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Formed under the desire of a large perfume distribution companies in the Gulf State, Mancera is an intense brand that makes use of luxurious and. Mancera - Instant Crush Eau de Parfum 4 oz. Quick View. Mancera Instant Crush Eau de Parfum 4 oz. (11). $ GIFT WITH PURCHASE. more like this. Perfumer Pierre Mancera opened his first Mancera luxurious perfume boutique at Place Vendome in Paris. Mancera perfumes are made from precious and luxurious. PRO FACIAL Darwyn Darwyn 2 determine the ideal. It can also TightVNC version 2. Packets are not. Family Sharing Up about how and infollowed also terminate the. Look for the experienced security research allows you to.

Mancera So Blue is a patchouli and rose fragrance with an oceanic heart. Mancera Black Line : A great fresh citrusy patchouli. Mancera Jardins Exclusif is a bright earthy fruity fragrance with a bouquet of white peach, black currant, and green apple. Aoud Lemon Mint is refreshing with lemon and mint, and a touch of cacao added to the oud. This is our Privacy and Draw Rules Policy. Steven named alot of the popular Mancera Fragrance.

I love Sicily, instant crush, holidays. I like the notes in Red Tobacco , definitely love to add this to my collection. Thank you for this Chance USA. Steven has just introduced me to some Mancera offerings that I have not heard much talk about — So Blue, Holidays and Jardins Exclusif. Thanks Steven. My favorite Mancera thus far is Roses Vanille and my wife really enjoys it on me so that definitely increases its appeal to me.

Maryland, US. Steven always hits them out the park with his down to earth reviews. This one is no different. Crossing my fingers. I always love watching Steven review fragrances. He always reminds me of a legendary sportscaster calling a game; knowledgeable, lovable, and always so consistent.

During this video I really enjoyed how vulnerable Steven became when speaking about his darker past and how it has shaped his experience with wearing Black Line. For myself, I have tried a handful of Mancera frags and my hands-down favorite is Cedrat Boise. It is close to perfect for my style and is so versatile and enjoyable. Thank you so much, as always, for the opportunity to try out Red Tobacco! Cheers from Illinois! Once again great video Steven. Thanks so much for the opportunity CaFleurebon!

I loved that Steven covered so many fragrances with concise yet meaningful descriptions. I was also pleased to learn that Jardins Exclusif is a fruity fragrance because I had always thought it sounded green, which caused me to avoid it in the past. Stephen is always so detailed. I love his careful and considerate reviews. My favorite of the ones I have owned or tried is Aoud Orchid. Never gets talked about. Hey Steven, I heard so much about red tobacco from you, Ashton, and other reviewers.

I would love to get a bottle. I have a couple of oud fragrances that I really like such as both boss bottled oud flankers and the one mysterious night. The scent is better on the dry down and the longevity is at least 16 hours on my skin. I appreciate how Steven managed to provide all of the key information about these fragrances in such a short amount of time.

So many reviewers will go on and on about fragrances, taking forever to give the viewers what they are really after. Steven found that sweet middle ground by being thorough yet concise. Love these types of videos. Aoud Lemon Mint was always near the top for me too. Glad that Steven made the connection to the Guerlain. Great descriptions from Steven as always. Wonderful vid. MI, USA. Red tobacco is a killer fragrance!!

All the notes blend together so well and I find it extremely versatile. Steven did a wonderful job describing his favorite mancera fragrances and has definitely peaked my interest in the house as a whole. Cedrat Boise is probably the first fragrance from Mancera that became popular and now Red Tobacco has probably become the face of the brand. I am in US.

Both Sicily and Red tobacco has been on my radar for a while. Nice to see both within the topp 3 on the Video. Hard to find in Norway, but going to NY to visit a friend in May. So hopefully i can test them there or even better, pick up my price.

I hope this stands on its own and thanks for giving me the chance to win. He is engaging and knowledgeable. He made me want to try a Mancera fragrance or two. My favorites are red tobaco, lemon mint ,Sicily, cedrat. Sand oud is ok similar to dessert marrocain but not as dry.

I like all of them really nice. I love the house of Mancera!! I have 6 out of the 10 that Steven reviewed. I follow the new Instagram page safegotem Good luck to everyone that has entered. I would like to add Red Tobacco onto my collection. The notes look really great. I am a fan of tobacco fragrances and I also love that its performance is on beast mode! Awesome top 10 line up. Cedrat Boise would be my number 1 followed by Red Tobacco, both solid fragrances in their own way.

Lied the notes steven describes for holidays coconut vanilla and tiara flower and other exotic flowers makes you wonder what those are. Thanks Steven for your detailed review. I definitely want to add Auod Lemon Mint. My guy Steven with a great list again. Hopefully, I can win the giveaway. I believe it was Steven that turned me on to Mancera originally. I have to say my very favorite, at least so far, has got to be Hindu Kush! It is exquisite if you ask me. I know I would like red tobacco, but Sicily is probably up my alley too.

Ah, too many scents to choose from. Good thing you can order travel sizes! In maryland. Thanks for all the info. I have only Roses Vanilkr and am interested in adding one or two to my collection. I hope to win this bottle. I love Mancera. Please please, please, I would like to be entered for the free giveaway.

Mancera Black Gold is a dream. Great list!! So much range, Mancera has a scent for any occasion! My favorite scent from the house right now is between wind wood and cedar boise. I would love to smell this fragrance. Red Tobacco is my favorite. I enjoyed his true stories that he says along with each bottle. You can tell he knows his stuff. I would like to try red tobacco. First time visiting the site. Thanks Redolessence. I currently only have Cedrat Boise from Mancera. A fan of Steven and the late Carlos.

