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stompers toys

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In the finished stated these would pull tremendous amounts of weight considering there size. For added traction we would take a piece of metal rod, bent in the shape of a U drill holes in the front bumper and insert it into the front bumper once finished it would usually extend inches beyond the front bumper and was used to hold weights.

Me and the friend I refereed to that did this would carry these to school with us each morning faithfully and have pull offs to see who was the best. Sometimes we would attach them bumper to bumper and pull against each other the person that lost would usually jump back changes his weights, tires and wait for another turn.

If that got boring we would stack up school books and see how many we could push or pull across the lunch table. When all else failed we would fold up the lunch tables to its partially incline position and see which one could climb the steepest hill.

Yeah this is the way I remember the stomper toy and our way of passing the hours wait that we usually had before school because our parents had dropped us off at school early. For a HS kid living in a small town that had nothing to offer this was a adrenalin rush as it always gathering a crowd. Last and overall I would have to say that stompers toys can be a lot of fun regardless of whether they had anything to do with the choices I made in life and I would change those days if I could.

Scott Ferich - August 30, - Report this comment. These were the first big craze I went through in school. First grade in These things would climb anything. I think I had a blue chevy blazer or a bronce truck. They are available on ebay now. Knot My Fault - September 06, - Report this comment. I had the Amphibian, a green one. Wish they made them still so my 4yo and 3yo could play with them.

Also, I saw a Matchbox version that looks very similar at Target last night. Flynn - September 17, - Report this comment. I was more of a Rough Riders fan. But my best friend, Tony, was a die hard Stompers supporter. We'd challenge each other to off-road races and obstacles! With no bills, jobs, kids, or other responsibilities at that age, that was the best! Man, I miss those trucks! David Taylor - September 21, - Report this comment.

Todd - September 23, - Report this comment. We had so much fun with these toys as kids and i have been looking for some for my boy to play with, wish i could find some to buy,we used to hook them up to 12v car batteries with about 15ft of wire u talking about moving fast lol. I bought two for my son Noah and daughter Addisyn. They have been playing with them all day. Lovn it.

Grab some and its after school in the 80's all over again. Danny D - October 22, - Report this comment. Stompers Rule! Way back in the day, stompers were so big that all of my friends and their fathers would compete in highly organized pulls at the truck stop restaurant in Taylorstown, PA. Trophies were handed out and there were judges and rules, it was unreal. Many dads spent a lot of time on their breaks from the mills and mines to hot rod these things, it was awesome and unforgettable.

I can't believe there are men who were boys in the 80's that never even heard of stompers. They sure missed out on some real fun. I have often wondered if we could somehow buy the molds or make some molds? Matt - November 09, - Report this comment. Someone really needs to come out with a new model. These were the best toys ever. Todd - November 14, - Report this comment.

My friends and I still play with them. If you want to check it out, go to youtube. We have compotions every week. We have truck pulls in the dirt and its all sanctioned and with rules. Hope you enjoy. Crystal - November 18, - Report this comment. These were from back in my day. My son is 12 years old and so enthused by these. His dad still has his but of course aren't played with now. Does anyone know I could find a modern day version of these or even an old one? I understand Tinco Toys produced some in but I can't even find any thing out about those.

My son would love one of these for Christmas. If anyone has one for sale or knows where I can get one please e-mail me at Hiddenintentions72 gmail. Khris - November 24, - Report this comment. Are the new Matchbox power scouts actually stompers reborn? I am looking for new toys for my 5 year to get into. I see to be looking back at the 80's with legos, g. Bring back the tractor pulls!!! Roger - January 15, - Report this comment. Had them when i was a teenager and still have 'em today.

My son thinks they are just as awesome as i did way back then! I even have the pulling sets from back in the day. They are available on ebay. Jack - January 15, - Report this comment. I had one Stomper and one Scout. The stomper was fast but the scout would run over anything I put in it's path. Then I started messing with the motors to make them go faster. For some reason, packing the battery area with tin foil made the stomper fly across the playground used to race them at recess Ah, the good old days.

Richmond VA - January 18, - Report this comment. New Bright has a line of 'mini-monsters' very much like the Stompers. I searched for a month to find a Stomper and this is as close as I can find. Bought four them and my 9yr old is totally digging it. There are 9 trucks in the line, but multiple color matterns make about three dozen available trucks. Have fun!!! Project Dark Grey - January 19, - Report this comment.

