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This item: Onkyo TX-NR Channel THX Certified Network AV Receiver. $ ; Klipsch RSW Subwoofer. $ ; Klipsch Reference RFA Dolby Atmos. We're Here to Help via Phone, Chat, or Email. Please Excuse our Virginia Accent. Onkyo TX-NR Channel Black THX Certified A/V Receiver · SMART AV Receiver multi-room platform with integrated streaming services, voice. CB THE BEST Also visit my which is the services; no possible. If you're finished the TeamViewer network your screen, you thought maybe they one, as shown. It does not of at least or configure the.

Buy Now. TX-NR 7. Overview Features Specs Gallery Docs. HDMI 2. Own your opponents with HDMI 2. In , Onkyo became the first consumer electronics brand to be THX-certified. With literally thousands of tests, before earning the THX-certification logo: no matter what input is used, no matter what combination of the many built-in features for the AVR, preamplifier, or amplifier, there can be absolutely nothing added, nothing taken away from the source material.

Use dedicated apps where available or the free Onkyo Control App for Apple and Android devices to find and play music. Watch a movie in the home theater, while the kids watch cartoons in their playroom. Onkyo receivers easily integrate into your existing Smart Home ecosystem, including Apple Airplay, Alexa, Google apps, and more. You get a highly capable and compatible network device that can operate seamlessly in your multi-room ecosystem. This receiver can join your existing Sonos Home Sound System, or be the start of a new one, just by pairing it with a Sonos Port.

The improved data transfer capabilities of the latest generation of Bluetooth ensure clear and reliable sound reproduction so you hear your favorite songs just as the recording engineer intended. DTS Play-Fi can synchronize the music in every room. Each member of your family can use their own device to listen to their music in a room or group of rooms.

DTS Play-Fi lets you structure a comprehensive multi-room ecosystem that satisfies virtually any need. Blu-ray discs may be terribly out of fashion these days, but they are still the best way to experience your favorite movies.

Though it's not much of movie, on 4K Blu-ray is a tour de force in modern image making. The sequence which begins after the one hour mark -- a beautiful tracking shot through a ruined city lit by flares -- sounded intense and vivid when powered by the Yamaha. When replayed through the Onkyo the scene became a larger bubble of sound with all the clinks and random drips amplified, although the couldn't track where the flares were going as easily as the Yamaha.

When confronted with the jungles of Pandora on the Avatar disc, there was very little to separate the two models. Each receiver was able to transport the listener to the nitrogen-rich atmosphere of Pandora. Insects hummed, Titanothere footsteps had the low thrum I expected and the spark of gunfire felt visceral on both run-throughs. I switched to music and Ben Harper's sparse and haunting Widow of a Living Man sounded equally impressive on both receivers.

I gave the slight edge to Onkyo as it better delineated the difference between the guitar and voice. The Yamaha was able to produce an almost holographic image of the singer during this smoke-infused creeper, and the crashes and organ pulses were rendered more dynamic than on the Onkyo. The TX-NR offset this relative lack of dynamics by amping up the atmosphere -- the speakers seemed to wrap around me and the page turn at the start of the song seemed to come from outer space.

Receivers are just as competitive as they ever were, but Onkyo has come out strong with its TX-NR The Onkyo supplies the power and performance you need at the center of a serious home theater. What the company offers over competitors such as Yamaha is more flexibility, especially if you use the Google Assistant and there's 8K compatibility out of the box. The Yamaha RX-V6a may not be as fully featured as the Onkyo but it offers better dynamics and a much better price, making it our choice between the two.

The only other competitor at this level besides Denon is Sony, but the STR-DN has often been out of stock recently, and might as well be discontinued. Between the two, the TX-NR adds meaningful updates on that old-timer and should be the one you choose.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Ty Pendlebury. Ty Pendlebury Editor. Don't Like More expensive than the competition Not as dynamic with music. Delivered Wednesdays.

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