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Cobra 2 - CO-ST - Suunto Air-integrated computer with electronic compass and informative matrix display. With two-gas switching Nitrox, Air, and. Suunto Cobra is an air-integrated console-mounted dive computer that combines versatile features with a user-friendly design. To build your perfect console. Suunto Cobra 3 W/ Qd And Usb. Suunto Cobra3 is an all-in-one console-mounted dive computer. It features air-integration, an electronic 3D compass. NIEL We must now settings as the. Once installed leave settingsYour computer might not immediately recognize. AnyConnect Apex licenses listing connection resets, it is not so only one.

Like its predecessor , the Suunto Cobra2 is a full-featured decompression dive computer with air integration. It monitors and displays pressure, tracks your rate of air consumption and continuously calculates your remaining air time. Freeing you to focus on the dive, the Suunto Cobra2 gives visual and audible alarms for depth and pressure, and warns you when youre running low on air.

For deeper dives , the Deep Stop option adds further protection with a series of 'deep stops' between your maximum depth and ceiling. Advanced Features of Suunto Cobra Write a review. Developed by Software Senior. Register or Login. Shopping Cart. Register Login. Wish List 0 My Account Checkout. Menu Diving. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Description Reviews 0. Write a review Your Name.

Rating Bad Good. We can not guarantee we can accomplish this, but we will always give it a shot! We want to make sure we've done everything possible to get you the products you need within your budget. If you found a lower price on an identical item, tell us where. Add a note with any special requests, shipping instructions, or important product details.

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We hope this explanation will enable you to understand why you will be seeing warnings on some our products. Suunto Cobra3 is an all-in-one console-mounted dive computer. It features air-integration, an electronic 3D compass, an easy-to-read matrix display, and simplified four-button operation. Air integration Suunto Cobra3 monitors and displays your tank pressure, tracks your rate of air consumption, and continuously calculates your remaining air time. It also provides visual and audible alarms for depth and pressure and warns you when you're running low on air.

Clear navigation Suunto Cobra3 features a unique electronic 3D compass that can be tilted up to 45 degrees in any direction, making it easier to read the figures clearly and accurately under water. Effortless operation The easy-to-read dot matrix display and electro-luminescent backlight mean all your dive-critical information — including bearing, tank pressure, depth, and dive time — will all be shown clearly.

And with the simplified four-button operation, the computer is easy to operate even when wearing gloves. Multi-mode versatility With its Nitrox, Air, and Gauge modes and gas-switching capabilities, Suunto Cobra3 delivers everything you need to maximize bottom time and make the most of every dive. You can also adjust oxygen partial pressure between 0. In Gauge mode, it can also be used as a depth gauge and timer with profile memory. For deeper dives, the Deep Stop option adds further protection with a series of deep stops between your maximum depth and ceiling.

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Startup II. Battery power indicator. You should also check the pressure reading against your back-up pressure gauge. Startup III. Surface mode. Depth and dive time are zero and cylinder pressure is bar [ psi]. Pressing TIME button activates alterna- tive display of temperature and current time.

Startup IV. Gauge mode. Page Safety Stops Reasons to perform a safety stop include a reduction in sub clinical DCI, microbubble reduction, ascent control, and orientation before surfacing. Page 21 you correct this situation at any time during that dive, there are no affects on the decompression calculations for future dives. If you continue to violate the Mandatory Safety Stop, the tissue calculation model is affected and the dive computer shortens the available no-decompression time for your next dive.

Dive has just begun and no air time is shown. First estimate of remaining air time will be shown after seconds. Diving display. Present depth is Ascent Rate Indica- tor. This is a caution to slow down! Page Consumed Bottom Time Cbt lowest bar graph segment appears. As your body absorbs more nitrogen, more segments start to appear. Green Zone - As a safety precaution Suunto recommends you should maintain the no-decompression bar graph within the green zone.

Segments start to appear when the available no-decompression time decreases below , 80, 60, 50, 40, 30 and 20 minutes. Page 28 Suunto recommends that decompression takes place deeper than 4 m [13 ft], even if the indicated ceiling is shallower. Decompression will now begin, but is very slow. You should therefore continue your ascent. Nitrox display. Diving in Nitrox mode. Page Oxygen Displays 3. In Dive Planning mode the nitrox display shows Fig.

Alternative display. Page Diving In Gauge Mode 3. If you are trained for technical diving and you plan to use Gauge mode on a regular basis, it may be preferable to set the instrument permanently to its Gauge mode see section 4. Surface display. You have surfaced from a 18 minute dive, which maximum depth was The present depth is 0.

Page Audible And Visual Alarms 3. Page 38 You are able to preset alarms before the actual dive. The user programmable alarms can be set for maximum depth, dive time and time. Failure to take action to reduce oxygen exposure after the warning is given can rapidly increase the risk of oxygen toxicity and the risk of injury or death.

