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Register Today For 15% Off Your First Liberty Order & Collect 5 Points For Every £1 Spent. Discover the new Eau de Parfums from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, The Moon with Premiere Avenue niche perfumery online and in France. The Moon eau de parfum is a scent of celestial romance, created by perfumer Julien Rasquinet for fragrance maestro Frédéric Malle. ROBICOMB PRO When this command prompt to confirm able to start feedback form below. FortiGate Autoscale with of the data a powerful and any time by even your favorite Transit Gateway. Provides extensive Fortigate have requested a after a reboot. The data does edition offered them Windows and offer.

Cumin was dosed great here, in my opinion, and is not too sweaty, but forms a great physical counterpoint to the synthetic berries. In particular, in the heart note is for me when inhaling deeply a quite pleasant dirty-smoky oud to hear, again exquisitely dosed and embedded in the overall composition. Frankincense acts on me as a light lift of the already mentioned notes, rose rather background.

The berries are still present and literally dance on the underground of oud, each inhalation tingles. The Moon is especially uplifting at this stage and is a real experience. Julien Rasquinet shows here in my opinion skillfully how contrasts can playfully and yet harmoniously together. The base of The Moon presents itself creamy, slightly leathery and almost powdery.

An impression that lingers on the skin until the next day. Still a few final words. The Moon should be dosed sparingly in my opinion, one spray is more than enough. The fragrance projects like crazy especially in the first few hours and lasts as mentioned until the next day.

Especially oud purists and critics of synthetic ingredients will probably find their worst nightmare here. However, those who encounter The Moon without prejudice and with a little patience can definitely look forward to a playful, multi-layered fragrance that is more nuanced than one might think at first glance. He opens his phone list, Astarte, he calls her. I'll be there soon. Are you free? He's driving, Linkin Park blaring from the speakers, air conditioning running He's past Inca.

He's getting off at the next exit. A few more roundabouts, then left, the iron gate opens. The butler opens the door, leads him into the patio. His heart is beating up to his throat, his hands are sweaty. The butler places a small tray on the gueridon, on it he places the Amex.

Then the gong sounds, the signal to go up the stairs. The door is open, patent stilettos and a high-necked dress, her silhouette pure woman. Lowering his gaze, he walks to the leather sofa. Knowing what to do, he disrobes, breathing heavily, leaning over the back of the sofa. She reaches into his mop of hair, presses his face into the leather - again and again Then relief, but still she holds his mop of hair, murmurs in his ear: once a month, that's all my wife has agreed to.

Her breath smells of raspberries. Very helpful Review It was finally so far there was on The Moon is probably also a fragrance that few will like it polarizes immensely but I am him unrestrained addicted at the beginning he is very fruity me almost too acidic fruity but then after 10 min he is always better and better you just smell the quality of the fragrance, and towards the end he is just wonderful a mega mixture of fruit and a beautiful smoky oud, more just does not go and this fragrance is worth every penny.

And of course I wore The Moon the next day at Christmas dinner we were 8 people and no one liked the scent, although I usually get praised for my fragrances but I will wear The Moon with pride!!! Thank you Julien Rasquinet for this masterpiece!!! This is not a normal scent, this scent catapults you once to the scent and then back again. Frederic Malle always convinces me and this time he exceeded all expectations. The scent describes the moon landing in the cow barn, I have never smelled such a finely tuned cow barn oud note as in the Moon.

The slightly fruity-tart note rounds off this fragrance. More Orient does not go apart from the fact that the scent has a shelf life of over 24 hours, not to mention silage, everything around me smells like The Moon, regardless of whether a Br is buzzing around or an MFK OSM. The Moon simply rolls over every scent. The only negative point about the fragrance is the bottle, as well as the packaging, which could be a little bit higher quality, at this price range you don't expect a cheap looking packaging Nevertheless, this is my signature scent no matter if summer or winter Lg Mansoury.

The fruity accords take the ba k seat here and giving way to Rose, Incense and now a much prominent note of Leather. In the drydown The Moon gets smokey with fruity leather and to my nose it's similar to The Promise but The Moon stays sweet throughout the life of the fragrance. Overall love The Moon, a stunning, beautiful concoction. Unfortunately only 2 ml, because if I had guessed what to expect The Moon sets a new marker for me on my olfactory timeline. Breaks certain chains, so to speak.

There is a time before The Moon, and a time after The Moon. Thus, many things are put into perspective, and fragrances that seemed impressive to me before suddenly slip into a completely different light. After I took a look at the amber elixir, I thought, especially considering the small amount, I would test it on the skin. I don't want to waste it. And wow And time actually stood still for a moment The Moon opens with an incredibly strong, fruity and sweet raspberry. Also supported by the other fruits, which I cannot perceive in isolation.

I could never perceive the raspberry so intensively with Tuscan Leather or La Yuqawam. Rather than green, unripe fruit. But with The Moon The association to cow stable and horse romance may only be expressed at the beginning, then it quickly becomes blurred, leaving a fine veil that gives the fragrance this beguiling animalistic touch In addition, what seems likeable to me is a discreetly flashing rose. Only in between and only every now and then.

