Nono, I will remove it completely. Or did I misunderstand you? I think it can be doable but you have to take the final call. I would like to know type and size graphis card I need to aquire. Hello, realy usefull site you are running. Thanks a lot. I am having considerations about the actual ways of which a GPU is powered and hope that this post is accepted as related to the current topic.

At this point most of the internet advises is to use a low profile GPU because the PCI E slot of the motherboard is actually offering only 50 watts an most of the normal size GPUs would require at least 75 Watt. My Question would then be: If i want to install a GPU in a 50 Watt PCI E Slot would it make sense to choose between low end card of below 50 watt consumption and avoid anything with 75 watt, or could i go even to a card with an external supply e.

Well, the thing is some cards may draw more power from the PCIe slot even if they come with a 6-pin PCIe connector and there is no way of knowing which cards do that because it is not specified anywhere. Thank you for creating this article! Thanks a lot for the article Akshat. I have no other cards in the PCI slots. Thx Tom. On paper, the RX looks more powerfull more cores, vs No options in single slot low profile form factor.

I think you might be able to run it fine as its power consumption is quite low 40W. So, I think it is better to stick with the one that I have suggested. Thanks for quick response. I have an elite desk g1 from hp with an i and a W hp platinum certified power supply. Wich graphic card would you recommend for me????

Also sorry for the grammar but I just know a little about english. Greeting Akshat and thank you for for doing all this research. What card do you recommend to make this a better gaming machine? Akshat, I just wanted to thank you again. Great advice and good information. I have a 4K monitor and would like the old computer to have 4K resolution when running Win The computer is all original. Is that the best card I can get for it?? The psu is being upgraded too I have a more powerful spare that will fit the case.

Hi i want to put a gpu on my optiplex i have psu watts 4gb ram ddr3 gb hdd cpu : E 2. Thank you, just what I was looking for. Needless to say, video and sound was not where they spent the money. You, my good sir — are a scholar for doing the hard work — the research , and a gentleman for giving it away to those less gifted in this field.

You, are much appreciated. Will this work with my new monitor that has freesync? It is HP 27F model. I just want to upgrade from the existing HD Intel onboard video card and maybe some minimal gaming. Looking for something not too expensive. Thank you for your input. No issues whatsoever as all graphics cards work on 12V DC which is supplied by the computer power supply. It is a dual-slot low profile card and you need a single slot low profile card to fit in your PC.

Right now, GTX is the fastest graphics card you can get in the low profile form factor. Hello again, Akshat. Should i go with that gt you recommended, or should i buy AMD rx ? Btw, i have pretty big budget. Sorry this T page is finnish, cause im living in finland. Prices are pretty crazy for these cards still. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Graphics Cards. Related Posts. P June 25, Sir, Thank you for your good suggestions.

M Michels August 25, Sir, thank you for the nice article. Akshat Verma August 26, Akshat Verma October 27, Akshat Verma November 1, Not sure about low profile but the price of mini is around 9. Rabi August 14, Akshat Verma August 14, Regards Akshat. Thanks Akshat! You are welcome. Akshat, It looks like there is only a black piece of plastic separating my single slot brackets on the back of the case. Phu Nguyen March 18, Akshat Verma March 18, Rabi August 15, Akshat Verma August 15, Rabi August 16, Akshat Verma August 16, Rabi August 17, Akshat Verma August 17, I think GT would hold on.

Once I have it installed, I will report back. Akshat Verma September 2, Dwayne Thompson October 29, Akshat Verma October 30, RenZo October 31, Akshat Verma October 31, Akshat Verma November 7, Mark Dengler November 10, Akshat Verma November 10, Mark Dengler November 11, Thank you for the suggestion Akshat. Shaheer November 14, Akshat Verma November 14, Thanks sir for quick reply I will check.

Thank you for your reply. Nordin Mahat December 31, Akshat Verma December 31, Nordin Mahat January 1, Thank you very much,,,,what about the RAM? What is the minimum memory for my spec? Akshat Verma January 1, What about the OC version? Is it possible to use it? Yes you can use OC version but the performance difference is marginal. Mario January 3, Akshat Verma January 4, Mario January 4, Thank you!

Anand January 8, Akshat Verma January 9, Emile Pedneau January 16, Akshat Verma January 17, Emile Pedneau January 19, Kenny March 19, Akshat Verma March 20, Do you want the card in low profile form factor or in regular one? Kenny March 20, I would need low profile. Awesome thank you, one more thing, should I add more ram or is 8gb good? In an optiplex requires LP?

Is it a SFF one? Can you share the link or pic? It says on this site it is. The model shown on the link is a SFF one and can fit a low profile card only. Also, I would need a sff backplate for the graphics card? I think you mean the low profile bracket, and it will come with the card itself in the box. Yes but make sure you have enough clearance for it in the case length wise. Thank you, I appreciate all the help. I actually need a single slot. Akshat Verma March 21, I must thank you for giving a very good article and has been very helpful regards Steve.

Dave April 5, Akshat Verma April 5, Craig April 17, Akshat Verma April 17, Thanks for the advice! Jack May 7, Akshat Verma May 7, Ivan Joseph May 7, Thank you so much for replying this helps me a lot. Jack May 8, Akshat Verma May 8, Gobzy May 13, Sudesh May 31, Akshat Verma May 31, Thanks a lot Akshat Sir.

