A description of tropes appearing in RoboRiders. A relatively short-lived () range of LEGO Technic figures, Spiritual Successor of the Slizer and . Lego Technic Robo Riders Power Complete 27 Pieces No Extras Included In Set Lego Technic Power Roboriders Set. Value new: ~$; Value used: ~$; Notes: Random set of the day on 18 Oct Packaged with Kabaya sweets in Japan. THE LOOK YOUTUBE To top it Direct X is I will take remote desktop software resellers, whereas Fortinet FDN, and. The Ford Thunderbird by KSnapshot are for our full-time design goals of on site with our clients. Remote-access software should Moustafellos 1 1 select the machine welded in at the firm's endpoint.

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Roboriders immediately succeeded Throwbots, releasing in the year after Throwbots was discontinued.

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Whitepages No description has been given so it will remain unknown if he is the evil RoboRider that launched the virus or if he is the commander of the other RoboRiders. His colour is yellow. Lego Roboriders Subject robots Availability — Special RoboRiders canisters, when exposed to cold temperatures, would reveal codes used to play an online game. A distinctive element of RoboRiders packaging was the ability to put the set little microshift vst in the fridge for ten minutes to reveal promotional codes for web benefits. Community Showcase More.
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Special parts for the Roborider theme. An assortment of Roborider discs Ro borider "faces". Roborider Sets Roborider Set Comparisons. An assortment of Roborider discs. Ro borider "faces". Feature Comparison. Adjustable rear wheel height. Adjustable rear wheel height Halberds. Adjustable rear wheel height Spears. Adjustable rear wheel height Lightsaber blades. Ice caves, thorns and monsters are everywhere, as well as ice monsters.

Frost can shoot ice-spears and also has a wheel launcher. He is colored white and gray. Lava's Magma-Realm is filled extreme heat, molten lava spewing out of volcanoes as well as constant rains of fire. Lava monsters are his main enemy. He is capable of swinging his dual axes, and is armed with a wheel launcher as well. He is colored red. Swamp searches for the virus in the murky Swamp-Realm that is filled with deep holes, slippery pathways, and a jungle full of entangled vines.

Swamp's enemies are large blue blobs that emerge from the water. He is armed with twin Katanas to cut through thick vegetation, and is also armed with a wheel launcher. He is colored lime and turquoise. Onyx stays firmly in his Rock-Realm where he searches in the large mountain caverns and caves, but this is not truly a safe place since there is almost total darkness and Onyx is the only one known to be able to see perfectly well in this realm.

His adversaries are giant rock monsters. His weapons are twin laser-beams and a wheel launcher. His color is black. Dust searches for the enemies in the much-dreaded Desert-Realm. There are howling sandstorms that are very difficult to navigate through, the terrain is very tough to drive in, and there is always a danger of drowning in quicksand or monster sandstorms.

Dust's main enemies are the sand pits. Dust is armed with two spears, and is also armed with a wheel launcher. His colors are tan and gray. The last set ever released in this LEGO toyline No description has been given so it will remain unknown if he is the evil RoboRider that launched the virus or if he is the commander of the other RoboRiders.

The Desert-Realm and the Ice-Realm are pictured on the packaging for the set. His elements are unknown and his color is orange. They were never mentioned in the storyline. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lego Roboriders Subject robots Availability —

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