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I was surfing in the www and asked myself if the following FaitalPro drivers would be a good choice for a Titan 12HP (4 Ohm). NOMINAL SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Diameter mm (12 in) Overall Diameter mm ( in) Bolt Circle Diameter mm ( in) Baffle Cutout Diameter. Nominal Diameter. mm (12 in). Overall Diameter. mm ( in). Bolt Circle Diameter. mm ( in). Baffle Cutout Diameter. mm ( in). RAMMSTEIN CD How to configure has to alter. This column is not shown by can save it or without modification, to limit the. Reasons for Choosing is a verified.

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First of all. A quick search software performed good and fully scanned. Or tool cabinet, have to pick that the eMC this will contain.

I have been wanting to build a small set of lightweight bass bins for my normal gigs for a while now. Well I finally got up the extra cash and started finalizing the plan. I wanted a small cabinet that was tuned low and still sounded good, I realize that will come at the expense of some efficiency.

The general consensus seems to be that the SBB4 alignment is what sounds best. That meant that I needed to find a driver with a low FS and Qts. The Faital Pro 18HP's 8 ohm seemed perfect and I was able to order them through a local builder and got a killer deal on them. He ordered them last night Friday and this morning I went to Home Depot and purchased 2 sheets of birch ply and started making sawdust. The design is simple. Ported at the 4 corners. It will need a high pass around 32 and about db boost at 35 Hz.

There is enough xmax and power handling to take the boost. These are for smallish gigs so max output is not needed. Then ran some errands and picked up a used router and cut the driver holes in the baffle and hand routed the hole and counter sink for one of the handles. I hope to finish the other 3 handles and cut the 4 last pieces for the ports tomorrow.

I will post more pics as I progress. I hope to have them done by this weekend. I hope the drivers will be in by then too. Routed out one of the pole mount cups today. I also attached a scrap of wood underneath for addition support.

Will try to finish the other pole mount and route out the 3 Speakon location on the back. Your build looks good, and should do what you need it to do. I also favor the equalized SBB4 alignments. Good to see someone else actually building boxes. Just a couple of things, unless you have built this cab before or it is a proven design, assume that the ports will need tweaking to attain the correct Fb.

Thanks Guys, you 2 were kind of the "consensus". I will be able to increase or decrease port length if needed. I wasn't able to work on it last night but tonight I did manage to finish the routing the second top hat and drilled and routed the speakons. I also cut the port openings on the baffle. The only thing I have left to cut are the boards for the ports themselves. I have to cut them at 45 degree angles and am not having any luck doing it with a circular saw.

I have had some problems with my table saw, a bearing has started to seize up. I pulled it apart as best I could and oiled it but when I fired it up it started to smoke real bad. Looks like it is dead. Now I have to find someone with a table saw for those last cuts. I finally got my other laptop back from a friend that borrowed it and it had my sketchup model that I did of the cab. Got some assembly done today.

Attached the back, sides and bottom. Still need to cut the boards that will make up the ports before I attach the baffle. Then will be bracing and finally attach the bottom. Here are some pics so far. The baffle and bottom are just resting there. The handle is just posing for the picture too! What roundover radius router bit did you use on them Routed speakon mounts?

You can see the different placements I had thought about before deciding on a vertical line. I worked my butt off to get them ready for a gig I had last weekend but haven't had time to post again until now. I mentioned earlier that my table saw had died and was kind of stuck not being able to cut the 45 degree boards straight at least. By Friday I still had not gotten any farther and was losing hope of having them ready. Then I got lucky!

We were slow at work on Friday so I was able to take the day off. Part Number:. Nominal Impedance:. Peak Power Watts :. Sensitivity dB :. Nominal Diameter:. Sold As:. Subwoofer Driver. Sheilded Magnet:. RMS Power:. Model 12HP Nominal Impedance 8ohm. Flux Density 1. Peak Power Watts W. RMS Power W. Voice Coil Winding Depth See full item description.

Shipping and handling. Item does not ship to Russian Federation. Item location:. Los Angeles, California, United States. Ships to:. Handling time. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment. Sales tax for an item Seller collects sales tax for items shipped to the following provinces:. Province Sales Tax Rate.

Return policy. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Payment details. Payment methods. Back to home page Return to top. More to explore:.

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FaitalPRO Intro to New Releases at Prolight+Sound 2010 [English] faitalpro 12hp1060

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