Page Personal Adjustment 3. Factors that may affect susceptibility to decompression illness vary between divers and also for the same diver from one day to another. Page Error Conditions 3. If you do not respond to its warnings, the dive computer will enter an Error Mode, indicating that the risk of DCI has greatly increased.

Page Menu Based Modes 4. The main menu based functions are grouped under 1 memory, 2 dive simulation and 3 setting modes. By pressing the SMART button for more than 1 second, any menu based function or submode can be quit and the dive computer will return directly to the Dive Mode.

Logbook, page I. Logbook, page II. Main dive related data. Logbook, page III. Page 45 Note that chronological sequence in the logbook is determined by the date, not by the dive number. The following information will be shown on four pages: Page I, main display Fig. The maximum depth can be reset to 0. Page Simulation Mode [2 Simul] The Dive Simulator mode is an excellent tool for becoming familiar with the dive computer and planning your dives.

Suunto recommends using the dive simulator to run through different dive scenarios. Dive Planning Simula- tor mode. Selected Dive Plan- ning Simulator mode. This display is only shown for repetitive dives. Page Set Modes [3 Set] 4. Setting Dive Time Alarm. Setting Maximum Depth Alarm. Page Setting Time [2 Set Time] 4. Setting Backlight On Time.

Setting Dive Com- puter model. Page Care And Maintenance 5. Though designed to withstand the rigors of scuba diving, you must treat it with proper care and caution as any other precision instrument. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an authorized Suunto dealer or distributor for biennial service. The price for a wrist computer and a pressure gauge together would be equal to or even less than this computer. There are other options at this price point that have better design features.

The Suunto Cobra 3 targets the beginner and intermediate diver. If you are an experienced or technical diver and you want all the bells and whistles then this is not the best choice for you! Nitrox works well with the Cobra 3 and divers with their nitrox certification will not be disappointed when they have this computer to dive with.

The Suunto Cobra 3 has a slightly different air integration than other dive computers. It integrates through a high-pressure hose connection onto your regulator. Many other diving computers will use a wireless node to send data to the computer to integrate air pressure data. This allows divers to have redundant equipment like a pressure gauge in case the sensor node fails. The water temperature is displayed in either centigrade or Fahrenheit on the Suunto Cobra 3.

There is also a temperature compensated pressure sensor that is calibrated complying with EN It also offers an integrated 3D tiltable compass. It needs some time to remember what the graphic represents and it can easily be confused. It might be best to have a scuba diving compass in addition to what is offered through the console. Suunto Vyper Novo Review. The display is divided into three lines. The backlight has several timeout options. This is a great feature on the Suunto Cobra 3 because it allows you to preserve the life of your dive battery.

The timeout of the backlight ranges from 2 seconds through 60 seconds, giving you plenty of options to suit your needs. The Suunto Cobra 3 has a battery life of 1. Suunto does not recommend that users replace the battery themselves because of the risk of water leaking into the battery compartment. Keep in mind that the data is not retained when the battery is swapped out because this is not a hot-swap enabled dive computer. The alarm system consists of both audio and visual alarms.

Many low-level alarms are only audio and may consist of short beeps, or interval beeps to alert you to an issue that needs attention. More serious alerts combine audible beeps with activation of the backlight. For life-threatening alerts, you will hear continuous beeps, and the backlight will be activated. These life-threatening alerts can be when the maximum ascent rate of 10 m per second is violated or if the decompression ceiling depth is exceeded.

When the maximum depth or dive time gets exceeded, both visual and audial alarms are triggered. Nitrox has its own set of alarms to alert you of your maximum safe partial pressure of oxygen levels. The algorithms used on the Suunto Cobra 3 is based on a reduced gradient bubble model. The RGBM predicts gas build-up in the blood and tissues of divers.

It is an advancement in how they used to model gases that did not predict free gas. To optimize the safety in the RGBM algorithm, you must adjust your altitude settings. Movescount functions with the DM4 software allowing you to download your dive data to the mobile app anywhere you are. The biggest missing feature from this dive computer is the functionality of a fully functional compass.

Using the compass settings in this dive computer may not be useful for new divers or inexperienced navigators. It would also be nice if there were an option to use this computer as a wrist mount. While having it look like a traditional pressure gauge and function similarly allows you to eliminate an additional piece of equipment; not having your data on your wrist can be a hindrance when diving.

The battery is user-replaceable. Although the manufacturer recommends you take it to a service station. The multiple setting backlight display is one of the best features. Many people like to have a long backlight for looking at their diving computer while others prefer a short backlight for quick glimpses of information. The three-line display makes it easy to read all of the relevant dive information.

Some of the information is attempted to be crammed into a fourth line, but it is not that often. The big-block view letters are easy to read even for people with slight visual impairments. Unfortunately, the navigation buttons on the Suunto Cobra 3 itself leave a little to be desired.

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