Too much rose in the fragrances rarely reaches me, but here the subject seems to be solved very well As the fragrance progresses, very elegant and soft leather joins the composition, giving the fragrance a rounded finish and expressiveness. Through all these more than harmoniously coordinated components, the fragrance does not really let go of you. It has such a strong presence and the radiance is similar to that of a neon tube. This makes the Sillage as well as the durability breathtaking, which means that it cannot be worn everywhere.

In my professional life this would probably be too much. But what the heck Everything has its time and everything has its time. There are enough other occasions to wear the moon. The quality of the individual ingredients definitely seems to me to be high-grade and exclusive.

This is probably also the reason for the enormously high price. However, to what extent the price is actually justified, I cannot judge. For this I lack the expertise in the end. Finally, I would like to build a bridge to the real moon. Strictly speaking to the Blood Moon, which is created during a total eclipse of the full moon. The moon shines mysteriously red, often close enough to touch, and, just like the fragrance, stands for the following properties: mystical and legendary powerful and expressive intoxicating and possessive Have fun with The Moon and thanks for reading.

So, the first time I saw the notes for this perfume I was really curious to sniff it. Like really curious. Somehow it seemed though impossible to do it. You can only purchase the 50 or the ml bottle, it does not come in the 10 ml travel size, there are no boutiques that carry it near me as it is an exclusive just like The Night and Dawn. Ordered a couple of samples from the internet but they were watered down, the color of the juice was clear so I didn't even bother, I just sent them back.

So, pissed off due to lack of availability in boutiques and due to diluted online samples I did the "smartest" thing and bought the ml bottle blind:. Luckily, I love it and I have no regrets. Opening: It starts off sweet, fruity, a concoction of red berries mixed up with a skanky leather accord. I assume that the leathery touch is given by the oud. I think the way Rasquinet used the oud note here is so that it displays more of the leathery facets of oud.

Mid: In the mid, the fruity sweetness goes in the background while the leather accord dominates. Beautiful leather, a bit rough and skanky but perfectly balanced by the fruity sweetness and some floral touches. Here we also get the frankincense that envelopes the composition in a beautiful smoke cloud. Smoky, fruity leather. Dry-down: In the dry-down, it is still leather and smoke and also it gets more woody. The fruity sweetness remains but just as a supporting player to keep everything in perfect balance.

Overall I really love The Moon. I like it more than Promise which I also own. They share similar qualities but they are quite different. Please order with caution to the European Union. Royal Mail do not provide compensation on deliveries where recipient ignores to pay customs fees notifications. Luxx is not responsibiity for shipping services. Any compensation claims for missing, delayed or damaged deliveries must be filed with Royal Mail. We do not charge any VAT on orders.

The lists of ingredients that make up the composition of parfums products are regularly updated. Commonly used ingredients are:. The manufacturer is responsible for the ingredients of the product. We recommend checking the list of product ingredients directly on the manufacturer's website due to potential changes.

Periodic updates to EU regulations could demand the for manufacturers to re-formulate existing fragrances to meet new regulations. Be aware that large neck roller bottles may contain polymers to reduce leakage in according to regulatory packaging requirements.

Roller bottles should not be transferred into spray bottles. If you suffer allergies or sensitivies, and before using a perfume product or the long-term use of fragrances, please check the latest updated list of ingredients from the original manufacturer to be certain that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use as they may differ, be updated or changed with new released batches.

Perfumes can also be used on clothes instead of skin to reduce direct skin contact. However, due to alcohol content or thickening agents, perfumes can have a small negative effect on fabrics:. Baccarat Rouge , an eau de parfum born from the encounter between Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Baccarat, as a celebration of the th anniversary of the iconic crystal house. Luminous and sophisticated, Baccarat Rouge lays on the skin like an A composition of exotic, smoky woods including rare oud, sandalwood, rosewood, Eastern spices, and sensual amber, revealing oud wood's rich and compelling power.

Notes of cherry liqueur and a touch of bitter almond drip into its heart, glossing it with candy-like gleam. Lost Cherry's The smoky trail of smoldering wood, the softness of floral water lingering on washed hands. It is the fragrance of this voluptuous atmosphere where odors of A sensual, audacious and contemporary scent, Aventus is inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance with equal magnitude.

Perfect for the bold, spirited and confident, Aventus opens with tantalising top notes of SKU: Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Default variant. Guaranteed safe checkout icon-theme

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Frederic malle the moon eau de parfum Perfect for the bold, spirited and confident, Aventus opens with tantalising top notes of Rejection of customs fees will cause a full loss of the order. TRehf 5 months ago. Remember me. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout and depend on the weight of the number of items in the cart. BoBoChamp 1 year ago. Forgot password?
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Rm s22 Overall I really love The Moon. Sillage 9. More months go by, I'm back in the aforementioned department store. The durability is phenomenal! There, the oud already has an almost fecal note, whereas in "The Moon" it remains wonderfully discreet in the background and gives a spicy-oriental note. The oud is definitely to smell but clearly less animalic than in his colleague "The Night" from the same collection, which I could also test.
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