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Sinus elevation with implant placement on chronic sinusitis region Live dentiumworld. Dutch avant-punk rockers make a moving! Hello Radiographers!! Here is the end off Hey y'all! Thanks for stopping by, and listening to a part of my story. I hope that you feel a little less alone knowing that there's Heres the full concert for those who don't want to see it piece by piece. Since I am in Cedar City, Utah, I started off the program with a discussion of the decline of Mormonism, its reasons, and how we Cho Yongseok, Dr.

Kim Sewoung Dental Bean. Cho Yongseok, ECG diagnosis of sinus node automaticity dysfunctions, substituting complexes and rhythms V. Zadionchenko, A. Yalymov, G. Shekhyan, A. Shchikota A. Evdokimov Moscow State Medical and Dental University, Moscow, Russia Despite a variety of functional tests used by cardiologists, electrocardiography ECG remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of heart rhythm and conduction disorders.

Currently, electrocardiography can be done almost everywhere, however, ECG interpretation by an expert is performed rarely. ECG helps to diagnose cardiac hypertrophy, heart block and arrhythmias, myocardial ischemic injury as well as to identify extracardiac pathologies, electrolyte imbalances, and the effects of various drugs.

Electrocardiographic signs and typical clinical symptoms can be grouped into more than 40 clinical electrocardiographic syndromes. Long QT syndrome, post-tachycardia syndrome, Frederick syndrome, and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome are the best known conditions. The paper discusses the most difficult part of ECG diagnostics, i. A variety of heart rhythm problems including arrhythmias caused by sinus dysfunction make their diagnosis difficult.

Nevertheless, adequate interpretation of sinus node automaticity dysfunction is an important issue. The paper summarizes recent opinion on electrocardiographic diagnostics of this pathology. Major causes of heart rhythm problems are described. Diagnostic criteria sinus node automaticity dysfunction are illustrated by ECGs.

Finally, current grading system of heart rhythm and conduction disorders as well as algorithms for the differential diagnosis of arrhythmias are reviewed. Key words: heart automaticity, sinus node, sinus rhythm, escape beat, wandering pacemaker, substituting rhythms, slow atrial rhythm, junctional rhythm, idioventricular rhythm, sick sinus syndrome, heart block, sinus arrest, atrial asystole.

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