Kelvin May 31, Akshat, thanks for a great list and taking the time to answer everybodies questions. Paul Friel June 13, Akshat Verma June 14, Paul June 14, Paul Friel June 16, Akshat Verma June 16, You are most welcome. Paul Friel June 19, Akshat Verma June 19, Tommy August 15, Oke thank you, I bought it. Abdulrahman Abubakar September 13, Akshat Verma September 14, Abdulrahman Abubakar September 14, Very appreciated, you save me my time and money.

Najib September 26, Akshat Verma September 26, Not quite good. Najib October 4, Akshat Verma October 4, Dilli October 2, Akshat Verma October 3, Bankole November 20, Akshat Verma November 20, Bankole November 23, Akshat Verma November 24, Yes it should be enough for GTX Haji December 9, Hi For case sff. Acer v xg. Cpu i5 Ram 32 gig which card is best? Akshat Verma December 9, No problem at all.

If not, what other recommendations do you have to get the most out of this system? Akshat Verma December 10, Jacky December 21, Akshat Verma December 21, Yes, it is. Najib January 7, Akshat Verma January 7, You can play on HD on very low settings at p resolution. Expect around 30 to 40 FPS on average on lowest settings at p. It can run PUBG on low settings at p only.

It is HD and is close to p x pixels. Tony February 2, Akshat Verma February 2, The low profile models are: 1. Thanks Akshat for the reply. It is a real hassle for me to decide. Take care. Moacyr February 6, Jackson February 12, Akshat Verma February 12, Akshat Verma February 29, Nice to hear your views on the subject.

Akshat Verma March 15, Mohan March 28, Akshat Verma March 29, Akshat Verma April 2, How much is your budget for the card? Peter April 8, Akshat Verma April 8, I am going to buy W and see if it works and fits. Thanks for help! SakeBito April 13, Akshat Verma April 14, SakeBito April 14, Louis April 15, Akshat Verma April 15, Get anyone of them whichever is available.

Yoav April 18, Akshat Verma April 18, Duncan White April 19, Akshat Verma April 19, Kurt April 19, Akshat Verma April 20, Kurt April 20, Hi Akshat, Getting a lot of info from you so appreciate that. Akshat Verma April 24, How are you going to use it? It will not work. Bart Sayers April 25, Akshat Verma April 25, Great to know that. Luis Segura April 28, Akshat Verma April 29, Akshat Verma May 4, Akshat Verma May 5, Thanks a lot!

Ill try it. Donald Holmes May 22, Akshat Verma May 22, Vagelis June 9, Akshat Verma June 9, Thank you very much. Exactly the information i was looking for. Jamari June 12, Strelok June 17, Akshat Verma June 17, Thank you for the quick reply! Duke June 26, Akshat Verma June 26, Thx for the reply. Ill search for one at an affordable price. Tunnylanetom July 24, Akshat Verma July 24, Tunnylanetom July 27, Great thx Akshat.

Duke August 6, Akshat Verma August 6, Thx a lot. Akshat Verma August 20, John August 26, Akshat Verma August 27, Hell, you can even play older AAA titles. At p and with all settings turned to low, but they are playable. It could also be suitable to include in a NAS setup. The main issue is that new low-profile GTX 3GB cards are pretty expensive nowadays and are very hard to find. This low-profile GTX version doesn't have the best price but if we put it in the context of the low-profile GPU market, it becomes a great buy.

The model from MSI we have here is an excellent choice. Starting with this card, we will show cards with regular width but shorter PCB. The first one is a card for those looking for lots of video ports. The VisionTek is great for a multimonitor setup since it comes with six mini DisplayPort connectors. If you need something more powerful for your multi-monitor setup do visit our best multi-monitor video card guide.

If this card will do the job you should remember that you need active mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters to use this card without issues. That means six adapters if you want to use every port on the card. The card should fit into most Mini-ITX cases since it's shorter than usual and is very thin, with one slot cooler. If your case can fit a card with a normal width wider than 70mm and if you want a card capable of running AAA games at 60 frames in p resolution, get this GTX Super model.

This is our pick for the best value low-profile GPU for gamers. The card features a short PCB of only mm with a width of mm and a height of 40mm. In other words, expect 60fps at p with all settings cranked to the max in most AAA games.

Some titles may run a bit slower. The card should also provide playable performance at p resolution, which is great for the price. This card is perfect for p gaming, even p high refresh rate gaming if you are ready to lower some settings in demanding games. AAA games will play at p and 60fps, with all options cranked to the max. Also, the fan can be a bit noisy when at max RPM. Even with its high temperatures, this is the best mid-range low-profile card for gaming.

When it comes to gaming performance, expect frame-rate in line with regular RTX cards. That means excellent p performance with most AAA games running near or just above frames per second with all settings cranked to the maximum. Unlike most compact and low-profile graphics cards, this one comes with an array of three DisplayPort and one HDMI port on the back, which is a pleasant surprise. Now, about that single fan. But the impressive performance for a single fan makes it quite loud.

The noise can reach 45 decibels with the fan set to auto, which can, and will, annoy some users. First of all, well done Zotac! The incredible size comes with excellent performance.

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