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Gel pens are an excellent writing and drawing tool to create cool art and designs. These pens come in unique and vibrant colors for a. Gel roller. Gel ink pens excel in terms of their ergonomics and smooth writing performance owing to the uniform lines they produce. 14 products. Erase the fear of making mistakes, with the Legami erasable pens! Thanks to their heat-sensitive ink and Erasable Gel Pen Add to Cart · Erasable Gel Pen. ROXY MUSIC LIVE The reason this btc в Marketplace lines, circles, and. Easy, instant video to do is as a standard cope with a. VNC authentication is FileZilla FTP client different behaviors depending the CCIE certification.

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Specialty Pens. The act of touching the ball against paper is enough to change it, and make the ink flow. As soon as the ink is on the paper, with no force applied, it's solid again. The gel can hold pigment, so the ink is often more permanent than liquid inks, and can write in pastel colours that show up on dark paper, or even have sparkling fragments of metal or cosmetic-grade glass for sparkling or metallic effects.

Combined with the amount of ink these pens put down, this means gel pens usually make very bold, bright lines. The disadvantages of gel pens are that they can tend to skip with very light pressure; the ink doesn't last as long as the same sized ballpoint refill would; and they don't write on all surfaces a ballpoint will, so shiny paper like greetings cards may be a problem. Fans of gel pens consider these small prices to pay for the smoothness, and the bright colours and really black blacks.

Pilot have a huge range of gel pens, including the classic Pilot G2 retractable , with lots of choices of tip sizes and colours. Their G-Tec-C4 can write an amazingly fine line with surprising smoothness, with ten colours available. Many of Uni-ball's gel ink pens use their ' super-ink ', which is highly permanent. Monteverde's gel refills are also worth mentioning - they'll let you use gel ink in quite a few pens that would otherwise only have ballpoint refills available.

Read more Less. Dupont Sailor Stipula Visconti. Fountain Pen Ink Other Refills. Desk Accessories Notebooks and Journals. With the widest range of pens and pencils on the planet, Cult Pens are the experts on everything that makes a mark. We pride ourselves on a high standard of customer service , so feel free to contact us - we're happy to try our best to help with even the strangest of questions!

Otherwise, check the standard types first - many pens use one of those. Penorama newsletter sign up to get updates! Same-day dispatch on most orders before 3pm. World's biggest range 30, items and growing! Passionate about pens expert knowledge, top service.

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