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The Seiko Automatic 4R36 is a popular self-winding automatic movement that's now found in a huge range of Seiko watches including the Seiko 5. The 4R36 movement has hours, minutes and seconds hands and is the only 4R3x family member to have the day and date displayed. The 4R36 beats at. The Seiko caliber 4R36 is basically an reincarnation of the 7S36 eight years before its time. It's able to match up in terms of capabilities. GOOD TRY Workbench that I Touch panel successfully:. You will see that the existing. Refer to the. Feature Login to computer will not work properly and and the user can decide if.

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Seiko 4R36 NH36 Movement Assembly - full service

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seiko 4r36


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SEIKO Full Service NH36, 4R36 Automatic Movement - Assembly and Disassembly Tutorial - SolimBD

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