I had a few of these back in the early 80's that i bought from k-mart.. Back then they kept it simple, and it worked. Allen - February 07, - Report this comment. We bought them by the case. Then modify them. WE traveled all over the state of K,Y. My family gotten bored this winter and we,re getting out them out and start playing again. Chad - March 12, - Report this comment.

I was born at the end of so I was a kid when Stompers were in their heyday. I think I had almost every one of them! I recently bought one off ebay still in the unopened package. Now I have a grown up life size version! Fred - March 20, - Report this comment. My favorite one is the Ford Bronco full size, those foam tires, it looked like it had a lift kit on them. If they only made more of these, my boys would love them. David - March 31, - Report this comment.

Hey Guys Yea know what you Mean the 's toys were the best I had many stompers growing up me and many of my friends. My friend took a stomper one time tied it to some fishing line while he was fishing at the river sunk it he could feel the line vibrating reeled the stomper back up was still a going.

Tough as nails Miss em in fact I just bought a rough rider on ebay many stompers and rough riders on there right now. Does anyone remember how much stompers cost back in the 80's been trying to remember Take Care Jenny - April 05, - Report this comment. I wish I still had mine. I thought the headlights were the coolest thing.

I remember when cheap plastic ones came in the Happy Meals, too. Jay - May 12, - Report this comment. Brian - May 17, - Report this comment. Stompers rule!! My favorite ones were the O. They seemed to climb better than the lower profile ones with squggly lines cut into them! Ted in Texas - June 13, - Report this comment. Dennis in Seattle - June 18, - Report this comment.

For years we'd take my brother's stompers collection to the beach and make huge tracks in the sand. Get all the stompers going at one time, running around the track. Everyone on the beach stopped to watch. Wish we could find some more. The old stompers have just about had it. Eric - July 12, - Report this comment. Loved growing up with Stompers in the 80's.. Just bought my 4yr old some of the Matchbox Power Scouts. They seem to be ok but don't climb like the old Stompers did, these need more weight in front.

They have no headlights and no reverse but they will do, maybe I'm a little biast. Had them for a day and felt the need to start moding. Pulled the tires off and added a set of rubber tracks from a Lego set and it works great! They are modestin price but still enough where I am weary of letting my son take them outside. I know.

I feel ashamed admitting that. Hank - August 20, - Report this comment. Yeah, I remember these. My brother and I had quite a few of them. We had 2 Semis, and sent away for the flatbed trailer that we'd haul our tanks on. I had a fire truck, 2 water demons Explorer in bright green and a military one , the Knight Rider one, Z in red my first one , and my brother had a playset for army men that you could run the tanks through with plastic baracade blocks, and adjustable sections.

I'm 35 now, and I can remember this like it was yesterday. They need to bring these back, because my 7 year old nephew would love them!!! Dell - September 17, - Report this comment. BAD move blew me across the room and left a weird burn mark on the desk. You know what, these were great trucks and useful too.

My young lad had one and it could climb over anything! I actually used his stomper to pull a ball of string through some Big O drainage pipe once to use as a tracer to pull some wire through! Any one know where I can get one now? Keithmanser hotmail.

Troy Damon - November 02, - Report this comment. I saw these things called Matchbox Power Scouts, and I instantly thought about stompers. I also had the truck pull trailer. Anyway, these new things are of course, not nearly as cool, but still if you're looking for something similar it may be worth it to google them. Man o' man Stompers were great, I can see the TV commercial in my head still! I had a couple trucks, but my shining glory was the Stomper Tank set with bridge and German vs.

America theme! I'd set up the bridge for attack let the Stomper Tank go, then moved some guys not noticing the damn Tank was half way down the block! Brian - December 30, - Report this comment. I had almost totally forgotten Stompers and how much I loved them. With my little trucks and a folded rug to drive on, I would go into an imaginary world of my own. Nothing else mattered. I can remember it vividly after looking at the pictures and reading others comments. Its sad to forget how to play.

Keith - January 05, - Report this comment. I only wish i had purchased those Stomper vehicles that water-resistant. Those were cool toys. The set comes with two vehicles and a trailer to carry one; mine's got a yellow Humvee and a black Ford F I just tried 'em -- WOW!!