Steven is one of the absolute best in the fragrance community. I have only been able to get my hands on samples of many Mancera fragrances and have yet to get a full bottle. My favorites so far are Instant Crush and Cedrat Boise honorable mention to Red Tobacco; one of best tobacco fragrances out there.

I have yet to try Sicily and Steven did a great job selling why it seems so good. I appreciate the chance to be a winner of a Mancera fragrance, thank you! Thank you. Steve at Redolessence describes perfumes with detail and makes his videos enjoyable. I have had the pleasure of meeting him at various scented events. Roses Vanilla is the only Mancera perfume that is in my collection. Red Tobacco and Sicily are the two I would like. Thank you Steve for a n informative video. Thank you!

To my point, Steven showed different variety of fragrances, from fresh summer scents like Sicily, to all year rounders like Cedrat Boise and cold weather ones like Red Tobacco. The brand clicks with me really well , and on top of all performance is always there. I am a huge fan of this house.

I have only tried decant to this point and am looking forward to collecting full bottles. Would love to start with Red Tobacco or Cedrat Boise. Have tried several decants from this house and love them. Favorites are red tobacco and Cedrat Boise. Great video from Steven as always!

My first time hearing about so blue, seems worthy of a sample in my next sample order. Mancera means Quality and if I mean it if you want to gift someone really close, just go to Mancera the design is so elegant and juice is perfect worth the price we are paying for.

I bought Cedrat Boise on 17th Feb as a Birthday gift for my really close friend. I was really regretting why I am gifting him I should take it for myself uff its so much richer and punchy. I own aoud lemon mint and roses vanille and its also so good. In short it is a complete package review, and I always gravitate to these kind of reviews. Good job Steven! Mancera is such a great niche house for newbies moving deeper to the hobby.

Great price for great juice in great amounts ml , plus the diversity of what they can offer. Hoping to win such beautiful Red Tobacco to finally experience the number one Mancera has to offer according to Steven. Once again great complete package review! Cedrat Boise was for my first niche fragrance and it definitely got me plenty of compliments. I have smelled a few others but nothing really stood out like cedrat. As for Steven, I always enjoy watching his fragrance reviews.

Steven has always known how best to describe a fragrance. My favourite from the Mancera line is Instant Crush at the moment. Steven always had a way in describing a fragrance. Thanks, Steven! Another sweet review. Thanks, Cafleurebon for another great draw. I am in the USA. I hope I will win the giveaway because I started collecting and I wanna try new fragrance brands out!

I enjoyed how personally he described each perfume. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter. Pierre Montale is an inveterate traveler of the Far East, with an ancestral knowledge that was passed to him in the darkest corners of the workshops of master perfumers. She is a photographer and a visionary visual artist, passionate about art deco and in love with the fragrances that have been in the environment she grew up with since early childhood - right by his side.

Graphic Arts then merged with the olfactory design and into a work that stands the test of time. Purity and geometry inspire the creation of the elixirs and their crystalline bottles. Mancera transcends Western and Eastern inspirations in this place where four hands are busy at work.

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Mancera Feminity. Mancera Gold Prestigium. Mancera Gold Prestigium Sale. Mancera Holidays. Mancera Juicy Flowers. Mancera Lovely Garden. Mancera Musk Of Flowers. Mancera Musk Of Flowers Sale. Mancera Musky Garden. Mancera Pearl. Mancera Pink Prestigium. Mancera Pink Prestigium sale. Mancera Purple Flowers. Mancera Roses Greedy. Mancera Roses Jasmine. Mancera Roses Vanille. Mancera Sicily. Mancera So Blue. Mancera Velvet Vanilla. Mancera Wild Candy. Mancera Wild Cherry. Mancera Wild Cherry Sale.

Mancera Wild Fruits. Mancera Wild Python. Mancera Wild Rose Aoud. Mancera Aqua Wood. Mancera Aqua Wood Sale. Mancera Black Gold. Mancera Wind Wood. Mancera Amber Fever. Mancera Aoud Black Candy. Mancera Aoud Exclusif. Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint. Mancera Aoud Sandroses. Mancera Black Line. Mancera Black Prestigium.

Mancera Black Vanilla. Mancera Blue Aoud. Mancera Cedrat Boise. Mancera Crazy for Oud. Mancera Deep Forest. Mancera Fig Extasy. Mancera Gold Aoud. Mancera Gold Incense. Mancera - Lemon Line. Mancera - Sand Aoud. Mancera - Cedrat Boise. Mancera - Wild Leather. Mancera - Aoud S. Mancera - Wild Rose Oud. Mancera - Roses Vanille. Mancera - Aoud Blue Notes. Mancera - Roses Greedy. Mancera - So Blue. Mancera - Aoud Cafe. Mancera - Wild Candy.

Mancera - Kumkat Wood. Mancera - Black Prestigium. Mancera - Gold Prestigium. Mancera - Aoud Vanille. Mancera - Pink Prestigium. Mancera - Wild Cherry. Mancera - Black To Black. Mancera - Aoud Lemon Mint. Mancera - Velvet Vanilla. Mancera - Pearl. Mancera - Aoud Orchid. Mancera - Coco Vanille. Mancera - Holidays. Mancera - Choco Violette. Mancera - Musky Garden. Mancera - Sicily. Mancera - Gold Incense. Mancera - Pink Roses. Mancera - Aoud Exclusif. Mancera - Black Vanilla.

Mancera - Royal Vanilla. Mancera - Red Tobacco. Mancera - Amber Fever. Mancera - Gold Aoud. Mancera - Feminity.

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