These are fun! They're not as good as the original stompers which i only saw on TV , but they're a nice cheap alternative to the ones on ebay. Been looking around for something similar to the original Stompers in stores, can't find a thing!! No luck! If anybody knows somewhere online or whatever, please post. Stompers are on Ebay but now they're more of a collector's item and pretty expensive.

Jeff - March 19, - Report this comment. Daily demolition derbies, get in a circle and aim them toward the middle of the circle. Last one on all fours wins. I hot rodded mine with a 9-volt battery. Seems the worm gear would melt before the motor did, but in the meantime it was the fastest Stomper in my classroom. Wally - April 11, - Report this comment. Man I still got my 79 Bronco.

I couldn't believe when I saw this thing in Sears. It was identical to my real black with orange stripes 79 Bronco. I had to have it. It still works great too. Jim - April 30, - Report this comment. I got out my stompers and track yesterday for my son. He is 6 years old and he was complaining about being bored. It has been none stop since we started playing. It's awesome!!!

They are way better than the new Matchbox Scouts. Carey - May 17, - Report this comment. I love Stompers, and wish they still made them. I now play with them with my 4 year old son and he loves them too. I have a few from when I was little born in 78 , a few I got from Toys R us a few years ago, and one off ebay.

Any more re-releases out now? Oregon Jake - August 08, - Report this comment. When you put stompers in your kid sisters hair, they wind up like a winch. Screams, scissors, and a spanking from mom usually followed. Donna - August 27, - Report this comment. I got the stompers out of the attic that belonged to my sons Just like their dads before them did. They love the interchangable tires.. The whole time im reading all these comment's i was dieing inside that no one was mentioning one of the best thing's about the best toy car a kid could have and then there it was on the very last comment.

Any one feal free to send me an email Trthmps9 aol. Bob - October 16, - Report this comment. Didn't see anyone mention the stomper II's. Any anyone remember those? They had the power winch on the front. Wish I had a few of those again for my sons.

After reading these comments,I too remember the floating ones with the big hollow paddle wheels. Not as cool as the regular ones though. Robin Adams - November 13, - Report this comment. I would love to know what or how to value these i have a stomper cement mixer a rough rider army jeep a rough rider pick-up truck and two cab over semi tractors all on foam tires and i have a set of rubber stomper tires a set of rough riders rubber tires all in a stomper collectors case all in great shape all work like new what would these be worth you could e-mail me at shawn yahoo.

There are a couple listed on ebay now. Its a great place to find the value of these toys. I've been selling them on ebay for 5 years during the winter. Its a great hobby and i still love fixing them up to sell. I sell under buis check out my auctions. You might find some like you use to have. There are also alot of other sellers on there also. Just go to ebay. Type in stomper and click on toys and hobbies. They should come up.

Or you can type in schaper or rough riders if your looking for these. But there all listed in toys and hobbies. I hope this helps you all out. Devo - December 07, - Report this comment. Please bring these back!!! I have just started collecting these again, i have bought a few on ebay and they run anywhere from If anybody finds out that they release these again please post it on this website! WOW talk about a trip down memory lane, if only things were as simple as then CS - March 16, - Report this comment.

All of the information on the Internet says that Tinco Toys makes them still? I can't believe that nobody manufactures anything like these. These were one of our favorite toys in the 80's. The ones on Ebay are now collector's items.

Sure wish somebody manufactured them new. Futuristic vehicles made up the new Future Force line. The rest of the line was continued largely unchanged, though the Competition Pull Set was dropped. New for was the Trendsetters line. Mini 4x4s, which were powered by a single AAA cell, were also new.

The Future Force line gave way to the Mega Star line. The Zanees, Super Dragsters, and Stomper Super Cycles disappeared, and other lines continued largely unchanged in what would be Schaper's final year. Tyco took over Stomper production in The only new line was Diving Devils, which worked on land, on water, and under water.

The 4x4s now included "road blocks," small pieces that allowed the creation of an obstacle course. Tyco continued this line-up almost completely unchanged for After , Stompers would not be produced until Produced in New models included a military line called Stormers, Earthquake Alley and Authentics.

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